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Quote from: mk11174 on January 07, 2014, 04:50:29 PM
Just curious if these changes I did on the 700D will get the beep, meters and mlv_snd going on your 650D, I don't have a 650D, but I did have the firmware to get the stubs made for it.

On the 700D we have Beep, and meters, but only when recording, and it allows mlv_snd to record sound in mlv_rec module.

YEAH! Thank you!! 8)
Quote from: Felipe on December 04, 2013, 03:26:41 AM
I've always use 16 and 8 GB SDHC Panasonic class 10 gold cards with ML , and works great however I'm considering using 32 gb cards,
and wonder if 32 gb cards could show any issues compared to 16gb or 8gb card .  Thank you in advance to any one with experience on this topic

my 32gb cards work fine, no different then 8 or 16.. i believe the trouble starts at 64gb!
Quote from: Felipe on December 02, 2013, 10:20:15 PM
ML is Great Super stable, video to models with total confidence. In fact the only audio feature I'll love to have is meters while recording , that will be very christmas
8) :P :-*

Yes a graphical display of the recorded volume or audio output trough USB as on the 550D would be the last features I would love to have.
Quote from: dngrhm on August 29, 2013, 10:06:04 PM

  • 1% mentioned a long time ago in a thread far far away some success on the EOS-M (the 650D's evil twin) with audio.  There is some hope and it is somewhere on the list of stuff to do.
  • As with all development on ML there is no estimate of when it will be available or worked on.
  • It's a very useful feature, it is not the ONLY useful feature
  • The developers are aware of a desire for this feature
  • There is a so-so work around to use the canon menu to set the manual gain and check the level
  • You are not alone in requesting this feature in this thread or the one before it.

Just looking for an update from the developers if there is any progress on audio.
Again about the sound settings (the ML one) is there any development in that subject on the 650D?
I really would like some VU meters on the live view or at least audio out monitoring through the usb interface of the camera.
Is this possible for the 650D?
Quote from: sedwards on July 15, 2013, 08:29:05 PM
I am willing to do before and after tests with my t4i. I can uninstall ML , test it with current firmware then upgrade to 104. Im a little new to this though so you would need to tell me what you need as a test lol

You know ML is not yet available on 104, there is no release date for it and there is no way to downgrade to 101. So if you want to use ML in the near future I would not recommend upgrading to 104.
Quote from: satriani on July 15, 2013, 05:41:44 PM
Question to all the guys who runing 1.0.4 firmware wit a STM lens :)
How is a difference to old 1.0.1 firmware? I'm especially interested in the autofocus. Is it now much better/faster?

That is also something I'm interested in. My STM lens is in repair right now, hopefully there is something wrong with the lens, otherwise I would have to send in my 650D for repair.
Is there any progress in sound menu & sound meters in live view? I am desperately waiting for the second one!
I saw that there was a firmware update for the camera that fixes some stuff in combination with 18-135 STM lens. I am having some problems with this lens. A lot of Focus problems and sometimes it says that there is no lens connected to the camera. Am I the only one with these problems?
Quote from: newsense on June 12, 2013, 09:53:03 PM
I had the same problem. Only way I found was to change it from the quick menu in photo mode, yeah I know kinda a pain.

Thanks. Maybe there should be an option in white balance menu to go back to Canon's White Balance?
How can I go back from Kelvin White Balance to auto White Balance? can't find it..
I have a few mishabs i would like to report, some are already reported by others:

- Magic zoom (box) flickers specially when i make the zoom box larger
- When I am in the menu sometimes I can see a small spot from the live view through the magic lantern menu.
- I tried the motion detect function but it is really slow. It takes about 3 seconds before it takes e picture, also with manual focus/M dial mode, does this also have to do with global draw overlay (CPU overload or something)?

I'm a first time ML user, so a stupid question: Stuff like audio meters & bulb timer are not available yet because of props/Alpha version? I saw that on 600D audio options are not available because of the standard Canon manual audio control, will this also be the case with the 650D?
Ah C++. I have a book for that, I got it was part of a course I did about 10 years ago and only opened it once :P
Quote from: a1ex on March 08, 2013, 04:39:21 PM
Touch support is not really working, but feel free to implement it ;)

If I could I would, but I have no real coding experience, except for a bit of HTML, PHP & ActionScript 2 (the last time I used it was about 3 years ago)
Quote from: blade on March 08, 2013, 08:35:57 AM

Is this a touch menu or something? Lots of buttons :P
Looks very promising! I hope I can test ML later this week to do some test shots. Finally some nicer weather in The Netherlands right now!
Yes if there is an option to donate, please let me know! I would like to support the development of ML!
Interesting kickstarter project:

Rig starting at $115,- Very cheap I think! If you have any remarks about the rig or know any better/cheaper rigs with follow focus, I am open for suggestions!

PS. it is nog my project or am I affiliated with the creater, I just like & backed the project!
Quote from: Gorilla on January 28, 2013, 10:31:10 AM
Same here, blade. I just got my 650D, my first personal camera I have ever purchased. As a film student, I am counting down the seconds until I can get ML running on this bad boy and unlock its full potential. I can't wait!

Exactly the same situation here! I just heard about ML a last week after I bought my 650D, starting my first project in march. Hoping to get a early release of ML running on my camera by then!

If there is anything I can do, donate, help, test or whatever, please let me know!