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Tragic Lantern / Re: 50D and 40D Raw video
December 19, 2013, 04:47:05 PM
H264 on a class 4 sdhc card, 28mb/sec.
Tragic Lantern / Re: 50D and 40D Raw video
December 19, 2013, 01:45:48 PM
Thanks for the comments guys, it was my first time at using my audio gear and English is not my native language (not hard to guess lol). The samyang 14 is a nice lens but it's not fast at t3.1 if you want to use it as your main lens in crop mode. Also, you have deep Dof so the image won't look very cinematic. I had my 50d for 400€ (+2x70€ for fast cf cards) and the g6 costed me 470€ new with the kit lens.
Tragic Lantern / Re: 50D and 40D Raw video
December 18, 2013, 02:55:38 PM
Hey guys, I did a comparaison between the 50D and a panasonic G6 and it hits hard... only the crop mode can hold a chance!
Skip to 3.15 for the comparaison footage, but there are test shots in the firts half too.

Same lenses, same tripod, same position ext (Samyang 14mm t3.1 and centon 50mm f1.7)
For my use the G6 is a much better camera...
Tragic Lantern / Re: 50D and 40D Raw video
November 10, 2013, 09:06:55 AM
I got my first serious bug on MLraw, the camera could not get into liveview with raw enabled or would crash within seconds with fps override going all over the place, or error messages saying card full even if the format menu said 25gb left. I had to take of the battery at each crash. Then I disabled modules loading and managed to record H264, but as you know quality sucks, and it's very hard to match to raw files. I'm using two komputarbay 32gb without issues since august. I will try to reinstall ML on this card and report results...
+1 for the Samyang, I have one and it's a great lens! really resistant to flare for such a wide lens
Tragic Lantern / Re: 50D and 40D Raw video
November 02, 2013, 07:30:36 PM
One really good trick to remove moiré/color fringing edges is to apply a chroma blur on your footage.
On premiere, make a new adjustement layer, select the blend mode to chroma and apply a small blur.
Tragic Lantern / Re: 50D and 40D Raw video
October 01, 2013, 08:51:09 AM
Here's a video I shot entierely on 50D, with a samyang 14t3.1 and a 50mmf1.7
The first timelapse was shotwith fps override at 4fps and sped up 10000% in post

I corrected wb, added saturation and applied a LUT (vision X) all in premiere.

Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
August 29, 2013, 05:59:04 PM
Hey man wow great test so usefull really.. all that talk about composition for this haha! seems like you where drunk and on acids when you shot this man.

Btw I don't know where you found that komputarbay cards were bad, I shot 400gb+ on two 32gb without a single issue. As for the issue a few pages back, the poster probably could have recovered his card. There is a lot that can happen and corrupt a card/flash memory disck but it can be fixed most of the times with the rigth partitionning/formatting tools.
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
August 16, 2013, 09:15:26 PM
Quote from: Silkway on August 16, 2013, 08:49:00 PM

btw your skills would be helpful to previous post video about bikes)

the shots was good
but the color grading is missing

it looks like those folks applied your flatz preset and just left it like that)

Hey man there is a lot to be said about this video but I don't think you know shit about color correction and grading. My brother did the color correction and color matching, he managed to pull amazing info out of the few H264 clips we used and managed to match them to the RAW files, getting evry bit of info out of the skies using luma mascs.
Go read then you can talk about CC...
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
August 16, 2013, 07:39:57 PM
Here's some footage from a video I still have to edit, I did not see a lot of sport videos shot on 50D raw yet.

For run and gun shooting we found the battery life and data management was quite an issue, we shot over 250GB of raw footage that I will try to edit as a 20 minutes video.

I noticed one corrupt frame in the middle of one of the clips but that's the only issue/bug.

On H264 timelapses (fps override) we found the 50D would get really hot, but we did not get warning messages or shutdowns.

For this project I feel like the 50D was not the rigth tool at all but we got some beautyfull shots. My dream camera would be the 50D shooting prores 10 bit and with embeed audio, maybe the BMPCC would be a better tool for my use...

Anyways here is the footage :

Helo guys! when using rawanizer I noticed that there is some sort of auto exposure thing going on with the prores proxies, I can't use them because they flicker... any ideas? my footage are fine (tested on a diferent workflow)
I'm still using a direct export to prores 444, and I found that setting quality to 3 under build custom dcraw helped a LOT with moiré and quality, and I did not notice a performance drop. I like this workflow, it's so simple, thanks again.
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
July 04, 2013, 08:04:02 PM
I posted about this card about 2-3 times on this tread and others advising not to buy it and saw similar experiances from other people. Some reading would have saved you the hassle of sending it back ;)
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
June 19, 2013, 08:22:53 AM
Quote from: crash-film on June 19, 2013, 03:06:01 AM

and i got horrible writing speeds!!
i have a komputerbay 32 GB x600 card and can barely top the data rate, that´s possible in the 550d.

I had the 600x komputerbay and did not get more than 25mo/sec. Now I returned it for the 1000x and get speeds up to 65mo/sec, and i'm not sure this is limited by the card or the current build.
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
June 17, 2013, 09:39:11 PM
Hey Andy600 I'm trying out your latest build, I'm liking the new *5 preview mode with good colors, however exposure overide seems to have issues, it's locked at iso 3200 again and I can't change it, and with exposure overide disabled it's stuck at iso 100. Also, exposure simulation does not seem to work for me.

Edit : Went back to your 14 june build, seems stable enought! I hope you can get the grayscale crop mode preview working stable!
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
June 16, 2013, 03:44:00 PM
Quote from: Andy600 on June 16, 2013, 03:19:39 PM
oops, my bad. Have you tried the last updated one here?
Yep that's the one I used. I can correct this tone in post but it's always better to start with files looking good!

BTW is there any developpemnt going on to port the  audio sync beep feature on the 50D? Is it even possible on the hardware side?

Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
June 16, 2013, 03:07:30 PM
Quote from: Andy600 on June 16, 2013, 02:57:53 PM
Backup raw2dng.exe in whatever app directory you are using and try this one

No workie, your file is 18kb vs 260~ for the regular one?
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
June 16, 2013, 02:34:42 PM
I still can't figure out why I get pink tones with raw2dng (and apps based on it) while raw2cdng works perfectly?
I made this test with the latest raw2dng downloaded from bitbucket.

Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
June 16, 2013, 01:44:39 PM
Hey Andy, seems like your latest build is having issues with iso, the top lcd says iso 100 but the liveview 3200 and I can't change it.
Edit, it has something to do with exposure override, maybe it's just me
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
June 15, 2013, 07:35:35 PM
Here's my first real edit with the 50D, cant wait to get shooting projects with it!
Hey guys here's my first video shot in raw with the 50D. So far I'm really happy to have switched from my 550D! Some of the shots were taken at 2k in crop mode. I found that you don't really need telephoto lenses anymore, in fact you could go shooting with just one good 28mm lens as you have 45 and 110mm equivalents with just one prime! The crop mode has no aliasing or moiré at all, being 1:1, but a few of my "1600" px shots were almost unusable (did not include them in the edit).

The .RAW files where converted to prores 444 using marten's exelent RAWanizer, then edited directly in premiere. The convertion process took about 6 hours for 32gb of footage and pretty much filled my HDD  ;D

I still did not yet fully understand how to get rid of the pink tone, what premiere effect would you recomend? I used RGB balance but I did not manage to get it all right.
Quote from: marten on June 15, 2013, 05:14:25 PM
Added in new version 0.5.5 (link in first post)

Tanks ! You rock!
Now I just need to get rid of the pink tone (issue not related to RAWanizer)
Raw Video / Re: RAW on 650D / 700D?
June 15, 2013, 02:44:36 PM
Quote from: CFP on June 03, 2013, 08:42:52 PM
The 50D can actually record 1592 X 1062 14-bit RAW videos already. Once the developers find a way to increase the write speed from the current 60 Megabyte/s to the maximal possible 91 Megabyte/s the 50D could even record 1920 X 1080 14-bit in crop mode.
They unlocked 70mbs recentely, I took some crop footage at 2000*824 yesterday. Havig this crop mode is really nice, it means you can sell all your telephoto ;) and unlike the blackmagic pocket cinema camera you can still have wide FOV at almost 1600px, wich looks really really sharp compared to old H264. I sold my 550D for a 50D and I'm really happy of the switch!
Tragic Lantern / Re: Raw video on 50d and 40d
June 15, 2013, 02:27:56 PM
Hey guys I'm still getting pink tones in all modes (not just in hightlights), despite using a recent build of RAW2dng, with the june 13 build in camera. Is it normal?
Would it be possible to add a checkbox for deleting DNG after proxy creation? Sorry to just ask and expect  :)
Btw I converted 32GB of footage without issue on my laptop. It just stopped on the few last clips when my HDD was full haha