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I figured out what I did wrong and not being able to do 3x crop recording. Never thought about it, but I had Exposure Simulation enabled in the Canon LV menu.
Here we go, mea culpa!
Thanks for your help :-)

Hi David,
I would like to confirm that it works now. Using your published revision I can record in 3x crop mode. Thanks a bunch, I will publish a sample soon.

Thanks Walter

Thank you for the quick replay. I tried what you suggested:

Change to NTSC
Change to 30FPS
Changed to exact FPS

Unfortunately it still does not work. Could you please let me know which is the latest nigtly build that works for you, the one I saw in your youtube video is not available on the download site.

Thank you for your reply. Please find below the answers to your questions.

Canon settings:

Quality RAW
Video system PAL
Live View function Stills+Movie Exposure simulation
Movie rec. size 1920x1080 / 24

ML version: Nightly2015Aug195D2212
Bit Rate (CBR) up to 1.5
FPS override OFF or 29.970 (can's change to 23.976)
Actual FPS can't be changed from 29.970
HDR video OFF
RAW video or RAW video(MLV) ON 1856x1044 (tried one or the other or both)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Global Draw OFF (if ON no magnify 5x possible)

I have only pressed the magnify button once and it displayed 5x on the screen.

Thank you for your support. I was hoping to use the function for the Lunar Occultation next week.

Thank you DeafEyeJedi, unfortunately that doesn't work for me either.

Hi there,
There is a great walk through for the 5D3 how to do RAW Digital Cropped Video. Could you please point me to one for a 5D2? I am at a loss why I can't do cropped recording. All seems set up ok but after selecting 5x magnification the image goes back to 1x after I press the record button.
Thank you in advance.

Share Your Photos / Re: Mars
« on: May 07, 2014, 02:29:18 PM »
Hi Edgar

Very nice Mars pic indeed! Could you please share with us what build of ML you are using?


Hi there

Under normal circumstances a 5D mk2 will record full HD movie blanking out the top and bottom of the unused sensor area.
Would it be possible to shift the recording window to the top or bottom to counteract or enhance effects of a fisheye lens?

Thank you for considering my question.

Renato Langersek

Hi there
I am a new ML user and a bit lost in regards to versions and modules loaded.
RenatoPhoto wrote in his post on 2013-05-26, 03:24:06
Are you ready for the easy stuff now?

ETTR in RAW images -  Camera Options available

This functionality has been ported to all of the supported cameras. 


If your camera has these features then you will find them here:

In the Expo Tab (Exposure Menu of ML) you will find Auto ETTR.  For this to work you must be in Manual mode and also the ISO must be in manual.  If you meet these requirements you will be able to enable it by pressing the Set button (depends on camera).

Am I right in assuming that a daily build after Magic Lantern v2.3 has to be loaded to actually display ETTR functions in the Exposure Tab?

Thank you in advance

General Help Q&A / Usability of ML for Astro-Photography with 5d mk2
« on: August 21, 2013, 09:02:41 AM »
Hi there
Please give me liberty to ask a few questions that are on the mind of many Astro-Photographers
We have two specialised areas to consider. Which of points below are already addressed by ML and could we please have a Astro-Photography forum header?

1) Bright object photography

    RAW video imaging with zoomed and cropped image recording at highest rate possible for small objects
    (Planets and bright  star systems)
    Use of electronic shutter in full resolution RAW for large objects (Sun & Moon)
    Multiple ISO HDR

2) Deep Sky objects

    Bulb intervalometer with mirror lock and additional electronic shutter to reduce jitter
    Extraction of CMOS temperature to choose the right dark frames to reduce noise
    Creation of dark frames without opening the shutter
    Focusing assist by finding the peak of a light curve of a selected box that can be moved around the imaging field
    Binning of pixels

I know some of the topics might have been asked before but ML has improved dramatically in the last year
Thank you for your comments

Yes, you can see what you see on the normal screen on the external monitor provided you use a HDMI cable and your monitor has at least a DVI connector. HDMI to DVI adapters are available cheaply on e-bay.

Feature Requests / Re: Sun, Moon and planetary photography
« on: August 20, 2013, 02:42:51 AM »
Hi there
There is free image astronomical image processing software called Registax (see: )
May I suggest to take a series of a few hundred full frames and process it with this software. Registax can eliminate out of focus frames automatically.

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