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I've been shooting some test footage using mlv_rec on a Canon Mk3 113 firmware. The build I am running is the 07/03/2014.

I've noticed a problem with the MLV files and I couldn't find anyone else in the forum that seemed to be experiencing similar issues.

When I change a camera setting during recording (ISO or aperture) it seems to create a problem when it comes to converting to DNG using all of the current MLV conversion tools on both mac and windows.

It kind of 'trips up' the converting program and causes it to stop making DNG's from the rest of the MLV at the point that the ISO or aperture adjustments were made.

Using MlRawViewer on mac I was able to skip past the point in the clip where the camera settings changed, but extracting a full usable take is not possible.

If I do not adjust any camera settings during recording I can shoot any length of clip my card allows and convert to DNG with no problems.

I have tested many times and it is definitely the change in camera settings that causes this. Does anyone else have this problem?

I hope this feedback helps the very impressive ongoing development of the MLV format.


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