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also be nice to be able to shoot 120p at 4k :)

We can get 8K@120FPS. It will work like 4K in M6II - M6II vs M50 4K ;D

M50 1.0.3

Is this based on the infamous "fishy" build?
I don't have the "fishy" build code. This is digic6-dumper branch and stubs, consts, button codes, several modifications (bmp_vram, disabled audio tasks etc).

You can load "fishy" autoexec.bin in IDA/ghidra, convert the file M50_101.sym to idc script to name the functions.

The M50 sensor is too slow to do this. You need 2x more data to read a dual pixel. So maybe at 10-15 FPS?
At the current stage of development, we should not think about such advanced features.

Yes, each camera has a different x sync calibration. You can change this value, but I don't know where (prop/eeprom).
Proposed name for the module ""  ;)

A few years ago I used arduino as a shutter button. Arduino sent a signal to the camera (shutter release connector) and then to the radio triggers.
This may be somewhat unstable. In some modes, the camera has a random delay.

Was reading chdk's wiki last days and then shocked seeing they could do some kind of 1/60000 flash sync speed.
It's possible for a CCD sensor.

this one I didn't understand.
A1ex knows how to change the aperture during FRSP exposure. If you know how to trigger a flash at the right time. You can try :
- Start FRSP @ F16
- set the aperture to F1.4
- trigger the flash
- set the aperture to F16

Wanna achieve soemthing like this for cheap

You can try "leaf shutter" by changing the aperture value when capturing FRSP.

I compiled this code in digic6-dumper branch. This is not ML, but 2 features with which the M50 is more useful.

These few lines of code modify properties, unlock features that the M50 doesn't have in the Canon menu.

M50 1.0.2 - manual silent shutter (M, Av, Tv, P) also works in continuous mode :

Code: [Select]
THUMB_FN(0xE053607E, GUI_SetSilentShutter)

#define SilentShutter_OFF           0x0
#define SilentShutter_ON            0x1

extern int GUI_SetSilentShutter(int);

30s - 1/4000s - OK
Bulb - ERR70

M50 1.0.2 - 7 frames exposure bracketing

Code: [Select]
THUMB_FN(0xE04E05BE, GUI_SetCFnBktSheetsData)

#define BktSheets3                  0x3
#define BktSheets5                  0x5
#define BktSheets7                  0x7

extern int GUI_SetCFnBktSheetsData(int);

So RP and M50 still have only automatic electronic shutter mode?
I thought these few lines of code were not a problem for them.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 90D
« on: September 02, 2019, 11:06:40 PM »

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 90D
« on: August 28, 2019, 05:45:23 PM »
DR isn't better compared to the previous generation of sensors  ???

Right now I'd really like to unset the camera boot flag because when inserting a card that has ML for another camera on it the M50 just goes into a coma.

The EOS R too, just compared it.

EOS R (before/after)

Any tutorial how to remove that kind of banding? Or just dark frame substraction?Didn't the latest firmware for EOS R solve that?
I don't know if I should publish this script, maybe I should sell it to Canon?

Banding correction 200D (M50 also has this problem) before/after :


M50 - rolling shutter measurements -

It looks like we have 3 readout modes :
Code: [Select]
timer A = 534, timer B = 4061 @ E19EBAC8
timer A = 1064, timer B = 4061 @ E19EBB20
timer A = 772 timer B = 4061 @ E19EBB78

Code: [Select]
[SHTC] ShutterType(1) ReadOutMode(1) ReleaseType(1) // Manual mode, mechanical shutter
[SHTC] ShutterType(3) ReadOutMode(0) ReleaseType(1) // Silent mode, electronic shutter
[SHTC] ShutterType(1) ReadOutMode(0) ReleaseType(2) // Manual mode, mechanical shutter, AEB continuous

ShutterType(1 - mechanical, 2 - ???, 3 - electronic rolling shutter) // 2- electronic global reset?
ReadOutMode(0 - 12 bit, 1 - 14 bit, 2 - ???)
ReleaseType(1 - ???, 2 - ???)

The manual says that the data for continuous recordings are converted into 12 bits...
I didn't know about it.  :o

These histograms show dark frames (lens cap photography).
Look at the histogram and you'll see the missing bits. It looks like 12-bit converted to 14-bit.

M50 bit depth

Single - 14-bit
Continuous Low - 12-bit?
Continuous High - 12-bit?

Histograms (single, continuous low, continuous high) :

If you want to use 14-bit exposure bracketing, you need to quickly press the shutter button, continuous modes are not 14-bit.

M50 1/200s ISO 100 - White Level

Exif -  11892

Looking at the raw data:
R - 16383
G - 15500 safe limit for my camera
B - 16383

Green channel clipping 15750 :


If you remember which prop and you can load ML, you can try to create a minimal autoexec.bin which will try to restore this prop before err is initialized.
It worked on my 500D a few years ago.

If this does not work, you need to contact

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