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I do high magnification stacked macro pictures and am really thrilled by the full res silent function. For high magnification vibration is a big problem and one way to solve it is by using flash. I am planning for a circuit that will let me trigger the silent shooting, wait a defined time and then fire the flash.
I noticed that after taking a picture I need to half press the shutter again. Is there a way around that? To let the camera automatically return to live view after taking the silent picture?

I was told that there is considerable variation in the delay between pressing the shutter and taking the picture from standard live view - at least on the EOS Ti1. Do you know if that is also the case for silent pictures? Has anyone measured the time from the half-press shutter to the clearing of the sensor is done?

I do focus stacking extreme macros and have been waiting for this feature to make it to the nightly build. Thank you A1ex and all other contributors!
I have made a few tests for focus stacking and it looks very promising. Found a few minor issues though:
1: The white balance is different from what I get when doing a normal exposure with the same settings.
2: Also the exposure is 1-2 steps lighter with silent pictures.
3: Exposure settings are reported as 1 s at f/1.0 in the EXIF information.
The exposure can be compensated for and the white balance can be fixed in post processing, so it is not a major issue. But I wonder if it is something I am doing wrong.


I am interested in focus stacking and full resolution silent mode. I have been using both ML focus stacking for AF lenses and a homemade automated focusing rail with remote triggering of the camera. I would like to test the full res silent for this purpose with and without external flash. My camera is 6D. Can anyone help with a compilation of the latest FRSP module for this camera, please?