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I am very excited by full-res silent pictures, because I have a pretty high shutter count on my camera and love to shoot timelapse.

I have a Canon 60D. I tried installing the latest nightly (Nightly.2015Mar29.60D111), and am running into the following behavior.

- I deleted the existing ML folder and copied over the new one.
- I start up the camera, go to modules, load
- I turn off the camera. I turn on the camera after waiting a moment. The "sensor cleaning" icon comes up, and then freezes part way through. After a moment, an error message is displayed in the top display with a blinking "Err: 80" message. The sensor cleaning animation is still frozen.
- Restarting the camera with silent pics not loaded works as expected.

Let me know if I can test, or further clarify. Would love to help get this working on my camera!

Thanks so much! Magic Lantern is so exciting and awesome :)