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QuoteI found a workaround to get the "right" color to start with in SpeedGrade is to create a Premiere project and add the footage to it first, then do a "direct link" and jump over to SpeedGrade.

This is great!
I tried it and I confirm it works 100%. :)
I just tried it.
Two problems to report:

1- Lens correction can't be applied with ACR.
2- When oppened with Speedgrade, I get a green cast.
The only way I have found since then, is to convert all the DNGs to a 16bit tiff (11mb per frame  :-[)
Only then, I don't get a green color shift.

I'm also using vision log... Because I'd like to beable to apply luts.

I installed bootcamp just because I thought that this software would help me to get usable DNGs on Speedgrade.. It hasn't.  :-\

Quote| | 26) FocalPlaneXResolution = 5715.545755 (5184000/907)
  | | 27) FocalPlaneYResolution = 5808.403361 (3456000/595)
  | | 28) FocalPlaneResolutionUnit = 2



MIRAWviewver allow lens correction
MLVFS doesn't yet
MLVMystic doesn't yet too

Maybe you should ask for help.
You've got and answer on adobe forum:

Quote"Camera Raw / Lightroom needs to know the sensor area (or crop factor) to map the pixels of the source image to the physical model of the lens profile. ACR calculates this from the EXIF (not DNG) metadata. You can do this in one of two ways:

1. Use the FocalPlaneXResolution, FocalPlaneYResolution, and FocalPlaneResolutionUnit tags.

2. Use the FocalLength and FocalLengthIn35mm tags.

Of these two options, I recommend #1 because you'll have more precision. (For #2, FocalLength has tag type rational, which is fine, but FocalLengthIn35mm is an integer. That's an issue for short focal lengths.)"

Hope it will help.
If any more samples needed, don't hesitate to specify.
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: ML Samplefiles
August 10, 2015, 11:19:59 AM
Some 7D mlv sample files with last fw:!VwUjjLSJ!kAJ8QvQhXfHty1Y6iWqSbysorMdHrpdv-iWY8-Bh9bM

4 files: 16/9, 2.35/1, and two cropped/squashed 50fps files.
Another problem I have, I will test later if it's related to MLVFS or not:

The DNGs created with MLVFS, when opened with ACR, doesn't allow me tu properly use lens correction:
Some info:

MLVFS : 3.4mo

White balance:
MLV MYSTIC : 5100K (even if manual WB)
MIRAWVIEWVER : 5000K (even if manual WB)
MLVFS: in AWB mode, it will take the value stored in manual WB.
If you set to a WB preset (ex: tungsten light), it will take the WB preset.

In short: DO NOT USE AWB with MLVFS.
Still, it's a good thing to be able to change WB before grading.
Most grading softwares don't have "photo" WB control. I don't want to waste my time on camera raw.

So yep, actually for me, MLVFS is THE best solution on OSX to manage raw video :).
Canon 7D with the latest nightly build.
Hey. I struggle with dual iso video since yesterday, so I decided to make a post.
It works flawlessly in photo mode, but in video mode, I just don't get "dual iso dng", but normal dngs.
Dual iso is activated but is shown in gray, with the text bellow, in orange: "(MOVIE) This feature requires you shooting raw"
Of course I'm shooting raw. I seen on some older posts that you have to activate "hdr video" in video menu. But I don't have such option.

When I extract the dngs of the .mlv file obtained.. It's just not some dual iso files.
I don't get what I'm doing wrong...  :-[
I just realised that aperture work with my stm lenses.. on video mode.
With the new 50mm 1.8 STM coming... We will need a fix  :o
Thanks for the tip, already knew it. It's a good technique since if you use ETTR with a tiny aperture, it will force the shutter speed to go above 1/10th, and then no much troubles.
Still, i d prefer to have aperture control over stm lenses, of course :) .

Also, ETTR should have a feature that set max and min shutter time (you can only set the slowest shutter) and also max and min aperture. Shouldn't be too hard to implement I hope.

It would then make ETTR usable for Timelapsers. :p
I have read that I'm not the only one wanting to use it for timelases... The only problem is when shutter goes way above 1/10th...
So meta data for LRTimelapse are unusable.

Also, when using "take pics like crazy" it a bit of struggling to change the parameters manually without introducing shake in the picture, because it needs a lot of try because taking effect.

I bought a cheap ND filter: will do the job to help me with exposure. And I just have made a 2k picture timelapse... Overexposed when I felt asleep. Ahahaha. I thought that the weather would have been more shady :( I will try to get used to doing timelapses.. And then my project as a low-budget-student, is to do a timelapse of the city where I'm studying :) I'm also composing a music, I will gladly share it with you.
Thanks :)
I really want exposure overide to work with my stm lenses... So if there's any test I can to help you determine what's the problem, just tell me :)

Video related to the aperture problem with STM lens as promised.
Same problems as stated before.

It's funny to see that I'm kind of the first to point out that problem.
I'm glad to see that it wasn't only a mistake from me :)

Lens tried:

10-18 STM
55-250 STM

I know that I can't get a fast shutter speed.
I wasn't talking about the shutter speed.
You advise me to close the iris.
The iris as you say is also called the aperture.

And I just tried to explained that I can't change the aperture with my two STM lens while it works perfectly fine with my canon 50mm 1.8 with the exact same settings, just by changing the lens.

50mm: touch the aperture settings: exposure change on screen: exposure of the silent pic change.
My two new stm lens: touch the aperture settings: change on camera: no change on screen: no change on exposure.

I tried with MF/AF and with IS/no IS just to see...
Can't get why it is stucked only with my two stm lens.
I'm using a 7D.
I tried old versions and latest released FRSP module.
I tried fresh magic lantern install.
I have activated expo sim & expo override.
In M mode.

I have 3 lens:

50mm 1.8
55 250 STM
10 18 STM

With the 50mm, setting the manual aperture in live view works great.
I can see direct result on screen.
The FRSP is exposed as is the simulation.

With my two STM lens, aperture change leads to.. Absolutely no change in exposure. I can see exposure result for 1/5sec when I halfpress the shutter and when "exposim" from canon menu is darkened.
But when the picture is taken with FRSP : exposure correspond to what I have on screen, so it's overexposed.
So I can't use FRSP in daylight because it's always over exposed.

Is this normal? Why is it behaving differently with my 50 and my STM lens?

I can make a video if you wish so.
Thanks you both.

So I can now confirm to you that with both MLVMystic and MLV_Dump, I can't get .DNG files with meta data that goes above 1s.

This leads to wrong exposure correction, in post with LRtimelapse.

So it may be that is the problem.

I would like to try more recent builds but i'm too much of a noob. :(
But I need this since I don't want to blow my shutter because of abusing of timelapses.
And since I have to use it, I try to do my best to find problems :).

I tried and it works.
It makes multiple MLV files ONLY IF put on "take picture like crazy".
So I have put it on "1s". No problem with a 10s exposure.

I have done this..
But for a 10sec exposure, it will still give me a 1s info instead of 10s info.
.log file give a correct exposure while .dng file is wrong.

LRtimelapse reads DNG file info.. So exposure ajustement is biased.


I tried with MLV dump and I have the same exact problem.
So the problem isn't MLVmystic.
Still, the 97 files limitation is a problem.

So I tried MLV_DUMP:

And MLVFS can't extract DNG from MLV files created with module.

So I'm not able to say who is deffective between MLVmystic or

Concerning the changeset, I don't understand what you are talking about.
If you want to know what build I used, I stole it there:
Another problem:

On the DNG file, the shutter speed is stuck at 1s when above 1s.
Whilein the .log fil, the info is correct.
For exampl, MLV shot at 3s shutter speed, will show a DNG with 1s shutter speed.
While the .log file will show 3s shutter speed.

MLVFS works perfectly for video.
But here, I'm talking about singles frames.
On frame per mlv file.

And I don't know why, but with MLVFS, I see nothing inside the folder of my MLV files.
Plus, it creates one dirrectory per MLV file.
When you have 700+ mlv file, it's not very efficient for stills :).

Sorry :(.
I noticed a problem related to metadata:

Above 1s of shutter time.. it only says "1s".

So let's say I take pictures with 10s shutter time.
I convert it to .DNG with MLVMystic.

On the .dng, I will only get 1s info, while the .log created by MLVMystic  shows the good shutter speed.

It brings problems when doing timelapses, because I need precise indication to compensate the exposition in software.
Maybe it's only related to MLVmystic.
Only .MLV files taken with module.
So it's frames, not footage. But frames that I want to turn into a footage (timelapse) :).
I could have took 4go chunks with

There's no other OSX app that with GUI that allow to convert DNG frames so quickly.. :'(<

So I have 738 .mlv files to convert.

First pass:

Only 97 converted.

Second pass, I close and launch again MLVmystic, and select 07 to 700 filles.
Convert again:

Converted to file 194.

I repeat the process until I finish:

Converted to 291.

Then to 388

So.. yes.. there's a software limitation to 97 files.

Please remove it :(
If I try to convert 100++ files (like 700 files).. It doesn't finish the task even if waiting.
So I tried to convert like 90 files at once!

And after a while, It goes like "Your conversion is now complete" without converting any files :(
For me, the white balance is something like 300K lower than the preview of LV.
It only appears on the review of the silent image. Not applied to the final .mlv file.

Here's two pictures I took with the exact same settings:

I see no differences except the exposition.

First, thanks for all you work.
I spend last days trying to use to make some timelapses.
I have a very few C notions, and I couldn't really help with coding.
I'm really interested into improving this feature, so I would like to help in any way.
I searched on the forum and I saw that you appreciate complex feedbacks with a lot of info on your code's behavior.
I have decided to try to do my best here, if I can help more in any way, don't hesitate to ask for it, I will keep an eye on this topic.

-I used the 7D latest build from the development branch.
-I took DNGs in full raw format. It does not work with S and M format.
-Focus has to be made before shooting
-You can't do silent pic from EOS utility (it just takes normal pics)
-You can pictures with:
Half shutter
Af On button
Also with AF off button (set on remember exposure button)
And even with aperture button.
-Exposure is always a bit higher than on the preview, even with expo override and exp sim.
-So you can't focus when is activated. It would be great to be able to focus with AF on button.
-I noticed no difference in times for taking the pictures, with only or all modules activated.
-Saving the pic takes always about 3500ms.
-Let's measure times related to shutter speed:
1s = 2100ms
0.5s = 727ms
1/10 = 293ms
1/30 = 227ms
1/60 = 211ms
1/80 = 208ms
1/100 = 206ms
1/3200 = 195ms

It's strange because at 1/100 I see the same amount of light than at 1/8.
So it seems that the shutter can't go beyond 1/50.

-If I press receptively the shutter I see blinking black/LV screen (pictures trying to be taken) and the camera ends by crashing, sometimes with ER70. When not, the CF's led is blinking.
I can shut it down properly without having to remove the battery.
I also can get a crash with error message, here's the .log file crash00.
-ETTR module works for me and the « bipbip » occurs just after saving the picture, when the picture is being reviewved.
-Review of the pictures is shown until the shutter button is pressed again
-There is no EXIF info on the DNG file so, can't use LRTimelapse holy grail method... But there's info in .MLV format :DDD.
-If pressed while recording video.. it takes a pictures and crashes the camera.

A crash.log I got from pressing too many times:

ASSERT: GetMemoryAddressOfMemoryChunk( GetFirstMemChunk( pMem1AllocateListItem->hMemSuite ) ) == pMessage->pAddress
at SrmActionMemory.c:1154, task RscMgr
lv:0 mode:3

Magic Lantern version : Nightly.2014Sep26.7D203
Mercurial changeset   : 81a2fd653497+ (fullres-silent-pics) tip
Built on 2014-09-26 21:55:08 UTC by mathew@mathewubuntu64.
Free Memory  : 208K + 2955K

Here's a 10s timelapse I have made:

Also, I have the raw_diag module enabled.. Not sure with what I should do with it. :'(