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 i have done  the same thing that i switched on the Fix black level by mistake  and my footage is pink.................. plz help me........
5dmark ii and MLV Format
I am a beginner for using Magic Lantern. When I convert mlv file into mov. using MIRawViewer Im getting red spots in the dark areas of the footage.

Secondly, for making a music video the external sound got in sync with the mov. footage I got from  MIRawViewer. But the colour grading is not as good as the one done by after effects.

If, I convert the Mlv file to dng through MLVMysticand take it to AE the colour grading becomes best but the external sound doesn't sync with it in the Final Cut Pro X.

Please guide me wht to do. Im a  magic Lantern lover andI dont wanna quit using it because of lack of proper information.