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Here's a list of max resolutions (anamorphic aspect ratios) given hardware/software constraints.

Assume: Max transfer speed 37mbps
              width and length resolution need to be multiples of 4 for PDR to work.

2.39:1 1472x616  36.3 mbps
2.67:1 1536x576  35.4 mbps
2.50:1 1472x588  34.6 mbps
2.35:1 1344x572  30.7 mbps

2.35:1 1504x640  38.5 mbps seems to work continuously, but only tried it for about 1 min.

My nightly build of ML doesn't have a 2.4:1 aspect ratio.  Closest is 2.39:1
That's good info.  I didn't realize it would work with multiples of 4.  I'll try that first, because my workflow is on a Mac.  I'll give the exe file a shot too.  If you've figured out a way to get the exe to work on a Mac, please let us know.  Thanks for the replies!
So, I think this is a known issue with Pink dot remover but I figured I would re-iterate.  I have successfully removed all the "dots" in all my video recorded in 1280x720.  However, I am having trouble with 2.35:1 ratio or 1472x626.  Pinkdotremover doesn't seem to be able to remove 1472x626.  I am using v8.  I've tried v7 and Rewind's crop version unsuccessfully.

Here are a couple of dng files.  One is 1280x720 and the other is 1472x626.

Workflow was PDR v7 (converted the raw files directly) -> RAWMagic