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General Help Q&A / Re: h264.ini - how it really works?
December 24, 2015, 04:30:04 AM
Can someone help me install the bitrate settings on the 6d?
I've been running magic lantern on my 600d for the last two years and never had any problems recording up to 3x.

Also, is there a stable build for the 6d, not a nightly build?
Did you disable sound recording? That drains a lot of information too!
Share Your Videos / Re: 600D RAW - Short MTB video
December 12, 2013, 01:00:19 AM
Great video  ;)

I'm experiencing the same problem when trying to log and transfer footage from my 600D (ml 2.3) to final cut 7, the message appearing is the same.

I'm going to try tonight to erase all the log files (I've put somewhere safe a disk image of the card so I won't lose anything) from the dcim folder,. I think that these log files are at the origin of the problem.

Let's see
Tragic Lantern / Thanks @Dslrrookie
September 16, 2013, 01:50:58 PM
Thanks !  ;)

I didn't work at first because the filename is autoexec.bitrate and the original file is autoexec but it worked when I renamed it
hello again, can anyone explain me how to install the GOP and Slice control on my 600D? I currently have the ML 2.3 running on the camera and the bitrate running at 3* but I would like to know how to go beyond that (my card is a lexar pro 95mo/s). Thanks
Awesome picture style :)

I'm using the red yellow high contrast and it's nice to have such an image already done :)
Hi all,

First, thanks a lot for working on the EOS cameras :) I have installed the 2.3 ml on my 600 and it's working great.

I thought that it already came with RAW video but as I understand it having browsed around,
that it's not stable yet, hardly in HD and definitely not stable enough to shoot a short film with it.

So my questions are:
Is tragic lantern part of your team, or others, but in the end, are they complementary to your work or rival?
did you develop with tragic lantern a better control of the bit rate, to make better videos in spite of not having the raw stable yet?

And also, I'm lost with the different files they offer on the website: the six thirty, the new system and what you offer in this thread the bitrateback.

Lastly, sorry for being annoying, if i want to install these, do i install them on the sd card already containing magic lantern or this should go on a separate SD? And shall i just forget about the new system and just stick to the better bit rate?

Thank you   :D