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Also wanted to leave feedback to request this HDMI stream with audio feature as well.

I use my 5D2 mostly for photography, but will occasionally use it for video.

My use-case is not for cinematography, documentary, or interviews but is for a need to record continuously for longer than 30mins. As an alternative to investing in high end gear like the Atomos Ninja or Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle, I have looked at HD capture devices targeted for the gaming market, specifically the Elgato Game Capture HD.

For what I am capturing, there's no real need for pro tools or advanced post-production. So, having a bare bones configuration to take the HDMI stream with audio, transcode through the Elgato, and output to MPEG-4 format is adequate.

I have already tried clean HDMI going through the Elgato and it's functional. Adding audio to the HDMI stream would make this setup perfect.