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Share Your Videos / Re: 7D Arri Alexa Emulation
« on: May 22, 2018, 08:00:11 PM »
Great job of emulating filmlook with that workflow. Your welcome!!!!

Meh. Thought it was some good workflow. There's too many transformations in this. Using ACEScct on CinemaDNG's would yield better results, or even just a direct transform from Log-C to rec.709, using something like Logarist...

This workflow have smoother overall color and light transition especially with someone who don't want to use ACES. The color is pop right out of the box.

But now I use ACEScc most of the time. This is really great for proxy generation or making Prores for other to grade.

@wangtrirat Great Job.. awesome footage.  How close on a percentage scale would your rate the 5D Mark III RAW vs The Arri Alexa?

I would say about 90% overall to Alexa. When finish at 2K or FullHD.

Why not?  You mean the 5D3, right? What was the problem?  Was it the limited recording time at high resolutions or something else?


Great work, Wangtrirat, I enjoyed it!

Thanks, i agreed with 50mm1200s. Liveview is unusable even with normal 50p raw with no 3x3 binning that give proper display won't satisfy on set. Focus puller always complain on sharpness which it output just very bad 720p with heavily aliasing. If 50p required mainly with such set with professionals this won't be camera of choice here.

Anyway, I colorgrade this myself. The 5d raw and alexa footage are insanely close. Alexa has more latitude but mannnn!! Color density is really really close.

Nice! Also, how much did you have to stretch the footage in post? I've tried increasing height by 1.66 as I usually would, but it stretches too far vertically.

With 3x3 pixel binning i don't have to stretch it. What you see is what camera recorded.

Thanks for sharing!
very nice to see all cameras be nice to each other :)

for preview binned, try using an external motitor, you may get a better view

Thanks, i definitely have to try your suggestion next time.

This Presentation shot mainly on 5D mark lll RAW cut with other camera like RED Helium and ARRI Alexa even GH5.
Project was done in 1080p with Davinci Resolve on ACEScc Color management system.

Such Large Sensor of 5D enabling wider FOV with Cinema lenses which I choose Canon Cinema Prime over CP.2

Only problems with 5D Mark lll RAW was the 50p shot which done in 3x3 binning mode give unusable liveview DP have to guess from HacKED preview before shooting.


Shot > MLVFS > Davinci Resolve > Export Prores422 Proxy

Edit (Premiere) > XML > Davinci Resolve (MLVFS mounted) > Conform > Media Management (Copy used shot with handle) > Color Grading > Compositing with CGI > Export

Enjoy the video!!!!

Share Your Videos / Re: 5D Mark lll CRAW - People
« on: April 13, 2018, 01:47:41 PM »
Beautiful videos as always, wangtrirat! May I ask what lens was used for these shots?
I wasn't shot this myself but as MLVFS report it's Canon 16-35mm.

Share Your Videos / Re: 5D Mark lll CRAW - People
« on: April 12, 2018, 11:46:58 AM »
what was your post workflow?

I mount MLV via MLVFS and edit in DaVinci Resolve. The color you see is plain RAW debayered by ACEScct to Rec.709 no grading just tiny White balance tweak in RAW console.

Share Your Videos / 5D Mark lll CRAW - People
« on: April 09, 2018, 05:06:18 AM »
Take a look at these skin tone. I didn't shoot this my self. It's Junior student project at University. So I take some shot for natural ARRI-Like skin tone to see how it holds up.

Shot on 5D Mark lll using 3x3 Pixel Binning at 1712x960 @50p

Great stuff!

I have a 6D myself but have yet to try the new crop_rec module for it. Are you getting continuous shooting at 1824x628 50/60fps?

Also, I am trying to achieve a similar look for a video I am going to be shooting. How far approximately was the LED panel from the subject?

I got about 20-35secs for one push. if I want to shot longer I will reduced the resolution. the LED are 4x4kino sized and Diva sized at about 1.5m. Some get closer because they dance lean to the front.

I just have chance to use 6D which also lately shoot compressed RAW format that save space and expand the resolution for 6D. Unfortunately it can do just 3x3binning 2.88:1 1824x628 50/60fps for slow-mo shot, magically it has good framing at the back of the camera.

The clip here is shot to test the lighting effect on my DIY LED panel which triggered by smartphone app. So I want to have paparazzi effect lighting and decided to shot on 6D that lay around for test. It did work like charm for me on capturing Full-Frame near 1080p quality, quite impressive. Virtually no moire' occurred for me. What a B-Cam beside 5D Mark lll for now.

Take a look!!!!

Nice! Hehe, "style" was maybe the wrong word :) But I really enjoied how its looking.

I follow Juan Melara since many years, and take my grading style from there. But I can always improve my color work.

Anyway, do you use the noise reduction in the Studio version of Resolve? What's ACEScct CMS? I know ACES is a color space? Can you tell a bit how you use it, if you don't mind.

I use this workflow with colorspaces in Resolve, it works good, but I don't know how I will match other cameras, but from a single 5D3 camera in a video it looks fine.

ACEScc Grading technique differ from YRGB one. It control and output reference luminance of the real scene mapped to output gamma and color space.

I used this because it required less work to do with color saturation and luminance. Focused primary just look at you see on reference monitor. It mapped white to white (soft clip like film) and soft black rolled-off to real black.

It feel different when grading. As it can't be totally control like YRGB one. But in the end it look better in my opinion, Especially when matching many camera together.

Excellent job, Wangtrirat!  Thanks for sharing.  I liked both - the filming and the grading very much.  Obviously, 45 fps is the perfect choice for making such a busy street life look calm and relaxed.  My only advice is to use the noise reduction a little bit less aggressively.  Right now, the video looks a little plasticly, especially the skin tones.

Thanks, I admitted that it was harshly denoised. On my Reference display it wasn't require that much denoise, but for lower gamma display especially lifted black one see huge amount of noise. So I decided to push further.

Great work! Really nice to see!

So many things that is awesome about the video, I really like your style of grading!

What lenses do you use?

Thanks for sharing!

Just tokina 16-28 f2.8 and canon 24-105 f4 lenses.

I copied the style from Arri LF video. I just tried to replicate it. It's not entirely my style.  :P

China Town - Thailand : 5D Mark lll RAW
Record at 1920x1080 3x3 45p Binning

The 5D's Sensor is about the size of Alexa LF which categorized as Large Format. But somehow they are really really close.

This test exploit extensively on How camera raw handled intense large dynamic range and saturation in scene. I wish I could under exposed a bit ( it's too hot in some scene). The neons and Saturate LEDs is falling apart in color but resolve handle roll-off really well.

Graded on Davinci Resolve Studio 14 with ACEScct CMS

I add some denoiser because I shot mostly at 1250-3200.

Music : Courtesy of ARRI Alexa LF Promotional Video

The Log to Grade Swipe

Well done, did you notice any vertical stripes in 3200, 6400 iso?

Yes, quite hard one. But denoiser and h264 compression get vanished. Quite video but pretty moody picture.

Hi! Folks. I deeply fused with how 5D Raw render the color in both Day and night.
My friend shot this and I colorgrade it. I'm totally embrace him to shot 5D instead of A7sll or A6500 because that cams color as sh!t.
This video was shot on 5D Mark III with some Canon glasses and high ISO.
Mostly shot on ISO 3200-6400 with some at 640.

Grading using Davinci Resolve Studio 14.3 - ACEScc Color management.
Hugely denoise and get compressed in to H.264. So the noise invisible in h.264 video.

Thanks for all comments - I keep using it until ML make mark4 record RAW!@!!!!!

My Gosh! This is only the high-end camera could do this level of color detail. Excellent Cinematography and grading!!!!! Long Live 5D.

Is it any improvement in Compressed RAW playback. It's pretty intensive task I can barely play the clip in resolve. I mostly convert to proxy and edit before going back to the raw.

Uncompressed has no problem at all. But I currently most shot compressed raw for disk space reason.

Great videooo!!!
Please, could you share the settings you used to shoot in 50fps?? aspect,ratio, bitdepth etc,
Thanks a lot

It's 1920x960 50/60 3x3 Binning It's about 2:1 aspect and 14 bit Lossless forced by this mode as default.

And the video looks great as well!

Do you think the Alexa emulation would be a valid LUT for any circumstance or was it mostly matched to the camera's response in those specific conditions? Would love to get a crack at that Alexa emulation LUT, as I'm sure many others would too :)

I put Davinci OFX Color space transform to convert BMD film to S-gamut.Cine with Canon log Gamma convert to ARRI Alexa + Log-C then pass through Alexa ARRI Log-C to Rec.709 LUT.

Setting in RAW put color boost to 20 and saturation to about 5. Lift and gain adjusted up to you. This produced ARRI Log-C + ARRI Alexa gamut for more color grading than just put ARRI LUT into. I barely distinguish between real one and 5D RAW. Which easily to grade like ARRI did to there color science. The skin just pop no filmlook or keying required. Golden tone with pinkish touch.

Canon Log Gamma just matched to what sensor captured though it's being indicated in resolve as Blackmagic film.

Here is what before input into Alexa LUT

tiny image host

Could you please post a link to your video?  I cannot see it here.  Thanks.

I have just done it.

That French toned video is super nice!

Please tell more about that style of filming and the music. It fits very well together!

I used Canon 24-70mm F2.8. At 3K It's roughly about 4/3 size sensor. Just centered framing and put random free youtube song. It surprisingly matched. 

Yes for a quite unscientific test the 5D3 holds up quite well. Would you do the same test comparing rolling shutter the Alexa is miles ahead. Since there is so much more than just color science.. Highlight roll off (not DR), roll off on the 5d3 is quite horrible. A7S is much better at this, Alexa of course much better..

But instead of comparing 3k camera to 40k cameras, your video looks nice!

Is this is highlight roll-off you said?

Another 5D mark lll raw used on set when it available after switch to alexa in scene.

This clip shot on 5D Mark lll with Canon Prime EF CN-E 35,50
Using 1920 3x3 binning readout for 1920x960 resolution at 50p. Using Experiments ML Crop 4K compressed MLV build.

Post processing MLVFS to mount MLV then edit and grade straight out from Resolve 14 studio with Alexa emulation.

Note : Davinci 14 take out black sun spot completely make this the best highlight roll-off clip I ever shot and grade on ML RAW.

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