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Am not sure, someone did it in january for exactly the same item (VAF filter), i just do the same. I hope it's ok and in the right area in the forum. The previous sale has been read 1104 times without anyone saying anything.

If a moderator is not happy with that he can delete it easily.

Thank you  :)
FS (for sale) VAF-50D Mosaic Engineering filter CANON 50D

220e / 250usd or make an offer, free shipping from France, paypal payment.

send me private message if possible.
Oh Stalker yes i know that one. The actor and character of the stalker himself are totally fascinating. I can feel those intentions in your pictures now that i have watched it again ; like the first time i didn't even see his hands praying ; i was so captivated by the soft moody dark shadows lighting, and that nice highlight roll off like on the end where as you said, he merged his mind into the god sun. This is possible thanks to ML raw and a good color correction. You can't do this with h.264 ! Anyway, i was glad to make this : /watch?v=NVRqTmkpzDc with ML raw. "I tried not to fill in if he would actually find his happiness, or that it would only be his unrealistic craving" : story of western civilisation.. ;)
I have watched it one more time with your reply in mind and yes i can feel the positiveness a little bit more, but more like a tensional, hopeful seek, of hope. Makes me think about the speech Bane gives to Bruce Wayne in the prison scene during the last Nolan's Batman : "I learned here that there can be no true despair without hope." ( /watch?v=hvwTx1UWswQ ). Of course both intentions and interpretations are and will ever be subjective. Oh and the scene were the man looks at the candles and then you move in his eye ball to show the multi reflections of all the little candle point in, is so magical ^^ !
Wow i like it man ! Love the storytelling. It makes me feel so sad to see the empty cage with the towell on, back in the shadow :(  This is the kind of video where it wouldn't be a problem for me to don't know a thing about the tech stuff, where it's all about the story. Thanks for sharing!
@DeafEyeJedi Thank you i'm really happy you like it  :), all the credits to you all guys, i only know myself how to frame some pictures, i know absolutely nothing about programming unfortunately, and all i know about magiclantern tweaking/optimisation, post-prod/debayer/ACR/AE tricks etc.. is from the forum and especially Andy600. I'd like to give more feedback but when something magiclantern related bug i first blame myself and reboot what's freezing ! I agree with Pilgrim too, we dont need weekly or monthly updates now. Things i dream about is the possibility to export ProxyProRes and running the app on my old 2006 macbook. Just keep on dreamin' ^^
Like every other happy user of MIRawViewer, Thank you very much Baldand  ;) , this app is such a pleasure to work with and it has given such an easy priceless access to the MagicLanternRaw files with the direct reading. I have used it with my last little project : drag MLVs, extract .mov for editing in premiere, open a linked comp in AE, replace with the dngs via ACR and 50Dvisionlog, denoise, Lut, export : voilà. So easy now because of you. Filming by night during the Festival of Lights in Lyon : no artifacts, no hot pixels, no banding or small pixels patterns. Thank you again and again  :) :) :) !! Check it :
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
May 30, 2014, 02:05:29 AM
Quote from: lionelp on May 29, 2014, 05:53:55 PM
@ ikola 1: Nice work!

Thank you lionelp ! Happy you like it :)
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
May 29, 2014, 10:57:36 AM
Quote from: dogmydog on May 29, 2014, 04:26:51 AM
Pretty amazing shots! Made me want to visit the place :)
The animation on the end is pretty cool too. Nice job!

Thank you dogmydog ^^ Glad you like the animation. Yes experiencing the place was very cool, quiiiet, some passing people+cars during the day but twilight and night time were marvellous. At 10pm all the lights from the hôtel and the ruin area were off, no big cities around, the sky was dark with a billions bright stars. Was alone waiting for my friend+car to catch me later (finally at 02am). Happy time with my 50D+MagicLantern :) !
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
May 27, 2014, 12:20:06 AM
Hello guys, i am new to the forum, so first let me say thanks to all of you for making this 50D thread alive and well after the tragic disappearance of the old one that was so useful for the beginner i was.

Here is the link of a video i've made, it's not a test, it's finished ;) Hope you'll enjoy watching it, if not, just watch the 15 last sec to see my 'not so serious' tribute to the ML logo and work.

Thanks to the developers for this awesome work on the raw stuff that is only a year old by now. And again thanks  to all the contributors in the MagicLantern forum. Things just getting better and better ^^