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I can not get this app running on OSX 10.9.3. It asks for passwor.? I do not have any password for my adiminstrator user profile, when I do hit the "Enter" nothing happens. Please help. Screenshots are here:

Hi Folks,

I have been using my Canon 5D2 for about 3 years shooting movies using Technicolor Cinemastyle picture profile. I have been satisfied with what this camera can do, but suffering of the H264 compression and I just yesterday found out that there are Magic Lantern out there in the space! Many thanks to all the developers of this. I am amazed so far about getting out of the Camera what Canon could not get.

Also so far I do understand that this hack and softwares/workflow is still work in progress stage/in development. So far I am sad about not having simple/basic/well functional similar type batch encoder like MPEG Streamclip for converting RAW MLV to PRO RES 4444. Is there any plans for future something like that could be built? I am not smart in Terminal and codes so I have not able to get working "Son Of A Batch" soft.

So far for tests I have been using MLRAW VIEWER, but it is totally not user friendly and too simple-complicated and not for productive work. I have 2 x 2,26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 36 GB of RAM and the transcoding is absolutely SLOW. If I had 10 hours of MLRAW footage then it would took me weeks to transcode them to editable PRO RES 4444. Also I have not yet figured out if there is a batch option in MLRAW VIEWER?

I would be grateful if anyone could give me the best and fastest way at the moment for batch transcoding ML RAW to PRO RES 4444.



P.S. Can you please also advice what is the best Bitrate of RAW MLV I can use on my 256 GB Lexar Professional 1000x CF card of not loosing the sound sync.

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