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sorry for a stupid question, but i can't go through the simple Codio setup...
1) i created an account....OK
2) i created a new project...ok
3) i failed to install sw or go to the terminal, with a mesage "Installing Software and Box access is only available if you have an active subscription."

Am I missing something, it is not for free now?

motion detection on 5Dmk3 is broken for a long time, i know that it is a known issue, but i don't know the background why. I need it, i am also a senior programmer c/c++ but with a very limited knowledge on ML internals & platform.
So i have a simple question, is problem hw/os related and experienced ML developer is needed to solve it, or it is a generic programming issue (in the algorithm) ? In the second case I can participate....what is the background of the problem? Is anybody working on it?
thanks for answer
well, i did a second search and i found that 1.2.3 build is created only when there are new commits. ok, but why is merge&build policy for this specific branch different than others? i fully understand why silent pics are still separated, but i did a quick look to the overall changelog and i see a lot of commits to modules, that are probably generic ones, 1.2.3 5dmk3 included. this is little bit confusing, even for the senior software developer:-) if someone returns after some time, this forum doesn't help well how to get the latest version (of course without experimental stuff like silent pics). sorry, i know, as an non-contributor....


maybe it's a something like FAQ, but i tried to use the forum search (and probably failed).
I was very busy and I didn't follow ML development, today I visited this site to see what is new, so i downloaded the latest nightly build for 5D mk3 fw 1.2.3 and noticed that it is half year old build ( something happened and mk3 version builds are stopped? i checked that 1.1.3 is fresh (jan 2015 as expected)
thanks for answer, and a happy new year:-)
Scripting Q&A / Re: scripts doesn't work
June 11, 2013, 01:33:32 PM
ok alex, thanks for the answer. why is it disabled in the raw nightly builds? memory? for me there is not a way back to pre-raw builds :-)
Scripting Q&A / scripts doesn't work
June 11, 2013, 12:43:07 PM

i noticed that scripts doesn't work on the latest nightly builds. i also searched the forum if there is some announcement about it, maybe it's temporary disabled because of memory usage, but i didn't find any notice.
i am using 5d mk3 and 5d mk2, with the same result.

any comment from the devs? thaks a lot


is it possible to access camera flash trigger connector from the ML code? for example,to trigger other devices by the radio trigger connected to the hot shoe connector?
first of all, i would like to thank you all developers, activities around the raw recording are very promising...nice work:-)
Maybe i missed it, but i didn't find any discussion about fps, so me question is simple:
is it possible (theoretically in the future) use this lv/raw recording functionality to enable currently not possible frame rates(for slow motion) in the limited resolution to satisfy discussed write speeds? Or there is no relation with the livv view buffer reading?