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Tragic Lantern / Re: EOS M Alpha shutter-bug discussion
« on: January 12, 2014, 03:26:20 PM »
I am a completely new user.
Bought my EOS M 2 days ago.
Installed Magic Lantern nightly from the 11th of january.
The bug bit me quit early!

So I now have it. As usual twisting the lens cures it until the next boot cycle.
I have tried with 2 SD Cards A-Data and fake no-name.
Both show the same behaviour.

Interestingly when I twist the lens, it WILL make a photo!
So it seems as if it was waiting for something, breaking the contact with the lens-lines clears that, and it snaps a photo, and starts working.
Also taking a video, and WHILE the video is recording, switch the dial to photo will work!

I have never attache the USB cable, so no dependence to this.

PS: I am a new to ML, so I downloaded the nightly and copied it over.
There was no FIR file in the EOSM 2.02 archive, so I googled it and found a 41KB file that seems to work. (Why is it not in the nightly archive?)
Then it complained about ml/data/fonts.dat not being readable, so I DL ML stabel 2.3 and copied it over, then added eosm_202.fir + nightly files.
Seems to work OK now, except for the shutter bug.
Did I do something wrong?

Now to the task of getting to know the EOS M canon FW + ML extensions ;)

Thanx for your hard work, and if I can contribute any info on this bug I will, just ask what you need.

edit: 18-55 EF-M Zoom lense used.

PS: Any special support for PQI Aircard/Transcend WiFi SD??
I like those ... being root on your own SD card is somehow nice!

edit2: Latest 2 nightlies are broken and could not be compiled pn eos m.

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