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General Chat / Re: Whats your policy on 5D Mark iV
March 08, 2015, 10:09:52 AM
When 5d4 comes out ,it will be an instant purchase for me along with the atomos 120fps @1080p and 4k RAW writing in 1T ssd.
I hope ill have the whole budget by then so i keep 5d3 as backup camera..otherwise ill sell. But most important is what progress Canon has made with the sensor....i hope we get 16 stops :P
hey..i use a lilliput 5Dii/o/p with my 5d3 and its working fine MLV or using 123fir Aug build.
I also tried my tab pro 8.4 but for video monitoring its not so good to use tablets *from my experience*
-it has a small delay and makes things odd if theres movement
-usb takes resources and might limit your rec. especially if u wanna max ressolution or fps *i noticed with my lexar 800x , rec time dropped from 14sec to 7sec @1080p*
But dslr controller offers a cheap wireless solution if u wanna use your tablet, and its fun to control your cam from tablet too :)
For pro video monitoring prefer an hdmi one tho.
Are you trying to compare sharpness and colors between your cam's 3" screen and 15" laptop screen or even larger monitors? Frustrating i think.
you are recording raw so its as sharp as it gets anyway depending your lens...maybe u have not focused correctly coz of the tiny screen?
nicely done mate..good & smooth shots and i like the mood transition @1:10 :)
Yes you can focus perfectly...focus peaking is ok too ,so u have MLs turned off for slightly better performance maybe.
For its price this is a very good monitor
The 663/O/P2 is their best monitor atm..its a bit heavy for shoe mount (metal case)but its high res. 1280x800 with good brightness and all the monitoring goodies...i prefer the 5D-ii/O/P coz its very light and has fixed barndoors which cover the screen..res. is 1024x600 but for me its enough.
Hardware and Accessories / Re: Monitoring on touch screen
December 29, 2014, 09:56:01 PM
There is a similar thread just below..anyway as you may know already only app that works decent with tablets is 'dslr controller'..and yes image display is delayed (mayb with usb3 and faster tablets is ok idk).
If u want to just monitor use hdmi monitor...u wont be able to control dslr with a touchscreen hdmi monitor
The last build is perfect for drops no pinks everything is fine working with monitors & external recorders..all is stable for me. I think the development is capped for this wont get 4k or coffee out of it coz its hardware restricted...what more do you want?
Hello..i just sold my ipad3 and got the galaxy tab pro and im quite happy with this tablet being super fast and having tons of apps including dslr controller.
Using this tablet as monitor for video, have u noticed any delay in displaying the image from your dslr?
Quote from: fitarec on October 09, 2014, 05:42:30 PM

so, what`s the 5D3 CF slot hardware speed limit?

if i wanna write raw i insert the sd(with ml files inside)...if i wanna write mov. i take out the sd..simple as that
what benchmarks your 128gb in 1080p movie?
i dealt with it once..had to remove some registry keys manually in order to kill it..instructions from
i also use nod32 and malwarebyte
heyall.. i just noticed a huge performance upgrade with my low end CF lexar800x from 7sec continuous Raw shooting to 14sec.(1080 25p Raw 5d3)GD ON and all setting same as before.
i was using this card till 05-21 and i tested now with the latest 08-07 which is great with ext.display too...and 14sec not bad at all for short takes:) so thx again
all i know is that i have raw video for free with a 2500€ camera..ML has been very stable for me too and everything is still work in progress..and for those who are doing pro paid jobs with ML should at least be thankful to the Devs
thx alot for the hdmi fix..mirroring mode works great with the lilliput
Raw Video / Re: Archive mlv/raw or DNGs?
July 16, 2014, 12:37:05 PM
i also keep the exported dnxhd files with visionlog profile..its a good file :)
1080 @ 30fps needs 100+ mb/s which is the camera write limit... also theres no significant difference in write speed between 1000x and 1066x
where have you tested the card's speed? Format in camera and benchmark in Crystadisc using a usd3 reader... if u get low reads contact seller for replacement
05-23 (1.2.3) - 40fps 1080p - lexar 800x 64
was able to get 47 frames (9 of them corrupted), memory hack OFF
is there anything new in May03 release? changelog is empty
oh i just saw its about idea what this is for anyway :)
battery life when using ML is big issue for just drains the LP E6 so fast. Most of the times i cant use battery grip coz it doesnt fit in the followfocus on extended daily shooting i need around 10 batteries. Im gonna look into those external battery packs, although im a bit worried powering up my 5d3 that way.
Quote from: Danialdaneshmand on April 25, 2014, 10:52:32 PM
i could only afford 8GB Extreme pro 600x &  I will be doing Raw video
not good :)
Hardware and Accessories / Re: MustHD field monitors
April 29, 2014, 10:46:45 AM
ok would be nice :)
if you are on 5d3 well thats what the playback test shows..that the camera is topped @120mb write..not the same in movie mode, i hope we get just aliltle better speeds in the future with better cards
but i think those cards do diff numbers in other tests