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From what I've understood: The canon version has electrical aperture control from the body, the nikon version mechanical control from the body and the sony version only has aperture control on the lens.
Quote from: burtie on December 25, 2018, 04:20:37 PM
Is it possible to use ML on a Canon EOS M10?
BeEn searching for some time. Thanks for any help.


Short answer: No, you can not. The M10 runs powershot firmware, not EOS firmware. The M1, M2 and M50 run an EOS firmware, the M3, M10, M5, M6 and M100 are all powershot based.
The adapter changes the reported focal length and aperture, that needs a cpu and firmware.
With lua and qemu, could the autobuilder generate those screenshots?
General Help Q&A / Re: FRSP
January 10, 2017, 07:10:18 PM
I don't think the 'dng' branch has been merged yet, that has the needed code for saving that info.

Quote from: DeafEyeJedi on February 24, 2016, 02:30:18 AM
I'm afraid I may be doing this incorrectly via Terminal...

Try 'cat ~/mlvfs.log' to show the contents in the terminal window or 'open ~/mlvfs.log' to try opening it with the osx log reader. Or point Finder to your home directory, probably /Users/DeafEyeJedi.
Focal length information and DoF calculation are now correct as well with Alpha_1b:

The error message for 100A->100B is a bit misleading:

Magic lantern install by Koen Kooi, on Flickr

Using the 100B version worked like a charm.