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Before you call someone a troll as an easy way out, check this group please:
Why most of you get hurt when someone talks about donations. I understand how much hard work developers have done all these years! They deserve it!
What bothers me is the priority they put the effort for some cameras that have been aged through the years. The 1st priority should have been the Digic6+ IMO. Am I the only one that was seeing a worldwide SUCCESS for another time in history?!? The channel above confirms it!
Af, better DR, faster cf/sd card controller and many other things could bring this time happiness all over the world! Even Canon would have an increase in sales of 5d4s just like it happened with 5d3! They even used video of ml raw in one of their commercials... for you who remember!
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 5D Mark IV
December 14, 2017, 01:55:44 PM
As an owner of a 5D4 I was waiting impatient to see ml raw support on my camera.Unfortunately this is not going to happen as it seems.
I had a 5D3 before and I have used many times raw.Great times!
For me there is nothing anymore to hold me on this forum.Alex and the rest of the team did amazong job in the past but the technology goes beyond and there are new cameras that need imo to get ml support.I wouldn't mind to pay a good amount of money for ML support for my 5D4 and Im sure that most of us would do the same also.
I don't care for 50d, 7d, 500d updates and support... they belong to the past! Every 4 years Canon announces a new 5D, it should be the first camera to receive ML support.
Nevermind it doesn't make any difference...

With the latest build I downloaded today I think the problem with missing frames is gone but I still get greenish clips sometimes.Any fix for this? can someone help me please?
Hello guys,
Im using last couple months mlv raw with fw 1.2.3 and Im experiencing many problems with almost every build.
My issues are that when I record a few clips I get missing frames and in many clips I record are totally green! The strange thing is that when I play these green clips from
my camera with mlv_play the clips are looking ok but when I convert them to dngs to my mac or if I play the mlv with mlrawviewer then the clips are green and I can't fix them back to normal.
Im searching in the forum to find a solution but unfortunately I didn't.Any help would be much appreciated.
Hello guys,
I know Im out of discussion but last couple days Im watching NAB 2014 from live blog.
As it seems the new "fashion style" for videographers is to be able during shooting especially those who shooting raw
to can apply LUTs instantly via a monitor or in the camera and watch how this is going to look and take a taste before continuing shooting the rest.This is so exciting that I would like to ask if it is something
that we can expect from ML team. In reality Im thinking to paste a few LUTs in my SD card (5D3 owner) and select which I want to apply to my selected clip. Ofc this means that we must have flawless playback and with the limitation of cf card speeds I don't know if its possible.. besides that as an idea I would like to be able to change a few parameters into my camera before I send the files into my editing system such as: highlights, shadows, midtones, white balance etc.
Again sorry for being out of topic I just thought to share a few new fresh things that I saw at NAB, keep the amazing work ML!
Hi guys,
Im searching last 2 days the forum to find in which file format i have to set my 5d3 to record raw video.
I tried yesterday the 7th October build and I figured out that if I set my camera to "RAW" shooting" I get more frames than "S3".
I figured out also if I set dual recording eg RAW+Jpeg I get as result less frames. Can someone help me about the settings I have to put into my camera to get the best results?
The best I have got until now is 1000fps with 1920x960 and continuous at the same res with preview hacked using multiple Kingston 16GB 600x CFs. Soon Ill buy a 2pack Komputerbay 64gb
and I would like also a suggest in which of 1000x or 1050x to choose is better?
P.S. Sorry for my bad English.

Best Regards.
Hi, I have 4 Kingston Ultimate 600x 16GB and I have tested all of them with my 5d3 shooting raw video...
At 1920X818 I can shoot with live view working normally (not hacked) continuous...
At 1920X960 I can shoot with liveview hacked about 1200 fps.
At 1920X1080 I can shoot 320-350 fps.
So to tell u the truth Im very pleased with those cards if u think that I paid 30euros/piece and I can shoot raw video with 1920X960 res most times except avoid to shoot coninuous more than 1200 fps (1200fps = 50 secs with 24p)..
Ofc I didnt buy these for raw video but for my photography work and now ML has done Magic again I can shoot raw without problems..
Finally ML benchmark tests gives 67mb/s - 74mb/s...