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Stevenbrail +1
Don't know what should I use as posprocessing software and it always crashes.
Oh, the problem with booting the dual_iso module was solved after I reinstalled ML. Thank you guys for your kind replies!
Quote from: PeterTosh on April 27, 2014, 01:19:53 PM
What version of the firmware do you have installed?
It's 1.1.3.
Walter Schulz, thank you.
However I have another problem. When I try to load, I have following errors: 1)undefined symbol "FIO_open"
2) undefined symbol "tmp_free_suit"
3) [E] failed to load modules.

Is there anyway to overcome it?
Hello everyone!
I am new with ML and I can't install it. I donwloaded the latest nightly build, copied all the files of the archive to the SD card as it written in the manual on the first page. ML says it was installed, bootflag was also installed, and then the program asked to reboot the camera. I switched off it, took out the battery and inserted again and switched the camera again. But nothing happened, Canon stock firmware is still there. I tried to flash the camera with the original firmware available from the first page of thes thread, but nithing helped.

Could someone help me please to figure out what I've done wrong?
PS. The camera was bought in Germany in December 2013, if this relevant.