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General Development / Re: uncompressed 14-bit RAW video recording
« on: May 17, 2013, 04:19:49 AM »
so i have a couple of thought to throw out hear

what is the Colour Chroma Subsampling when shooting in Raw is it 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 the 5d is 4:2:0 as standerd

could some of the issues with the Sd cards be solved by using a SSd, ie a ninja (cos you can get a better bit rate [10-12mb] out of the hdmi export onto a ninja than you can standerd [8mb]) but i dont think that would work cos you cant export raw data down the hdmi maybe if you could retro fit a ssd direct to the 5d.

and the bit rate is that hardwere limeted to 14 bits or the hack or the card

more over how do these raw files stack up to red as to my knowledge there the only people to use raw (i think arri might to)

why does all the raw test footage look abit darker is that simply a byproduct of more detail

so raw on dslrs has been proven so why has cannon not thought of this

also what are you guy editing on final cut 7 cant realy handle HD let alone raw. i was told only avid could truly edit .raw but you can convert it [woudnt you loos the ability to edit the exposure and stuff if you did that]

are you useing redcode edding ?

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