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In the meantime I´ve orderer a Transcend 64GB 1000x card as well, but it doesn´t perform significantly better than the 128 GB version.
1080p30 is impossible with the card - but it seems to achieve a constant write speed of around 90 MB/s - so it´s a bit safer to record 1080p25 compared to the 128 GB version.
Now I´ve got my own 128 GB Transcend card.

No single 1080p24 recording was stopped by the camera yet!
The idle values start small (1-2 ms) but grow the longer I am recording. Seems the card needs to warm up.

Komputerbays 128 GB cards doesnt record more than a second @ Academy Format 1.85:1!

I didn´t have to use AutoFormat - but I´d like to give it a try.
Transcend Support recommended to Low Level format the card. But what is that?

The Tool offers:
-"Optimised Format" I guess this one is like Quick Format in Windows.
-"No Selection" is this already Low Level formatting?
-"Complete Format" - ok everything is filles with zeros

Now do I have to select nothing or "Complete Format" to Low Level format the CF-card?
At least I know that Low Level formatting on the camera itself (SD-card slot) doesn´t take more than a few seconds, so it can´t fill everything with zeros...
Ok, today I got my 128 GB version of the Transcend 1000x.
Didn´t use Autoformat yet because I don´t know which option to choose from (optimised format, no option ticked, complete format).

So far I´ve had no single recording that´s been stopped - but it seems tight at first glance: It starts with around 1 or 2 ms idle and goes up, when the card warms up.
General Development / Re: 4k Filming
June 25, 2013, 09:08:55 PM
Oooops, Sorry.
I totally understand now. Thanks for explaining - I didn´t do my math...
So ML is taking the full readout of the sensor (?) and applies some pixel binning to reduce the data?
Or are lines/pixels skipped on the 5D3?

Thanks again for clarifying and now I´m sorry for the confusion I didn´t want to create!
General Development / Re: 4k Filming
June 25, 2013, 09:51:47 AM
Quote from: noisyboy on June 24, 2013, 08:25:29 PM
The raw image captured isn't of the full sensor dude. There is line skipping/pixel binning that occurs to get the image you have on your card in the same way that the h.264 data is captured. Each frame isn't like what you would get with a still image if you see what I mean? Sorry if I misunderstand you :)
I was one of the very first to have a 5D2 and suffered from the line skipping.
But on the 5D mark III it should work - not line skipping or pixel binning AFAIK.
General Development / Re: 4k Filming
June 24, 2013, 07:21:08 PM
I was talking about Magic Lantern RAW and that it would be perfectly possible to develop the already extisting current FullFrame MLraws to 4K.
I don´t think that any Canon camera has enough internal computing power to properly downsample and encode 4K compressed-streams of any format be it H.264 or anything else...

Current MLraw captured in FullFrame mode provide all the sensor data to develop to 4K.
So it´s up to the developers of PostPro-tools to just support 4K output from MLraw.
I´ve just ordered the 128 GB version and will report how it performs before and after low-level formatting with "AutoFormat"!
General Development / Re: 4k Filming
June 24, 2013, 06:01:22 PM
Hi all,

I´m new here, but after my first very positive contact to ML and RAW2GPCF>CineFormRAW workflow I also have a question:

I was totally stunned about ML saving the complete bayer-pattern portion (@full width + height according to the set aspect ratio) to CF.
When I set RAW2GPCF to convert to CineFormRAW (and not -422 or -444) I can choose in FirstLight how I want the Image to be debayered (AdvancedDetail 1-3...).

My though is: Magic Latern can sample the full sensor width and is NOT limited to crop mode.
Do we need any changes in ML at all to develop 4K files (or streams) in the future?
I guess the issue is more on the post side???

From what I´ve experienced with CineForm, I think if CineFormRAW is capable of decoding to NLE in realtime with debayering and scaling to e.g. 1920x1080 included - why shouldn´t software be capable of scaling to 4K in the future?
CineFormRAW is already handling the full bayer-pattern that ML has saved to CF. I think the downscaling part is not the most complex one - OK, all the developement functions in CineForm (WB, Primary Corrections, 3D LUT) might be done on the downsampled representation and would cost far more CPU @ 4K - BUT:

Basically I think it should be possible to develop our current MLraw-files in the future to 4K.
Because MLraw provides enough information to debayer and downsample to 4K already.

At least on the 5D3 (5760 x 3840) it should be no problem to scale to 4K after debayering as RAW software for stills (DPP, LightRoom, ACR) is extracting full 5760x3840 pics out of the bayer-pattern of the sensor.

Or am I missing something?

Best wishes,
In ML we select picture width (typically 1920) and aspect ratio (2:35.1 / 1.85:1 / 16:9).

But debayering happens in post, so the complete width of the sensor (5D3: 5760 x 3840) seems to be sampled and written to CF anyway with the height according to the aspect ratio that´s been set unless we´re using crop mode.

Software to develop RAW stills like DPP or LightRoom do even debayer to the full maximum sensor resolution (5D3: 5760 x 3840).

So basically it should be possible to extract 4K video from the very same MLraws we are now recording, because the debayering and (down-)scaling is happening in post.

Or am I missing something?

Best wishes,
Hi Andrew,

your book was very helpful and I managed to install ML on my 5D3 relatively fast.
CineForm workflow is fantastic and quick, maybe you should add the options -444 and -raw to the RAWanizer settings.
I´m happy to be up and running ML and the CineForm workflow in very very days - so thank you - otherwise I would have caused some newbie questions in the forum here.

But: You could also add that people have to select the CF card slot [1] for recording.
I never had a camera with 2 slots and somehow though ML would prefer the CF slot automatically, so I was a bit surprised that even with RAW recording the camera settings rule.

Best wishes,
Quote from: Danne on June 24, 2013, 06:48:44 AM
how does it even work? Do I add the .exe file to the card?  I,m on a mac. My card works fine but maybe I could squeeze a few more mb in ;)
Visit someone with a PC and a decent card reader.
Guess you need to have the .dll and the .exe in the same folder there and start the .exe which will low-level format the card.
After that you´ll need to format in camera again.

A german amazon user reported success with his card:
First too slow, after low level format the performance had increased.
Is anyone using the Transcend 128 GB version successfully @ 1080p25?
I fear entering the same desaster as with my Komputerbay 128 GB version which is slower than it´s 64 GB counterparts...
The one in the poll is an error, that was before I added the 32 GB version to choose...
@jahmannnn: Yes! Thank you!

I found out that MainConceptAVC in Vegas Pro 11 is now working properly - it was crap in Pro 10.
50 mbit/s MP4 output is fine!
Guess I will have to buy CineForm Studio Premium anyway - already found out that debayering etc. only works with CineForm RAW and not 422 or 444.
Does CineForm Studio Free also come with FirstLight?
I guess not - Premium installed over Free so I can´t find out for sure if Free also has First Light included. Guess you have to use the command lines with Free.

FirstLight is a dream workflow. Change Metadata and the clips in Vegas are instantly affected. Everything plays back in realtime and the CineFormRAWs are way smaller than the original MLraw-Files.
@ all the people using Transcend cards operating near 83 MB/s:
Have you already tried the "AutoFormat" tool that Transcend provides to low-level format the cards?|support|dlcenter|software|
I´ve read one report of a ML user on that autoformat did solve his problems and he was able to record 1080p afterwards.

Best wishes,
Quote from: mkrjf on June 23, 2013, 08:10:26 PM
Sorry I did not preview last post for spellcheck errors;)
"If komputerbay cards are lexar rejects"
Yeah, but I liked the first version even more!  ;)
Hi jahmannnn!

I can read french, but not write - so I post in english:
Thank you for the tip - did you use Sony AVC or the other AVC codec provided with Vegas?
I use Vegas Pro 11 and the SonyAVC codeq becomes unstable and quits when rendering larger settings than 20 Mbit/s.
Thank you!
I was using Vegas own USM filter up to now - but in the mean time I found out that the problem was the soft debayering of cineform -422 with standard parameters.
I´ve tried Cineform Studio Premium and when you first convert to Cineform RAW you can edit the metadata of all your Cineform RAW clips with "FirstLight" - fantastic tool!
Everything you change there shows up immediately in your NLE. With debayering set to "CF Advanced Detail 1-3" the Cineform clips do sharpen fantastic or need no additional sharpening.

But I´ll definetely try the decovolution algos! Thank you Luiz Roberto!
Raw Video / Re: Komputerbay - Shipping to europe
June 23, 2013, 11:01:57 PM
This may or may not help:
Komputerbay is selling them directly through
(shipping is handled by!)

I´ve just received my 128 GB version which is of course too slow for 1080p24.
It delivers 1920x818 (2.35:1) but starts skipping frames at "Academy Format" 1.85:1!
Hey Stedda, good news!
You can modify your voting, I´ve added the 32 GB version!
Did you have to use the low-level formatting tool?
Hi all,

the Transcend cards are very close to achieving the required 83 MB/s sustained write speed, and I´ve heard rare success reports who said it would work after low-level formatting the card with the "autoformat" tool provided by Transcend.

I´m having a hard time on deciding if I should spend money on Lexar or Komputerbay cards - so it would be nice to know if it´s worth trying the Transcend cards...

Some even wrote that Transcends 600x cards had faster write speeds, can anyone confirm that?

Best wishes,
Thank you, good point - but I was looking for a MP4 output that also runs on devices like e.g. the PS3.
I guess for exchange purposes XDCAM would be best...
Fantastic tool!
0.4.3 is working fine here, but I can´t install 0.5.0 because I get:

"1152: Error extracting to the temporary location"

This is on Win7-64bit - I even tried to run the installer as admin...

Best wishes,