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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
April 12, 2018, 01:01:26 AM
By the way, I realized that I had to disable the Crop Module because I had readen in the link that you provided me that some people had been having problems with them module and therefore I tested without it, so I had no problems anymore when starting my camera after that :-).
Best regards,
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
April 12, 2018, 12:54:58 AM
Hello Dan!
Yes, I seems that the "crop" recording module makes the camera start with error in all the other modules.
Even thougth ,there still have "locks" when traying to change ISO values when the camera is with the LV activated.
I´ve discovered today that, when need to change the ISO and don´t want my camera lock up, I temporaliy go out from the live view mode, then I change ISO
with the LCD buttons and the wheel, then I active the live view again. This way the camera does not lock up and the new ISO value is ready to use.
This is a bit anoying thin but it looks to work for the moment. ;-)
Thanks for your help Dan.
Best regards,
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
April 11, 2018, 12:22:33 AM
Hi dfort!
Thanks for your input!
I,ve just tryed to "unpick" the "crop_rec" module to to avoid my camera start up with it for the next time.
The result is no errors on the screen. All the rest of the available modules are successfully loaded or that what it seems. :)
I´ve to check again for the ISO problem I got on this version that was locking up my camera.
I´ll let you know how it is going.
Regards and thanks,
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
April 10, 2018, 09:20:52 PM
And some times when restarting the camera I get this message, and all modules are not available (Err).

" tcc: error: undefined symbol  'unpatch_memory' "
" tcc: error: undefined symbol  'patch_hook_function' "
     [E] failed to link modules

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
April 09, 2018, 08:13:54 PM
QuoteThe feedback I got was that 10bit is working on the 50D. The test build is still on my downloads page.

Hi all!
I´ve installed and tested this 10 and 12 bit version of RAW MLV and have been some problems with it.
One of them and the most important that I remember right now, is when I´m traying to change the ISO values, the camera inmediately locks up and the blue light that activates the LV appears. Then I´ve to reset the camera.
When I reset and try again, the ISO values changes , then stops and again , when I try to change it, the camera locks up.
Any one have this problem on this version?
Thanks in advance,
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
August 07, 2014, 01:08:23 AM
THAT would be REALLY NICE!! an H264 playback module for the 50D!!  8)

Tragic Lantern / Re: 50D Raw video
January 10, 2014, 08:53:26 AM
When I try to convert from MLV to DNGs is when the error appears and the only thing I get is one or two DNGs that are corrupted!!  :( ...not the whole I tought there was a way to delete these problematic frames from the raw MLV clip to allow the conversion app extract the complete DNGs an not to stop at first and get only the corrupted frame only!  :-[
That´s why I am asking for that....or may be.... I´m doing something wrong??
I use Windows XP and the lastest version of the MLV2CDNG app and the one  that is recomended to 50D users with no results!!

Thanks anyways for your help fellows!
Tragic Lantern / Re: 50D Raw video
January 09, 2014, 10:32:04 PM
Hello Andy!!
Thank you very much for your great help!
I´ll do what you say soon to see what happens but must to ask you some questions first.... ;D
How do you delete these problematic first 1 or two frames?
Is that done (deleting frames...) directly in the MLV clip before the conversion to DNG sequences?
How can I do it?
Sorry for so many questions!  ;)
Tragic Lantern / Re: 50D Raw video
January 09, 2014, 08:34:42 PM
Hello djfremen,
I´ve also experienced something similar to what you´re experiencing!
I tried with both MLV and RAW video on the lastest TL build and noticed something like corruped frames on the first 2 or 3 frames on each clip I´ve recorded.
When I checked them in the built-in raw/ MLV video player in cam and they played correctly but when tried to extract the secuence to convert them in DNG secuences
It didnn´t worked and appeared errors so they didn´t converted to DNGs anymore!! :(
Thanks to report your experience and hope this to be corrected and MLV clips with errors to be recoverable!
Tragic Lantern / Re: 50D and 40D Raw video
November 22, 2013, 11:05:37 AM
Sorry, the link above is not working.

Please, go to this one:

It is in Spanish but you can convert it to English by clicking the British Flag that is located at the top of the article!  ;)

Cheers fellows!
Tragic Lantern / Re: 50D and 40D Raw video ETTR and ISOs
November 22, 2013, 10:53:45 AM
Hi there 50D fans!
I´ve been searching about ETTR thing and info about how to get the best of our camera by boosting the ISO level as much as we can.
I came across with this VERY interesting article that, I think , clears up ETTR thing (Exposure To The Right) and why is important to up the Analogic ISO (NOT DIGITAL ISO or Extended ISO) levels to the maxium If necesary of our 50D etc...
as this concept is applicable to every DSLR etc..
So, I want to share this article with al l of you guys! :)


What do you experts think of this?
Cheers and THANKS ML Developers/Members!
Tragic Lantern / Re: 50D and 40D Raw video
October 11, 2013, 11:58:54 PM
Quote from: bart on October 11, 2013, 11:05:37 PM
I was thinking of sharing preset files for certain tasks.
Like one just for raw/mlv video and strip everything else from the menu. Just a few relevant items. It's great for newcomers. And another preset for timelapses.

Hi there!
Yes, I´m getting the same issue as you and the display is showing some anoying shutter speed numbers than the ones that are selected! :(
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
September 21, 2013, 10:16:51 AM
Hi akumiszcza!
Thanks alot for your input mate!
I got all modules loaded because of  sissabling that in the last try, that appears to
be causing all the rests modules not been loaded...
I got, loaded together after removing as well as the rest such as ETTR, DualIso etc...
I´ll remove from my CF card that as you sugest!! :)
Thanks again for your help!
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
September 21, 2013, 02:21:19 AM
I finally got all desired modules loaded correctly! :-)
Thanks and cheers!
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
September 21, 2013, 12:58:09 AM
Hi Andy!
I´ve installed the last Tragic Lantern Build you recomended and checked the MLV and RAW video modules, as well as Dual Iso ETTR etc..
Then I tryed to go to the menus but they are not there! ie, RAW video and Dual Iso are not there! they´ve dissapeared? or what...??...
Thanks for your great work!
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
September 19, 2013, 03:11:15 PM
QuoteThis is RAW, I extracted DNG's with RAWanizer and corrected them in AE. I will try to disable focus peaking, but it is disabled while recording.

It is not focus peaking that is causing that fickering in your footage then ...
It sould be what araucaria is telling you.
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
September 19, 2013, 08:54:49 AM
I know I shouldn't post stupid tests, but I do have a question. I see a little flickering on the left, I like that very much (looks more like film frames with subtle exposure differences). I would like to have control over that, because in well lit scenes, nothing like that happens.

Do we know what causes it? So one could use it as an effect?

Hi Mkolaj!
The reason of that flickering effect that you get is produced because you (probably...) have
the "focus peaking" feature activated!...and you are recording IN H264, NOT RAW, isn,t it?
I´ve noticed that effect myself on mine!
Try to film without this feature to see the effect!
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
August 19, 2013, 03:09:39 PM
Hey fellows!
I want to try out Dual Iso but I seem to be doing something wrong when processing my Dual Iso pictures.
The images from 50D´s are O.K (two Isos are in all pictures I take in this mode.....) so:
Is there any good information about HOW TO process these pictures?
I´ve tried with  cr2hdr , dcraw and exiftool (Windows XP and 7 wersions...) but nothing seems to happen! :(
Even tried with yout last update Andy600 without sucess!
Some help would be VERY APPRECIATE!
Thanks in advance...
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
August 18, 2013, 12:19:55 PM
@ jhnkng:
Really nice footage from 50D!
I´ve also recorded alot of RAW clips hand held so these are quite shaky...none the less the image quality IS still INCREDIBLE! :)
I´ll try to make a compilation from my best 50D clips an share it here.
So thanks again to 1%, Andy600 and all the ML team that made THIS possible! :)

@ D.L. Watson:
Really cool picture from Dual ISO!
I´ve also tried to make some but when  processing them in cr2hdr, it seems to nothing happen, only an MS-DOS (windows version here...) window that disappears very quckly!.
I have all pictures (*.CR2) in the same root as the cr2hdr.exe is located....
Some help could be nice!
Thanks in advance and cheers...

Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
August 16, 2013, 09:50:11 PM
QuoteWell i'm not professional at all. I do other things (music). But i love filiming as well and everything i do, i try to do my best. It was the first experience in shooting and there is a lot of things i did wrong i know. It was posted just to show my experience with Canon 50D RAW module. If it looks stupid for someone, well ok then :) But at least i can be honest with myself that i completed the project and it was a lot of hard work for me (shooting, editing, color grading etc). Cheers!

That´s true!  ;-)
So...long live to eos 50D!!
Thanks ALOT Yuppa for your help!!  :)
I´ll try that link you provided me and see what I get! ;)
Cheers fellow!
Hi guys!
I´m still looking for more info about 50D´s H264 recording findings and slowly have been able to see some cool threads with the
right information I was looking for so this one IS nice!!
Thank you ANDY and 1% for your efforts (and ofcourse to all Magic Lantern team too!!)
What about your findings? :)
Is there something new for our precious "non video recorder" 50D? :)
I´ve already posted something about this in other threads (Flaps per second, GOPs, etc...).
Thanks in advance for your great help!
To my eyes looks just fine on my 50d!!
I have a GH1(3) that must intercut perfectly with it!
Alisasing/Moire is really low on the 50d too and am surprised by this also.
My sister have a 600d and to my eyes have more aliasing artifacts at full HD 1080p than mine (50d).
Hi there!
I´m new here but I´ve been searching info about H264 recording in canon cameras, it´s structure, GOP lenght, Level of the profile etc..
Then I found this fantastic thread!!  8).
I read you are talking about eos 600D and 60D only (correct me if I´m wrong...) but I was  thinking about the eos 50d wich is that I have!
I´ve been trying H264 recording but I missed some parameters like GOP lenght wich is very important for the final quality.
Are these settings available for the 50d implemented H264 module?
Another thing I´ve noticed in my 50d h264 recorded clips, is that they seem to be L5.0 Main profile, not Baseline
as I read in other articles arround the net!
What´s is the "main" diference between the two versions?
Thanks in advance fellows!
QuoteI can confirm that fps override works, but the metada is wrong as@Andy600 said.
I made a video with a 600D and a 50D last friday, both of them at 23,976 fps and they mixed perfectly well.

These are great news Luzestudio.
To confirm that is working the right way for you is a cool thing have in account!! :)
I´ll be doing more tests myself in other frame rates too, such as 24 or 23,976 to see how it works for me.