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@reddeercity thanks for all your great info. I've been watching your tutorials and posts here for a while.

I'm certainly going to keep using my 5d mark ii for a while to come and I intend to get paid ;) So there you go. Nice to hear of others doing the same.

As for the tearing: big problem which ruined several shots.

magiclantern-Nightly.2014Jul08.5D2212 is the version I am using. And yes, I'm aware of the warnings. I enjoy the bleeding edge and don't whine when things get messy. I obviously do, however, look for workarounds, fixes or info.

I think the tearing is in fact linked to my monitor as it seems to be gone when using the "force-VGA" option in the "advanced" menu suggested above. Thanks @dpjpandone Your suggestion seems to have done the trick for the 5d mark ii as well.

I'd be interested in hearing anyone elses experience.

I'm using a small lilliput monitor btw. I don't have the model number just now. Will post it also. Cheers!
I've been having bad tearing issues recently using the 5d mark ii and I'm going to see if setting the "force vga" option does the trick on my camera as well. Thanks for the information - it gives at least a good starting point to identify the issue.

I have the feeling less and less people are using the mark ii for serious work. That's understandable given the better performance with the mark iii. Still you can get a great image from the mark ii and I'll still be using it for a while yet to come.
Quote from: lokki19 on November 24, 2013, 02:35:35 AM

Appreciate the comments!

Update: had to put password because of copyright things, sucks!

Understood. You going to give the password?
1856 X 1044 is 16:9 and 1856 X 1004 - is 1:185 I believe.

On the chart showing all raw capabilities 1856 X 1004 is listed as being the largest resolution near 16:9 which the 5D mark 2 can shoot continuously.

It's not, however, 16:9 - it's just as close as you can get and shoot continuously - at least as far as I've understood it.

My tests with the Aug. 5 build give me approx 1000 frames at 1856 X 1044 and with 1856 X 1004 it reads between 2000 and continuous. I haven't tried filling the card.

Could this be the problem some people are having?
re. speed drops on updates. I know it doesn't help to isolate problem modules but I had a massive speed drop when I updated to the Aug. 16 build. (komputerbay 64gb) I couldn't find any problem module or setting when systematically shutting them down. I then decided to format the card on my card reader and re-install ml. That worked fine and speed returned to what it had been with the previous build.
re: latest 16.08 build and speed on komputerbay 1000x 64gb card:
I was having massive speed reductions after the first update. I'd been mixing stills, H.264 video and raw at that point(on a single card) and I thought maybe reformatting and reinstalling could help. I formatted from my card reader, formatted in my 5d mii, reloaded ML onto the card and did the firmware update - the speed went back to continuous at 1728x972 which is what I shoot at.

So it's not exactly scientific but reformatting might possibly help.
re: AE - yup. Inefficient for sure. You grade sequences from your first frame and if you are doing run and gun and your camera is pointed at the ground you'll probably do it over later. Also - unless there's another way to do it - each sequence requires a separate Comp.

And on my machine forget realtime playback, I don't playback at all. Just load, adjust ACR and export Cineform AVIs to edit in PP.

@Redrocks looking forward to that VAF comparison. ACR in Premiere would definitely be good.
@F.T.I. ARMY yeah - that workflow looks straightforward and the result is very good. I'll have to give it a try.

I have to admit, I know very little about coloring and I go for some pretty unsubtle choices. Those Alexa like skin tones look very good and I can really see the appeal in it.
@guentergunter  Thanks!

A VAF is on my list but for now I just try and avoid surfaces which cause the nastiest antialiasing/moire, keep my camera moves and my shutter speeds slow. I would love to try out a VAF but the thing that I found most useful which I bought lately was a variable ND from lightcraft - motion blur seems to negate a lot of choppy aliasing artifacts.
@xNiNELLiVES You're right - I could shoot higher res and then upscale inside a 16:9 project which would also give a little room for re-framing. Between filling up the 32gb lexar and offloading the files I would fill up a 16gb sandisk - I wanted the footage to match and I got a little over 300 frames at that res, which was fine with me so that's the thinking there.

@Redrocks Thanks for the tips and the link. I don't have Resolve and it looks like a fairly big learning curve. I know the AE workflow isn't optimum but it feels creatively intuitive at the moment you are playing with the light in terms of highlight and shadow. For a larger project it would definitely be problematic.

Here's the benchmark for the 600x 16gb sandisk:

And here benchmark for the 1000X 64gb komputerbay:

I couldn't figure out how to get a clear screen for the 16gb benchmark and for the second it doesn't seem to be in film mode. Hm. Well, if I should do them again for anyone, just let me know. Btw. the komputerbay card is brand new and completely unused.
double post. Sorry.

I did just receive a Komputerbay 64gb card today. The benchmark test looks good.

shot with the 29th June build in 1728X972 with a Lexar 1000X 32gb Card and a Sandisk Extreme 600X 16gb Card. I could shoot continuous on the Lexar and got 310 - 340 frames on the Sandisk - long enough for a quick shot and I actually liked the limitation because it forces you to think fast.

Sound is H4N/sennheisser me66 + G3 and lav.

I really like the interface of Adobe Camera Raw in After Effects and the import is lighting fast. I resized to 1920X1080 and exported to Cineform .avis to edit in Premiere. Once the AE Comps were set up - 1 for each shot - it was easy to re-import the DNG's if I wanted to make an adjustment - then just export again.

As for storage, I can see it being an issue on larger projects - especially if there is the requirement of storing the raw files.

Question: should you save the DNGs and delete the .RAW files which come directly off the card? I don't see any point holding on to them once converted.

I tried converting directly to Cineform with Rawanizer and found the files just no fun to work with - ie. not like the easy intuitive ACR interface. I also felt like the Cineform files lost a whole lot of image depth in comparison to the DNG's - is that just my inability to use other AE tools for image editing?

Anyway, once the sharpness, highlights, shadows, contrast etc. are set I don't see any reason not to down-convert most footage to Cineform to edit and then to store as most of the major changes which would be effected by bit depth have already been done. Of course on a commercial project it would be important to save your raw data for a while.

Anyway, I don't see myself shooting much in the future which isn't raw.

Now I want a mark iii BUT I have to say another huge thank you to the ML crew for making my 5d mark ii into a much, much more powerful tool.
Same - had focus peaking on and it seemed to work intermittently. Sometimes there and usually not. It didn't seem to change the speed of recording though and I had continuous frames at 1728 X 972 with my 32gb lexar 1000x.

Hello! Just downloaded, installed and took my 5d mark ii out to a field to test for 20 min. at sunset. Unfortunately I forgot my release plate so it's all handheld. The card is a 32 gb lexar 1000. I've used ML for a while now and I didn't take too much time to read up on the new raw features - just looking at the incredible results around the web!

So here's my rough test:

So I noticed a couple of things - one clip was pink all the way through - it was at 10x. There are also some clips which stutter quite extremely - I was wondering if it was because I had my image stabilizer on and the camera wasn't moving enough? Thoughts on that? There is also a line at the bottom through a couple of the clips.

But I shot directly into the setting sun and there is visible foreground!!! Amazing! (I am using a Light Craft variable nd filter)

I used raw2dng and graded in AE - then exported to h264 720p for vimeo.

Below links to
0 is pink,  21 stutters and 18 has the line at the bottom.

Thank you for what you're doing here! Keep it up! ;D