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this until now is ALPHA? I see no point in spending time on this development, camera is old now... 2 years and status alpha? Really? You really think this is alpha?

Why can't be there less options but stable? now all options and 0 progress in status.
Hundred years for this topic and still alpha version...i lost hope for this. Looked like it was pretty much beta stage but authors still uses alpha word... looks like we can forget ML for eos 650d
I hope raw will never work on this camera so everybody will stop spending time on this crappy feature. Beginners do not need raw video, pro' don't buy this kind of level cameras.
Really hope devs don't spend their time on raw for this cam, cause there is more important thing to do to make this alpha to beta.
Quote from: MarlonSenanayake on May 31, 2013, 06:46:46 PM
Guys stop talking about raw videos. there is much more to do before raw shooting,

I agree. raw video on this camera is worthless to invest time in. People who wants good raw-will have to buy 5D.
Now i think developers could spend more time for more useful things in 650D.
Does anyone of you filming something soooo special that needs raw video? Whats the point of raw video when you shoot it with kit lenses :D As we all see 650d have write speed limitation ~ 40MB/s so raw video anyways will be not the best one.
Also i do not know what on earth worth to have 40MB/s frame rate video that i would save it and not convert to smaller size :) I'd rathar go with BBC Planet Earth HDs then mine raw :D
I'm just sayin'
Canon SHOULD pay these guys for this AWESOME work!!! you probably increased canon DSLR's sales by 20% :)

Don't know maybe there is already is this: but controlling audio bitrate as the video-would be great. i guess nobody needs audio with 1500 Kbps. 448 should be good :D

Also noticed that focus peak drains battery very fast (and camera is it couldn't be old batt) and increases cpu temp kinda fast. from 33c to 45c in 10mins :(

PS. i did all the instructions in above post and everything works.
Quote from: cwmane on February 22, 2013, 03:56:56 AM
Hola, I've been following this thread, and I just had a thought that would make the t4i a much better camera.

I have no idea if it's possible or if it's a reasonable idea, but I wish I could swipe the touchscreen with my thumb as my eye is in the viewfinder, as if I was changing the aperture with an aperture wheel on a non-Rebel canon.  So, the touch screen would just replace an aperture wheel when I'm looking in the viewfinder and getting ready for a shot. 

I've never used ML, and forgive me if this is far out of the realm of possibility. It's just an idea that I thought might help :)  I wanna thank you guys for doing what you're doing, we all appreciate it!

When you are near viewfinder - lc shuts down so no input is working. SO i guess this would be HARD task to allow lcd work but at the same time only for custom functions (need to take over other built-in functions override them so you can grab the swipe events and do stuff with it.
Oh, sorry for topic then...  :(

Thanks.. really wanna try this awesomeness in my 650D ...can't wait until safe version :)
Sorry if this was already asked. (or even it's already done, i have Canon 650D so i can't test)

It would be great to lower, or even have ability to set custom bitrate value in mb/s. Cause i really don't think that everybody needs 47.5 Mbps video bitrate. it's more than enough 20 Mb/s :) it will save more space in card and nobody will see difference in quality :)
Also this would allow people with slow cards to set value which would be good for their card write speed.