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Greetings dear community, I am glad the beautiful features: crop mode in my camera canon EOS 650d. But to use it in a wedding reportage once, since it is necessary to go into the menu to change. In the dream, I see that the crop mode is activated by pressing any button on the camera, such as a set. Is it possible to implement such fukntsii - switching crop mode in the camera EOS 650d by pressing the buttons on the camera?
Very grateful to the community for the development of magical Lantern, and thank you in advance for your answers.
Hello respected community, I continue to study the Magic Lantern and constantly find something new. For example today, found an excellent feature for a smooth change in the exposure for shooting video - gradual exposure. Very grateful to the Magic Lantern, I can not even imagine how I would shoot without you.
I have a dream to get a digital zoom (Move crop mode) at its canon 650d by pressing any button on the camera body. Without having to go into the menu. This feature is very useful for reporting and filming a fantasy if it became available to the press of a button. Even if this happened to a brief interruption of recording. And the subsequent automatic reset video recording. A transition from the "Move crop mode" to normal it would be possible to carry out even a single press of any button.
Do you think this could be implemented?
Very grateful for the Magic Lantern.
Hi, I use Magic Lantern in his cell canon 650d, and very grateful Magic Lantern. Thanks to you I was able to shoot better video and photos, and get a really convenient way. However, the last two months have not seen updates Magic Lantern for my camera 650d and 6d. I also noticed that other camera updates do not go to the beginning of October.
Very grateful for the work done, but I would like to receive new features that would shoot the video. Prompt please, development will continue?
Sorry for my english, I'm from Russia, translate Google-translator.
Thank you very much best developers use the best camera 650d with magic lantern, very satisfied.