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Looks to me like a fraud. Doesn't say Komputerbay anywhere and the card doesn't look like Komputerbay card at all. Won't risk my money.
Thanks for your comments guys.  ;)
Hi all,
Sorry if it's a silly question but I just cannot figure it out.
Is there a way to automatically turn of all data showing on the screen after a few seconds WHILE RECORDING ? I know how to do it when not recording but I couldn't do it while recording.
Thanks and a HUGE thank you to everyone in ML - amazing work!!!
Thank you Stephen it looks fantastic!
I am new to this business and your work is just what I needed.
Well done!
Thanks for your awesome comments guys!
Since image quality for me is the first factor to consider I will won't get the BMCC for now. I will just have to buy heaps of CF cards... ;)
Hi guys,
Thank you for the fantastic input!
From what I have heard so far I think I will get the BMCC as a second camera because of a few reasons:
1. The crop factor is a big deal for my needs as I need as much reach as possible.
2. I can shoot much longer with the BMCC for much less money and I don't like to waste thousands on CF cards.
3. BMCC offer an amazing price considering the added software which I can use for the 5D3.
4. It's my understanding the image quality of the BMCC is not hugely inferiour to the 5D3 so they should be able to cut together??
5. I am only going to shoot from a tripod so don't need much rig.

Thanks again,
Hi all,
I would love to hear some input from people who tried both cameras - I love the 5D3 and the beautiful RAW it delivers. Never tried the BMCC. Is the image quality from the 5D3 RAW better/equal to the BMCC RAW ? Dynamic range? Low light performance? Any other important differences between the two that will make me buy/not buy the BMCC? I am only doing wildlife filmmaking with telephoto lenses from 70mm - 800mm.
Thanks guys!
I have managed to get it back to life by formatting it with the Transcend Autoformat which I downloaded from their website. I chose the 'complete' format as the 'optimised' didn't seem to do the trick. However, I think I am going to return this card and get another Lexar 64 GB x1000 UDMA 7 as the Lexar 32 GB works well.
I guess you are right.

How about a laptop like this one?

Will it be able to copy the CF cards fast enough via the USB 3 port and a proper USB 3 card reader?
Quote from: kgv5 on August 02, 2013, 04:00:21 PM
Are you sure your camera didn't switch to sd card recording?

Yes as I was trying the Laxer 32GB x1000 before and after I used the Transcend and it worked fine. The strange thing is that yesterday the Transcend worked like a dream - is it possible that it was somehow corrupted? Maybe by the card reader?
Hi all,
I am trying to record 1920x1080 25p with my new Transcend 64 GB x1000, UDMA 7 which worked like a charm yesterday and it doesn't even do more than 3 seconds on my 5D3...
I haven't chnaged the settings and the Lexar x1000 32 GB works perfectly!
I have ordered the Transcend 128 GB x1000 UDMA 7 but maybe I should cancel my order??
Help please!
I am keen to get a storage dvice in order to free my CF cards when shooting in the field.
Was thinking about this one:

Does anyone use this device? Is it fast enough?

Just got the Transcend 64GB x1000 UDMA 7 which I bought form B&H - works perfectly with no dropped frames on my 5D3, 1920x1080, 25p.
I also use the Lexar 32 GB x1000 UDMA 7 which doesn't perform as well as I get a few dropped frames until it warms up a bit and then it's OK.
EDIT: See my next comment below.

Thanks! That looks like an interesting and CHEAP way... ;)
Hi all,
I am using the 5D III for wildlife in RAW and only have 2x 64 GB CF cards. I would like to get a device to which I can off load one card while using the other one and finish off loading in 10-15 minutes max. I know I need a good card reader with USB 3 and a device which has USB 3.
My question is whether a laptop such as this will do the trick or I should look into a more expensive one or a different device:

Yes, I am also interested in the RAW as I am using the 5D3 with very long telephoto lenses (up to 800mm) for wildlife work.
OK - thanks!
I guess I should invest in CF cards rather than in the Ninja 2.... ;)
Hi all,
I hope this is a legitimate question in this forum.
I use the 5D III to record 1920x1080 25p in RAW. Can anyone let me know whether using the Atomos Ninja 2 with the Canon 5D III can deliver comparable quality to the RAW?
Quote from: Danne on July 11, 2013, 03:46:40 PM
Tested, working. Look up a few posts
Thanks Danne,
I would like to hear from more people who tested it.
Cheers... ;)
Any new info regarding the KomputerBay 128GB x1050 performance at 1920x1080, 25p anyone?
Are you still happy with the KomputerBay 128 GB x1050 for 1920x1080 25P RAW on the 5D III ?
Anyone else tried this card?