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General Chat / Loading custom picture profiles without USB connection
« on: July 29, 2015, 01:59:13 PM »
Hi all,

Not sure where else to ask this but if anyone knows it's probably someone on this forum.

I've got a 5D mkII with a broken USB port which I'd like to load a custom picture profile on. I've had a quote to get it fixed but it's a £300+ and the repair really isn't worth that to me. Does anyone know of a way of loading a picture profile off the CF card in a similar way to how ML is installed?

Um, I think I'm doing something wrong here. Either that or this workflow is simply not fit for purpose.

As others have pointed out, after your rough cut if you send a clip to AE and import the DNGs it doesn't take edits like your ins & outs into account, so your proxy and your raw in AE will not have the same start point.

Also, once you're back in Premiere pro if you group the AE comp and your proxy clip together, you can't edit them in length anymore.

Please tell me I'm doing something wrong, cause I was just starting to get the hang of this workflow.

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