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Finally about to cross the bridge to shooting RAW more frequently. What is the current status of RAW audio syncing and timing? Seems like this discussion kind of died out but here we are almost a year later. Searched a little on forums and didn't see much.

Does FPS override 23.976 audio sync up now?
Nice shootin! Did you shoot this in legacy RAW format or in MLV format? Which build date of Magic Lantern did you use?
Just shot about 10 clips with a FEB 8th build that Pierluca72 sent me. Processed straight to DNG with MLV Mystic. Got NO glitch pink color frames or problems. My late FEB. build had many problems when this much footage was recorded. Looks like build to build these type of glitch frames come and go. I am wary of double posting the problem elsewhere, so I am only writing it here.

Excuse the excitement! Just got a 5DM3 two weeks ago and happy to start taking RAW to my real projects now.
Is there a way to still shoot the old (Legacy?) RAW filetype on the current (early March) build? Having problems with pink vertical color stripes in MLV and people are saying they never had that problem with older RAW format.

I searched but couldn't find an answer.
Quote from: Pierluca72 on March 08, 2014, 11:48:33 AM
I noticed these weird frames after updating the build. I'm using Feb08 and it works fine, no colored frames. When I try to update I get at least one or two, after one minute of mlv video. (it doesn't happen with .raw). I have to test more the latest builds trying to disable some feature and find out which one is causing the problem

Thank you for the response! I feel better now that I have read this since those problems were my first 5D3 raw experience. I posted similar post in MLV Mystic thread and read someone who just recently started using a build from very late February and was getting similar color frames but previously had no problems. Thank you for specifying Feb 8th as well, I will be going back to that build and doing many tests before a huge trip to Haiti where I want to shoot some RAW video.

Would LOVE anyone elses input into this, if anyone has these frames and finds a new nightly build this month that fixes the problem, I would love to upgrade but until then I must use a better build with no problems. I only shot 20 minutes of video with my late Feb build and had many instances of problematic frames.
Hey All,

Wanted to share a inconsistency / glitch I found using MLV Mystic. I have been getting some glitch frames (pink scramble, pictured below) when converting from MLV Raw format straight to DNG. When I run MLV Dump run from Terminal reaches the first bad frame it stops and reads "[ERROR] File ends in middle of a block". MLV Mystic powers through these frames but in final DNG folder, I am getting multiple frames with the overwhelming pink glitch scramble.

I just tried exporting a RAW from MLV Mystic and then converting with and now MANY of the pink glitch frames seem to be normal. However, I am now getting a broken, half black frame where the first pink glitch occurred.

I do think that this is a in camera ML problem, getting some sort of recording issue but it appears that the problem is much worse when using Mystic to go straight to DNG instead of the 2 step I described above.

I am using a VERY recent ML build (Feb 28thish) | Komputerbay 64GB 1050X (shot two other projects in stock h264 with no corruptions or problems) and Regular Canon Battery

Anyone else having problems with these type of fully messed up pink frames or half blacked out frames with current ML and Mystic workflow?

Hello All,

I have a new 5D Mark III and am experience similar looking glitches but much worse (pictured below). They are vertical pink glitches affecting SOME rare frames of SOME clips. I am using a very recent build of ML (Feb 28th-ish).

Interestingly MLV Dump (from Feb 28th) run from a terminal STOPS the process when it reaches the first frame that has pink glitches this and reads: "[ERROR] File ends in middle of a block". MLV Mystic just seems to power through and spit out the problematic frames. A1ex responded earlier in this thread with. "I believe it's caused by our incomplete understanding on how EDMAC works." Can someone help me understand a way to fix?

I am using:
Komputerbay 64GB 1050X (shot two other projects in stock h264 with no corruptions or problems)
Regular Canon Battery
Already tried sRAW image quality setting trick.

Been reading lots of success stories of "terabytes" of Raw footage from 5DM3 with no problems, so, scratching my head. Thanks!