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Raw Video / Retrieve MLV from formatted CF
« on: June 01, 2019, 11:41:01 AM »
Hey, I've been going through most posts regarding retrieving MLV files from a formatted CF card.
It happened to me in the past but I always managed to retrieve the files via Photorec or Recuva.

Case here is, I formatted the card via Windows 10 and didn't write anything back on it since then. I've been trying to go through Recuva Deep Scan and Photorec 7.1, both softwares don't detect anything, not even corrupted bits of files, like if the card was new. Maybe I'm missing some setting to go deeper? Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)

Awesome seems like the 1.6.5 version works perfectly, thanks a lot man! Been trying the 1.7.4 version first which ended with a few seconds converted right then even stronger than usual vertical stripes and exposure loss.

Hey guys, I'm having trouble right now converting a hundred RAW/MLV files to dng I shot with a 5DMK3 for a project, on Windows. All of them are somehow plagued with the vertical stripes issue. I've been testing to no avail Rawanizer (no vertical stripe fix), MLVMystic 0.5 (vertical stripe fix checkbox not doing anything), MLRawViewer 1.4.3 (vertical stripe fix works but will crash or freeze when I try to do batch exports). Anyone has some other methods of converting files in mind? Thanks!

Share Your Videos / 5D MKIII - Euroblast X Festival Teaser
« on: September 10, 2014, 09:06:38 PM »

Another commission I've been on here. The pitch we've set for the teaser was about the feeling of energy and joy this festival gives and how the audience itself is the festival, along with the artists. Being an extreme/progressive metal fest with an ecclectic line-up, I had carte blanche for the way of gathering this (you can watch the trailer I did for the previous edition here, very different) so I focused on trying to bring the happy chaos you're in while in the middle of the crowd, all around the X. I had a quite short deadline so I just just brought my 5D with a shoulder rig to another festival we were playing at last month and started shooting the crowd in the pit. Ended up only using the 50mm f/1.8 as my wider lenses gave too much hints that the festival where it was shot was outdoor (Euroblast being indoor).

Mostly shot in 1920*818 RAW at 30FPS, shutter at 1/120 and ISOs ranging from 1600 to 6400 then played back at 23.976FPS. I exported the raw files as DNG, graded them in Resolve (no denoise) then exported them as QT Tiffs. The editing was done in Sony Vegas with a mix of these images and a few motion graphics and texts I exported from After Effects. The music comes from a demo version of our next album.

Again the camera behaved perfectly well and I only had to fix one black-level shifting file in the end. Really considering to progressively switch my compositing-heavy style to something featuring much more real elements, it's been a smooth pleasure to get through this project.

Share Your Videos / Re: 5D MKIII - Chroma Key/3D Music Video
« on: September 10, 2014, 08:45:15 PM »
Mostly yes with a few 3D models done in C4D then imported.

Share Your Videos / Re: 5D MKIII - Chroma Key/3D Music Video
« on: September 06, 2014, 04:02:47 PM »
Cheers guys, I see what you mean Kabz, a few a particule systems seem to have had shutter speed/motion blur mismatches, I'll try to be more careful with this next time! Slikkit, all green screen shots were done with ML in raw yes.

Petter Sand, it was 64.325 actually sorry! I set up the camera to 720p 60FPS in the Canon menu then did a framerate override set to 65FPS (64.325 actual FPS) in 2.35:1 ratio. You can't shoot continuously this way, I only managed to get around bursts of 200 frames on a Komputerbay 1000x 64gb but that was more than enough for the slow motion inserts I planned on using.

Share Your Videos / Re: 5D MKIII - Chroma Key/3D Music Video
« on: September 01, 2014, 06:15:37 PM »
Thanks a lot guys! The album is definitely worth listening to if you're into melodeath or tech metal.
I've got no blog but for the keying two things helped me out making everything go smooth : denoise the files (even if it was shot at 400 ISO) and crank up the saturation to ridiculous levels before starting the chroma key, this way I managed to avoid most artifacts and retain a good amount of transparency. I used Keylight for the greenscreen shots and Primatte Keyer for the blue sky keying as Keylight behaved weirdly there.

Share Your Videos / 5D MKIII - Chroma Key/3D Music Video
« on: September 01, 2014, 11:10:50 AM »

Second music video I'm doing with ML and the first one to be fully shot on 5D MK III (firmware 1.1.3 on a quite old nightly build) with a 3D environment/tracking points. It was shot back in April in a warehouse in Göteborg for the band Deceptic. Each band member was shot vertically then stitched together for the full band angles and some shots actually used the blue sky and sun instead of a green screen for the chroma key. The ocean shots were done while on my way to Sweden from the ferry deck at 65FPS. The workflow consisted of converting the raw files to DNG sequences imported in Resolve then reexported in Prores 10-bit video files to be keyed and composited in After Effects. The color grading consisted of a mix of Fuji Luts with Magic Bullet Looks. No hiccups on set but I got a few black point shifting issues that were handled with an hexadecimal editor.

As usual it's a real pleasure to work with raw files, the performance was solid, reliable and the chroma keying was very easy to get right even with the uneven green screen.

The photographer/Mnemic singer Guillaume Bideau was on set and took a few on-set pictures you can find here.


Thanks guys, got two more of these in the sfx/post prod pipe right now using the same shooting process (with tracking points this time) but fully on 5D Mark III, I'll try to gather a bit more of behind the scene informations next time!

Share Your Videos / [50D/5DMKIII] Chroma Key/Composite Music Video
« on: May 19, 2014, 09:37:05 PM »

This is my first pro project involving Magic Lantern. Band shots were done back in december using a 50D with a Sigma 24-70mm lens and a Tragic Lantern build if I remember well, all on Komputerbay 64Gb 1000x cards. The camera got stolen in the meantime so I stepped up to a 5D MK III with Samyang lenses for the "story" shots. Not the best cinematography around due to some time constraints on set but a very cool project to work with. The 50D and CF cards behaved quite well, just had to be careful once I was around the 10GB left mark due to increasing number of dropped frames.

The workflow depended on what I was supposed to do with the shots. Band shots were synced loading up raw files with Ginger HDR in Premiere then the projects were loaded in AE for denoising and keying and exported as tiffs before working on post. At some point I completely edited some sections in Premiere with the raw files. For the story shots I used Rawanizer and imported dngs in Resolve to get the shots in DNXHD. Grading was a wide mix of Kodak LUTs heavily tweaked with other grading tools in After Effects... and I think that's about it!

Thanks to everyone involved with Magic Lantern!

Hey, has anyone encountered issues recovering highlights with GingerHDR? I've been trying some extreme contrast tests to get used to the 5D MK3 and I noticed something that looks like clamped whites when GingerHDR is used. Anything that appears white will just turn grey whether it be using the Tonemap plugin, the White point from the ceiling from the white balance or any other gamma/curves plugs from AE (the project is set to 32bits of course). I see the informations are there as I can retrieve much more content with ACR from the sheet of paper.


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