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I would also like to say thank you. I would say the versions before worked for me also stable. I didn't test highlight fix. But already thank you very much.
Wow again
That looks professional.
I would think somebody like you maybe fancies anamorphic lenses?
 I have no criticism. I found it a professional video, good time lapses,  good transitions. I wonder which camera it was. It must have been full-frame?
I heard the new blackmagic design 6K Pro somehow has a display issues. I'm amazed how good magic lantern is. The EOS M maybe a little too small. Which other cameras are you working with?
Good to know.  When are you making the next video? Are you wanting to do this as a job?

Seems like your whole school class were involved?
Good quality and story. Did you take a picture of every letter sending a message? How did you managed smooth zooming? It seems like vintage zoomin'? Looks sharp and makes a good character. Which lens did you use?
First of all this magic lantern build has no crop anymore. With anamorphic on you do still get the view in black and white and no real time. But if you would change to the normal Canon view. You get a view croped and squeeze. There for it is in real time and sharp. With 14 bit lossless you don't have to use card spanning anymore. It works stable will my camera setup. Although I don't use duel iso since I noticed that it is a little less sharp.
General Chat / Re: For the Astro shooters
March 12, 2021, 09:06:19 PM
With wide angle lenses that don't have any a filter possibility. Does also a slim filter possibility work?
Share Your Videos / Re: Loneliness in Tokyo
March 10, 2021, 07:04:19 PM
Dear folks,
Great videos. And especially great colour grading! I would make an little advert for Dannes 5.7k magic lantern build.
General Chat / Re: Now that’s impressive
March 10, 2021, 12:57:11 PM
That is filmed with magic Lantern? How do they do that and why isn't there a big sign as an adverd? So that looks beautiful!
Wouldn't the Quality in RAW be the only file type you can edit in mlv app?
I would advice firmware version 1.1.3. It has the extra display settings
User Introduction / Re: Hello from moman62
March 06, 2021, 02:51:12 AM
Dear mom an62
I am a big fan of full frame but at least I am also a big fan of CF cards. You could even record in quite good quality in RAW because I think that 7D is compatible with fast writing CF cards. I can remember in the earlier days of magic lantern there is even a version for EOS m and Canon EOS 7D. It calls itself Tragic Lantern :) enjoy
What about you watch videos on YouTube in 4K would you see the difference with magic lantern 5.7 k and 60 FPS 1080? I'm sure you wouldn't be able to see miore or aliasing.

I filmed this with the 5D 2 and 30 FPS used twixtor. I just wonder filming  in 5.7k would it be worth the less FPS? The only deficit with the 5D III is no slow emotion. I bought a DOF adaptor for the Samsung Galaxy S10 that even records with 240fps. Mathieu Stern said, it wouldn't be good result for vintage lenses. What would be the cheapest slow emotion ?
Sry, Danne I also lack sometimes on my concentration ;) the imagine in 5.7k is  incredible full of detail. You must know how the sensor renders a frame. Even if you then on YouTube watch it in full HD. A complete new impression of the picture. But I guess teenagers want to film also in slow motion. So I will have to choose the 60 FPS. I hope nobody will notice?
Maybe the most people have no 5K Monitor.
I also tested 38 FPS with Sharpness 1. 60fps sharpness 0. Surprisingly with other magic lantern builds. I had to put the sharpness completely down and it looked much more unsharp. Anamorphic 2:39:1 FPS 60 looks quite similar to a normal sharpness without aliasing and miore. I think no magic lantern build works better. You should get something that :) thx 1000x
I tested 5.7k with card spanning. Global draw off. 14bit lossless.
That worked.

Just the view with any magic lantern (global draw) doesn't work. After 2 minutes stopped. Without it worked until 64gb full.
My only question is does it work more stable without card spanning? I thought there is only a difference with sd uhs 160 modul on. It worked otherwise flawlessly. What about the 8k on YouTube? For the fast editing I use Sony Vegas 17 and that has no rendering option in 8k. My colour correction with Adobe After Effects and exported in *. mov 422 in exactly the same resolution as I recorded it with magic lantern (5.7k). :) looks expensive/sharp.

Am I am doing anything stupidly wrong?

I prepared with turning off magic lantern overlays. I basically press the info button once and record in 5.7 k 24fps so you would see anamorphic distortion therefore if somebody else has the camera. Because I've got two 5d3s. So they can approximately see what is Sharp (with slightly sharper). I have got a good CF card and the SD ScanDisk extreme pro 95mbs and 170mb s. Would that work with card spanning wouldn't even use faster U HS. Just that I don't have to change the CF card the whole time?
I don't get paid for this but the last video was seen by over 30000 people. I tried to upload exactly the biggest file to YouTube but in with 5.7 k I only got 2k on YouTube. Then I tried with full resolution in 16 by 9 worked 4k. Would it be possible somehow upscaling it to 8k on YouTube? I remember when I had my first DV camcorder it made a difference if I uploaded in 720p there was a difference to 480p even though it was the same camera. Thx
On Sunday I'm filming a music video. I hope I'm hitting the topic correct. Does anybody advice SD card spanning. I've got the best CF cards SanDisk Pro but sadly only 64GB so maybe I thought I would save changing the CF card All the time?

I would thank Danne he must have worked a lot on the 5.7 k if I would be a Millionäre I would donate some money for the genius that made this beauty :)
A few days I am playing with Ubuntu and Kubuntu. MLV App works brillant. Faster than windows 10. Just Fix Bad Pixel (Map) doesn't register the wrong pixel dots. But it should also be possible to play MLV's with the VLC player.
I tried:
sudo apt-get install vlc-plugin-libde265
I didn't find an obvious solution?
General Chat / Re: The future for ML
February 23, 2021, 03:35:00 AM
I hope I don't interrupt you. I just wanted to mention that the Blackmagic design idea also was a career changer. It isn't only the potential. Philip Bloom said, in his earlier YouTube videos. "I am sure Magic Lantern engineers are working on it this minute". Maybe all that work and success wasn't payed fairly. In the future of course it would be possible using Magic Lantern on the R5/R6. Having a proper strategy would maybe open the doors for other projects and it wouldn't seem like some stupid nerds wasting their time. The future can't be Rocket Lab (source: using a 5d3 for pictures of the earth by the way without Magic Lantern.
General Help Q&A / Re: RAW file extension
February 21, 2021, 10:02:39 PM
Dear Isabella

Danne and masc are the real professional Magic Lantern ceo's.
I hope they could help you better.

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: ML RAW-tools for Linux
February 21, 2021, 05:40:42 AM
How do I show a screenshot in this font system?
I have played with it so long. I even installed Davinci Resolve on windows Adobe After Effects in my opinion is better. And even on Ubuntu it is too slow for me.
Somehow I researched the error message. I should install phpmyadmin.

sudo apt install phpmyadmin php-mbstring php-zip php-gd php-json php-curl

I didn't know what the difference between the network is. Tcp and the other thingybob...

So nothing imports to natron.
Thankx for your help :)