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Hi Alex/Team,
its been mentioned a few times about either removing the 29min 59sec record limit (which i know youve stated that you dont want to provide that option due to legalities, which is fair enough, but i cant find an option on this ML for my 5D3 for an auto restart.
Is that option available?

The reason why i ask is that i shoot alot of live music performances, aswell as still photography (hence using dslr instead of dedicated camcorders) and sometimes the dslr can be in a place where i cant get to it easily without asking the drummer mid set to stop haha!
I also use a 60d, 600d and 7d for more angles, which i will dl the ML for them too.

Any help would be great!

Oh and ill donate too, great work your doing! this is my first time with ML tonight! :-D

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