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If my previous post doesn't work I can help by putting my 100D as tester. Just use it to make time-lapse once and a while so I can take the risk.
But don't use everything (don't do Raw movies, focus stacking and so one) but familiar with photography and time-lapse.
Have ML on my 5D2 and 6D (still some bugs in the 6D)
If this helps
Actually we could put this money somewhere on a count of the Magic Lantern. And a working soft could be payed from this money by Magic Lantern when it's OK
Wanted: good ML soft for 100D

50 euro for a good result, who helps.
The 100D is super compact, the most easy to take around with the other more heavy body's.
no need for me to buy a sony 100RX-3.
Would like to use my 5D2 soft on a 100D.
Waiting for it, like ML very much !!
So for me 50 euro is ok !!!!!

How I would control it, Let it ry out by someone from ML, mail the results on ML and make the results public when every one seems agree the results are ok.
Give your bank count and I forward the 50 euro

Nice to see that someone is working on this. nobody around there who can help jamespero ?
And thanks for the efforts jamespero,  look forward to the final....
Nice work, was waiting for this, would like to use it to make timelapse without external device.
Dual expo would be nice.
some users tried it out already ?
Using ML on 7D & 6D ( nightly builds) but no experience with working with alpha builds and source code.
So could any one help me for the installation or is it to soon ?

Thanks for any help.