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Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 5D Classic Firmware ** Beta 3 **
« on: October 08, 2012, 11:22:08 PM »

technically I wouldn't be around if I'm not interested with the 5dc ml development. It's already working on the mk II since the beginning so I decided to switch to the correct hardware and there's a lot of people who loves both cameras even cropped (I for one) when ultra busy events 8fps burst from the 7d is invaluable, as of yet, full frames only has 5-6fps maybe because of the weight of the mirror or its brittleness due to its size, I don't know. To answer your question as who needs ML on cropped cams I guess the rest of the 40D, 60D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 1100D and of course 7D users out there including me :D

Oh and I think it was markus who was whining about Coutts not going to finish on the 5dc.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 5D Classic Firmware ** Beta 3 **
« on: October 07, 2012, 02:38:58 PM »
I gave up a few months ago, sold my 5dc and got a 5d Mk 2 instead. ML works like a dream now. Please consider that Coutts was great enough to give so much of his time on this project without forcing money out of people. And this is an open project as I recall so people can continue what others have started, No Bashing is allowed (for some people at least show some respect and stop whining).

in any case I would suggest trying the CF card trick and see if that would kick ML to start on the 5DC.

I'm looking forward the 7D ML now :)

side note: 5dc metering is awesome, the reason why it looks under exposed is that it's using a full size sensor, meaning it's taking in more light to balance the exposure computations and that is why there is a function called exposure lock. Yeah sometimes Auto ISO can be useful but never make a habit of relying on it when shooting. Practice makes perfect, It's always the skill that matters not the tools

For those having trouble with ML, just delete the autoexec.bin then disable the bootstrapping by re-flashing the firmware provided by coutts.

captcha workaround: after writing your message focus on the message field and press ctrl + a to have a copy of what you just wrote in the clipboard so if you sent the wrong captcha you can simply paste it back :D

Hey Drew!

I'm still getting the same result as before (soft bricked state).

I'm using a Sandisk Ultra II 2GB CF and on the camera (FR 1.1.1) the only sensible marking I could give is the model = DS126091 (could it be possible that hardware components vary in some?).

I get this flashing thing problem with identical ESC (electric speed control) when some chips are made from a different supplier.

below is the video how I'm installing the latest beta build, hope it helps solve the kinks (somehow)

Still looking forward to the next batch, Keep up the good fight!

I just tried it, my 5DC is half dead when I make my CF bootable for ML. The all buttons located at the back of the camera does now work (no reaction from LCD nor camera) + the shutter button can focus but won't snap a shot. Pressing the "Trash" button does not display the ML menu.

I followed the instructions on how to install ML + 5DC hack. At first I got a steady blue light and when ML won't work for me I updated the Mod firmware twice to disable then enable bootflag. Same result as before (Half dead state).

And Auto ISO will be the best addition for 5DC as I shoot events more often (light conditions vary)

Oh and my 5DC still works normally, just couldn't get (beta) ML to run.

Keep up the great job! 

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