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reddeercity - thanks so much!! that was so helpful.  :)
appreciate it! I tried the latest build and I get the same pink cast that I've gotten using RAW 1.0.  I'm really curious what it could be that's giving me this problem!
@reddercity I tried RAW 1.0 with the 1880 build that you posted a link for and wasn't able to get a correctly framed color preview without a pink cast in crop mode.  MLV or RAW doesn't seem to matter...  Does anyone else have this problem?

Sorry to post again,  I tried using the build that reddeercity posted, I believe it's the 2014 Feb/March raw 2.0 build and I still get the pink cast over the color preview when I'm in crop mode and the framing is not correct.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  The preview option is auto. 

I only get correct framing when I switch to Global Draw. I've got a picture but I'm not sure how to post it on the forum. APpreciate the help!
Quick question about the half shutter view when shooting in Crop Mode RAW on 5D2.  I've read in the forums that the preview changes to color from the default b&w but for me the color has a very strong pink cast to it when I press the half shutter.  Is this the way it's supposed to be? Or do I have a setting wrong?

Also just curious how people frame for crop mode? Do you use GD for that? Even with a monitor?

Thanks so much in advance! And apologies if I missed where this is posted in the forum, been searching but haven't found anything that explained it for me.
Share Your Videos / Short Film made with Magic Lantern RAW
September 24, 2014, 06:33:48 AM
Just wanted to share a short film a friend and I made using ML Raw.  It's about 90% 5D2 and 10% Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.  It's been a huge help for us so I wanted to share the film in case anyone was looking for examples of what the hack can do :)

Was just playing around with crop mode and I noticed that in that mode I can shoot continuous with a write speed around 78-79 MB/s.  Anyone else experienced this? I wonder why recording rates are higher in crop mode.
Just curious to see what speeds people are getting with their 5D2 while recording raw. The max I seem to get is around 77MB/S though it seems to hover around 75/76 more consistently. This is on a 1000x 64gb komputerbay.
Whenever I import into davinci resolve the footage looks terrible.  I use ACR and AE and export from there and the footage always looks clean that way for me. 
yep but in my experience it's been much heavier than normal CA from lenses.  The files I've exported from Davinci have had lots of magenta casts to the point where it's unusable.
Hey Ted,

Just wondering if you had real world examples of bad aliasing and moire.  I've been doing a lot of tests and shot with 5d2 raw on a short as a second cam and only really noticed the aliasing when I was shooting a close up of a paper with a chart on it.  Most of the tests have been indoors.  Rarely do I have shots where I'm shooting directly at things that would naturally cause aliasing.  Maybe I'm just not seeing it?

Would appreciate any thoughts you have on this, thanks so much!
The only thing about resolve is that you get the pink fringing when you import the dngs, with AE the footage is very clean and looks great. I don't use resolve for that reason, even though it's faster. 
JulianH, nice job! Impressed with how clean the footage looks at 1600 and 3200? Do you notice a lot of noise when zoomed in or on a bigger screen?

I used the 5d2 raw as a bcam on a short recently and I didn't notice any significant ailiasing until I shot a close up of a piece of paper with a chart on it and the coloring on the lines of the table was off for that. 

Btw with the newest build I can record 1880x1016 @ 1.85 quite long (stopped out at around 6minutes). Sustained recording speed around 76.4-77MB/S on a Komputerbay 1000x 64GB.
General Help Q&A / Re: lossless compressed raw?
August 29, 2013, 05:16:19 PM
ooh, interesting.  I just tested the dng to dng conversion and my original files shrunk from 3.7 MB per file to 2.1 MB.  And this is best for storage?
I've noticed while importing DNG sequences into ACR that the color temperature seems to be off from what was originally shot.  For example I shot at 3200K and when imported it defaults to 4750 in ACR and I have to adjust manually. Is there a reason for this or am I doing something wrong? I'm sure that the setting in the ML menu was 3200 when shot.  Also noticed this with other tools I've used to extract DNG and encode to a video format (eyeframe). 

Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this problem.  Thanks so much!
Hmm, thanks for the suggestion but it seems like it still won't import the dng files.  I've tried importing just one dng file with a simple name and I still get the same error. 

I just tested it with a .RAW file and it was able to create tiffs dng and proxy file.  Is efc unable to import dngs created by another program?
General Help Q&A / Re: lossless compressed raw?
August 29, 2013, 04:13:30 PM
can't seem to select the dng files I extracted using Raw Magic, with Adobe DNG Converter. 
General Help Q&A / Re: CF Benchmark test.
August 29, 2013, 04:07:45 PM
I think you want to ideally do the benchmark in movie mode, which you can get to by running the benchmark after you're in Live View. 
Anyone still using this tool? Just wondering I stumbled on it recently and it seems like a great one, but for some reason I can't get it to import any dngs. I'm running it on a mac via VMWare Fusion. Any help would be very appreciated!!

This is the error I'm getting:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\EyeFrame Converter\ffmbc.exe" -r 25 -i "\\vmware-host\Shared Folders\WD 1TB\ML RAW\DNG\M22-1451_C0000\M22-1451_C0000_%05d.dng" -vframes 1 -vf format=bgr24,scale='min(96,54*dar*sar):ow/dar/sar',pad='96:54:(96-iw)/2:(54-ih)/2:white' -threads 0 -y "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Eyeframe Data\Thumbs\M22-1451_C0000_00001.bmp"FFmbc version 0.7-rc7
Copyright (c) 2008-2012 Baptiste Coudurier and the FFmpeg developers
\\vmware-host\Shared Folders\WD 1TB\ML RAW\DNG\M22-1451_C0000\M22-1451_C0000_%05d.dng: No such file or directory

"C:\Program Files (x86)\EyeFrame Converter\ffmbc.exe" -i "\\vmware-host\Shared Folders\WD 1TB\ML RAW\DNG\M22-1501_C0000\.DS_Store" -vframes 1 -vf format=bgr24,scale='min(96,54*dar*sar):ow/dar/sar',pad='96:54:(96-iw)/2:(54-ih)/2:white' -threads 0 -y "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Eyeframe Data\Thumbs\.bmp"FFmbc version 0.7-rc7
Copyright (c) 2008-2012 Baptiste Coudurier and the FFmpeg developers
\\vmware-host\Shared Folders\WD 1TB\ML RAW\DNG\M22-1501_C0000\.DS_Store: Invalid data found when processing input
Thanks maxotics! That explanation was very helpful. It seems I've been able to get it to work consistently now as long as I'm not checking the ffmbc box.  I think I read that both ffmpeg and ffmbc do similar things in terms of transcoding video files, but do you know if one is better than the other?

thanks so much again for sharing your knowledge  :)
I've tested it with Cineform proxies and those work fine, I can't use the regular dcraw for proxies though.  This is the error I get:

Does this make sense to anyone? I actually just got it to work my unclicking the use ffmbc.  Including in case this is helpful for development. Thanks!

FFmbc version 0.7-rc8
Copyright (c) 2008-2013 Baptiste Coudurier and the FFmpeg developers
Input #0, image2, from 'Z:\WD 1TB\ML RAW\TEST 8-24 Bedroom\M23-0055-dng\proxytiff\M23-0055-%06d.tiff':
  Duration: 00:00:05.29, bitrate: N/A
    Stream #0.0(und): Video: tiff, rgb24, 1856x1044p, 23.98 fps
Input #1, wav, from 'C:\Program Files (x86)\RAWanizer\Tools\dummy1s.wav':
  Duration: 00:00:00.99, bitrate: 706 kb/s
    Stream #1.0(und): Audio: pcm_s16le, 44100 Hz, 1 channels, s16, 705 kb/s
Unrecognized option 'n'
C:\Program Files (x86)\RAWanizer\Tools\ffmbc.exe: failed to set value 'Z:\WD 1TB\ML RAW\TEST 8-24 Bedroom\' for option 'n'

03:29:18 All items Finished
Hmm thanks for the input. I tried replacing dcraw 9.16 as you mentioned but I still get the same error, do the dngs and tiffs have to be in the same folder not subfolder? What video sequence is it referring to? the tiff files?
Hey everyone, I have the same error as Kuky posted before:

When trying to convert spanned raw files to video this error keeps poping out: "No video sequence folder found"

Anyone know what's happening here? I'm able to use Cineform to create a proxy file but it doesn't work with dcraw
Is there any way to hotkey Global Draw On/Off so that we can use it to set up a shot and then turn it off right before RAW recording?

Thanks again for everyone who shares what they've learned, it's so helpful and appreciated. :)
Raw Video / Re: 5D2 Spanning Limit?
August 24, 2013, 03:29:14 AM
Thanks Ted! I tested the resolution you mentioned and was able to record about 15minutes until the card went full.  Looks like it's a problem with the other resolution I tested, if you get a chance to test that I'd be curious to see how long you're able to record. 

Thanks again.