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Not sure if this is the latest version ( currently 0.5 ) but here's a working copy that I have on my MBP.

MLVMystic_Beta for Mac.

If not then I should have a copy back at home on the Mac Mini.

Out of town for work until this Friday.

The app doesn't give a version number and I have no reference as I am using it for the first time, but it works for me.  THANK YOU for posting!

Is there a specific reason for any of the Adobe apps to NOT regconize the converted DNG's from the latest beta of MLVMysic?

I also tried importing the converted DNG's through Raw2Dng to see if it would solve the issues by applying the black/white levels but no luck yet so far...


I just tried to import into After Effects and got an error, but then I noticed that there is a .wav file in the batch folder. I removed it and viola!  Works like a charm.  (AE version CC 2014)

Raw Video / Re: Uncompressed 14-bit RAW video testing - 5D Mark III
« on: November 05, 2013, 07:14:46 AM »
Hi, would love to know what is the highest resolution everyone is able to achieve continuous shooting at 60fps.  Please list your response to this query with the type of card you use.  Mine is:

CARD = Komputerbay 1050x 128 GB
HIGHEST RESOLUTION 60fps = 1472x516 (75.9 MB/s)

The odd thing is that I can get continuous shooting at 1920x1080 at 24fps, which is a higher data rate (82.9 MP/s) than the above rate, but I still can't get any higher resolution than above at 60fps.  Very frustrating.

Does anybody know when a new ML version will come out to support  FW 1.2.3 Versions? I have no problem in using 1.1.3 but for monitoring using hdmi out the image is a fourth of the screen size. So it si no help in buying a 7 inch external monitor for focusing help if the output image on it is only a fraction of its size ( not bigger than the one on the camera back)...

My IKAN VH8 works quite nicely with ML on 1.1.3. It has autoscaling, so if you turn off all screen overlays then the video becomes full screen. You should try it and see if you have any luck.

I also had an issue for a while with the preview rectangle being in the wrong position on the monitor, but I read elsewhere that turning the grayscale preview option on would strangely fix this, and sure enough it did.

I can't wait until ML RAW is more stable, but at least it works with a little finessing.

Raw Video / Re: 5d mark III external monitor raw, problems?
« on: October 17, 2013, 06:39:29 AM »
I just found out the hard way that I can't use my brand new Ikan 7" monitor with ML on my Mk3. I get the bizarre crop marks and the camera won't record.

Strangely it does apparently record, but usually locks up, and even when it doesn't it never actually writes a file.

Major bummer as this prohibits any serious work I was planning to do. Back to borrowing Reds :(

Anyone else having any luck?

Yeah, same thing happened to me and I just got mine today  :'(

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