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Quote from: painya on May 01, 2014, 05:47:44 AM
Just so you know, ISO 4000 is just a digitally manipulated 3200. So the RAW footage is actually in ISO 3200. Your next option would be 6400. A list of "real" ISO's is -100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400

Aww thanks. I generally try to shoot at those didn't know the interim ones had no change on RAW. I shot some stuff in here at 1600 and 3200 as well but was afraid to go all the way to 6400. Low light of the 6D really shines.
Killer video. Love seeing the 6D used so effectively. Do you have a VAF filter for it? I see no moire on the brick work.

Spent Sunday morning with the wife checking out the new Tentacles exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. All shot hand-held on the Canon 6D with the 24-105. Decided to try some new techniques on the Magic Lantern front while I was at it with MLV and High ISO.
I tried some Dual ISO shots on the 6D but they didn't hold up, but the RAW shot in MLV even at ISOs of 4000 turned out great. Post workflow was MLV Mystic on OSX, Then Resolve then FCPX. No color correction aside from a simple 3D LUT or noise removal.
Thanks for the 6D update A1ex and the rest of the team. It's been about 5 months since I've updated the build or shot a bunch of RAW so good to see there was some collaboration and tough decisions to get the code on track. Look forward to this fresh install and will let you know if any issues occur. Planning on rocking the 6D for some gimbal footage soon and having RAW is always a plus.
Quote from: teryoon on August 29, 2013, 04:19:14 PM
Really impressive. This is giving me some more confidence to shoot this short film I'm planning in RAW. Did you experience any sort of hiccups during your shooting or did it all go relatively smoothly?

Really the only issues I had were user error. As I was shooting a ton of footage over 4 days (10 hours of content) I ran into space issues a couple times. Once that meant I forgot to clear the card before shooting and had to manually delete each file from the previous shoot. Another it meant I had to put down the 5Dmk3 as it was full and just shoot with the 6D. And I was on the crappy Komputerbay 128gb so it wasn't the most reliable but it never was a problem. The only thing I would have done different is shooting on the Zeiss primes more as the 24-105L can give an almost too crisp look. It works well with the IS for the driving shots and the zoom is obviously convenient but the Zeiss has such a creamier rich look. There is always next time.
And teryoon I highly recommend going RAW especially if it's just a short. Make sure you have the drive space for the processing but aside from that and the extra work involved it's totally worth it. I'm shooting the teaser for my indie feature next month and am planning on going all RAW as a test. If the data and syncing scares me off I may shoot on a combo of the C100 and the 5DmkIII RAW.
And here is the short 60 second version

Just went live with my biggest RAW project yet and first paid gig to be shot nearly entirely RAW. The first day of shooting we had the 6D shooting normal n264 but after I looked at the footage we went RAW for the remaining 3 days of shooting. In the web version there are 3 h264 shots and the rest RAW while the version that will start airing soon is 100% RAW. We shot on the 5Dmk3 at 1920 and the 6D at 1728 and upconverted to 1920. All 5D footage was handled exclusively by RAWmagic and Resolve before editing in ProRes444 and the 6D footage was processed through LR and Son of a Batch. Only had a couple hiccups during shooting and it had to do with filling up cards (Interviews in RAW!). My next investment is the VAF aliasing filter for the 6D as the moire is starting to bug me compared to the 5D footage.

This just goes to show that RAW can be successfully used for paid gigs and has a phenomenal look for broadcast. Am now leaning toward shooting an upcoming FEATURE entirely in RAW on the 5DmkIII.  :o

On my phone so not sure everything will post correctly. Just check the description of the video for the technical info. My favorite Magic Lantern video I've done so far. 

Posted this in the other thread but if the devs want to take a look at my error logs.
Really looks great. I'll have to start experimenting with different frame rates soon. Only thing killing it for me is the horrible compression on the blacks.
Yeah, the night stuff was at 6400. I updated the description to include some of the technical stuff.
Tragic Lantern / Re: Tragic Lantern for 6D
July 10, 2013, 06:43:15 PM
Hey guys, here is my first test with the 6D. I found it really unstable compared to the 60D and 5Ds.  Hopefully it will get smoothed out later. Main thing was it would think  I wanted to record RAW even if I disabled it. At least I think that is what was happening. This would prevent from recording in normal h264 or at least the data wouldn't write to the card. Other issues I had at the high ISOs of the firework footage where a ton of bad pixels and shimmering that never appeared before in RAW2DNG. Still turned out cool though and it's really short so check it out. I'm attaching my error logs.
Just got a new 6D a week ago to use as my main personal photo camera and use for wedding videos to go along side 60Ds and 5Dmk2s. I figured I'd do some Magic Lantern testing on it ASAP and found mixed results. Overall the record times and resolution are much improved over the 60D but I've found it much more unstable and it often crashes. Hopefully it will get smoothed out later. Other issues I had at the high ISOs of the firework footage where a ton of bad pixels and shimmering that never appeared before in RAW2DNG. Still turned out cool though and it's really short so check it out.


Quote from: 8beeeaaat on July 04, 2013, 09:45:46 AM
Great ! What SD did you use??

Sandisk pro 95mbs. I only have one 32gb pro and then a ton of the 30mbs ones which give me similar record times to the 60D. Need to pick up another. Should be shooting for the holiday today so ill have a new test video of the 6D tomorrow.
Got my new 6D in a little over an hour ago and am already up and running with ML and RAW! Thanks for the step by step Noisy and for all the killer work 1%! At first I wasn't getting long record times but after a card reformat in camera now I'm killing it! Just got 400 frames at 1792 x 762 and continuous recording at 720p which wasn't possible on my 60D.  8)
Tragic Lantern / Re: Tragic Lantern for 6D
July 01, 2013, 04:24:18 AM

Quote from: dlang on July 01, 2013, 12:31:58 AM
The problem is that when used on the 6D the SanDisk extreme pro does not blow anything out of the water, it doesn't preform noticeably better than any other card. nothing is doing better than around 40MB

now, there may be some advantage in that if you pull the card out of your camera it takes less time to read things from the card on your computer.

But for purposes of capturing raw video it's not any better than other cards.

I've found the Pro much more reliable when it comes to corrupt frames and such. So maybe it's the extra speed of the card that is helping the buffer refresh?
Tragic Lantern / Re: Tragic Lantern for 6D
June 29, 2013, 06:34:02 PM

Quote from: teo770 on June 29, 2013, 02:54:56 PM
Quest for speed, act II:

This morning, i received 2 new SD cards and i can now recommand the BEST SD card for the 6D (in my case).

I tested every card formated exFat in a USB3 card reader with ATTO software.
Lots of benchs but one very important: 2048MB file read/write (numbers are the same with 4096MB files)

SANDISK Extreme PRO 32GB (95MB/s) => Read: 89.677MB/s  Write: 76.983MB/s

What kind of results did you get in camera? I picked up an Extreme pro 32 a few weeks back to be my go to RAW card so I'm glad to hear you are finding it was the right purchase. Now just crossing my fingers for the price on the 64gb to drop. I am hopeful that the variable buffering in conjunction with the 6Ds highspeed buffer and the Sandisk pro we might start seeing some 1080 records around 12-20 seconds.
I never used color assist more than a trial right when Cinestyle was released. I found the Cinestyle to be horrible and didn't use it for more than a month. I'm sure Vince and other bloggers where getting paid by Technicolor to promote it. I've favored the Lightform looks myself.
Raw Video / Re: 60D RAW video - it's working !!!
June 28, 2013, 09:51:54 PM
I see your points but I'm finding that I don't need the record times afforded by the Cf card cams. With the 6D I can record 1080 2.35 for almost 20 seconds (in theory as I don't have it yet). Which is perfect for me as the data and cost of media gets out of control on the 5D mk3.

For $900 less than the 5D I can have the 6D with mosaic filter and have the same image quality, a nice form factor, and more manageable data. That works for me and gives me $ to spend on glass and creative cloud. I also have unlimited access to two Mark3s owned by my brother and a friend, so if I find I need one its a phone call and an hours drive away.

I have a 60D as well and have been shooting a good amount of RAW on it even with a SD bottleneck that is much worse than on the 6D. I'm sure ill be stoked.

Really now my only concern is getting the 6D to play nice with RAWmagic so my workflow can be smoother. But the VAF purchase is likely coming sooner than later.
Update to the most current versions?
Good stuff guys. When I have a little extra cash I think I'm going to have to spring for one. Didn't realize how easy they are to take in and out.
Tragic Lantern / Re: Tragic Lantern for 6D
June 28, 2013, 12:06:22 AM
Quote from: kgv5 on June 27, 2013, 11:23:10 PM
[6D]NewRecOpt - I get higher write speed  - 40,2-40,7 MB/s, sometimes it dropps to 39,7ish.
1808x756 - usually ~370 frames, sometimes getting 392! it is ~ 2sec (30-40 frames) more than previous build but frame numbers are not consistent and varies every time +/- 20. But it's definetelly another step up :) 15sec vs 17sec :)

EDIT: I am getting 392 frames quite often really, with hack on -400 frames.

That's really promising! Just pulled the trigger on ordering the 6D so am anxious to help on the testing side.  ;D
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: Davinci Resolve Lite
June 27, 2013, 12:24:42 AM
Resolve really is awesome for post processing. If only it could remove my hot pixels...
Raw Video / Re: 60D RAW video - it's working !!!
June 26, 2013, 08:21:39 AM
How easy are these VAFs to take in and out? I'm planning on upgrading my 60D to a 6D in the next couple of weeks and the only Dow side I see to the 6D is the aliasing. I'm not upgrading for RAW but that is always a plus. The moire issues I've been having on the 60D are fine though as I'm used to them in the video I shoot on a dslr. Anything corporate or high end gets shot on a true video camera.  But if the VAF is a simple fix that then makes my "future" 6D a RAW beast it might be worth the $400.