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A little of topic but... Another user and I had a problem with the file association on Windows. I found the problem and the solution here:

Camera-specific Development / Re: Magic Lantern for 7D 2.0.3
« on: September 03, 2014, 10:57:29 PM »
Hello guys,

I've tried to make a new card bootable but no matter what method used (in camera via firmware or via eoscard), it wouldn't work.

I thought it was a bargain because of the cheap price but it's finally a fake card: slow speed and the pictograms on the back are badly reproduced compared to the two other cards I have (the front is different too, like the fonts used).
You can see all this on that pic:

Ok, I've got a *** card (I'll return it) but I don't understand why I couldn't get it to boot ML because the same tests with the Lexar 8GB 800X worked well. Do you think I might have done something wrong or is it just because it's a fake?

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