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I've been running this alpha ML build on my 650D for like 2 months now and using the camera every day, I've only had it lock up once, I'd call that pretty darn stable ^^
Quote from: Rafa73 on October 15, 2013, 10:47:08 PM
Problem solved. It was so simple ...! Fear gripped my.
Thank you very much.

Glad to hear you got it fixed!
*makes a mental note of a good troubleshooting step*
Quote from: Rafa73 on October 15, 2013, 12:18:01 AM
I have to thank all the contributors of Magic Lantern for the great job they are doing.
Unfortunately my camera has had an accident when I was testing this software.
Live View has stopped working, even in video mode. The camera will lock on several occasions.
The version was October 9.
I tried to update the ML of 14 Oct. but neither works.
What I can do?

Does the camera still work fine if you don't run magic lantern? Try holding the SET button when you turn the camera on, or use a memory card without magic lantern on it. When you know if it works without magic lantern post back for further trouble shooting.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a member of the magic lantern team, just a comp sci major pointing out some common troubleshooting techniques until someone from the ML team shows up to try and help you out.
Quote from: dmilligan on October 07, 2013, 03:17:59 PM
You can accomplish this with the module which can ramp the interval time, but it would be a little complicated to setup. For example, for 300s subs you could do something like this:
keyframe @ time 1 with interval time=300s,
keyframe @ time 4 with interval time=300s,
keyframe @ time 5 with interval time=600s,
keyframe @ time 6 with interval time=300s,
keyframe @ time 10 with interval time=300s,
keyframe @ time 11 with interval time=600s,

This would give you 300s break every 5 frames

Perhaps I need a way to repeat a keyframe sequence that would make this a little easier. I think I'll add that.
I'm also planning to add a way to ramp the bulb timer with this module, but that's going to require some changes to the core.

Thanks for the help, I look forward to trying the new version too once you've added that :D
Sorry, I wanted to delete this post but apparently I can only edit what I already typed, not delete. Don't mind me :)
I'd like to request the ability to have a pause for x seconds after y many shots with the intervalometer. Here is why:

When taking sets of astrophotography photos after 4-5 long exposures your sensor starts heating up and introducing more noise into the shots. Almost every place on  the internet suggests that you take 4-5 shots and then wait 5-10 minutes for it to cool back down, then you take 4-5 more, rinse and repeat.

If we could get a function in the intervalometer to take a break for x many seconds after y many shots, I think it would be very helpful for all of us astrophotographers. Another note of interest is that every article I've ever read about this has suggested that you turn your camera completely off between the shots as it will help the sensor cool faster than if the camera remains on, since most of you folks know the ins and outs of these cameras more than I ever will, can you confirm that it would indeed cool down faster if turned off? If so can we work around that somehow?

Thank you for your consideration in this matter,
Quote from: lucawen on October 03, 2013, 01:56:59 AM
the audio function will be available soon?

That's generally considered a "troll" question, it'll be ready whenever it's ready, which will depend on if it can be done at all, how much time they guys working on this take away from their families and lives to pour into the program, how many errors and problems they encounter, and about 100 other variables. It's really impossible to say if you think about it... It'll be ready when it's ready  ;)
From my tests tonight I can say that on the 650D the flash expo override settings under flash tweaks appears to no longer be working. I took several pictures at -10 and at 0 with no difference at all in the pictures. (full manual mode, tripod, etc, no variances or camera controls changing by themselves)

Could you good folks be so kind as to look into this when you get the chance?

Quote from: spider on September 27, 2013, 05:03:01 PM
Newest build

Thanks, I've been checking the dropbox every day for over a week waiting for an update... why the change of locations again? I didn't see anything posted about it (must have missed it since you seem to know ^^)

Quote from: newsense on September 27, 2013, 06:57:06 PM
Nice video. You seem pretty familiar with ML. I have a question I have asked a few times but nobody can answer it, maybe you can help me. I am using ML digital iso with a setting of -0.3 so I can gain access to native iso's like 160. The problem is the histogram no longer gives the clip warnings and zebras do not work. I was told I need to change threshold settings but I am not sure what to set them to. If you can answer that it would be great, thanks.

Hmmm, this makes it sound like there is an option you can enable and then when you go to ISO you see more than the normal canon ones, is that correct? *goes looking for this setting*

My understanding as of now before looking for this is that you can change the ISO, say to 160, inside of ML, but it doesn't actually make it a normal ISO setting that you can select from pressing the ISO button?
Quote from: ejszarny on September 21, 2013, 12:49:16 AM
installed sept. 19 release, and intervalometer and advanced bracketing soes not work.
setting up intervalometer 3s adv br. 3 pic and no one pic taking. intervalometer sounting but no pic taken :(

Does anyone know if this has been resolved yet? I'm scared to update since the advanced bracketing is the main ML feature that I use ^^

I'm also wondering if that release was taken down since it was reported by him to be "broken", he said sept. 19 release but the newest I see is from the 18th..
Hey everyone, I discovered ML today for the first time. I've been into HDR photography for awhile now but my T4i (650D) could only.... well you all know the story, you're here! I can't tell you how happy I was when I installed this and set it to take 5 and then 7 exposures on a test shot of my backyard and saw it worked flawlessly.

You guys at ML are awesome, you've really made me a happy camper, know that your work is bringing smiles and happiness into the world, anyone who does that gets a thumbs up from me!!!

THANK YOU!!! (yes, I meant to yell that, loudly, very, very loudly)