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General Chat / Re: Canon 5d Mk2 , 6D 0r 7D.
January 21, 2013, 03:00:06 PM
Quote from: vertigopix on January 21, 2013, 02:38:04 PM
Sorry but this is one of the main purposes of Magic Lantern !!!   8)

i not sayng what puropse ML have only  your Canon
General Help Q&A / Re: Folow Focus in Manual Mode
January 21, 2013, 02:54:39 PM
Quote from: g3gg0 on January 21, 2013, 12:58:31 PM
ehmm... doesnt your lens have a switch to disable AF?

yes my less got it..but when i turnOff  AF on Lenss i Can`t use Folow Focus in M mode in way like i describing here..

when i turnOff AF on Lens in M mode .. ML and Folow Focus give me info what is :

Follow Focus requires autofocus enebled

when i turnOff it all these just dont work in way i describe..
i found my way and everythng is fine..but only with Autofocus Enebled on lenss

Edit :

well..looks like this post waithing for clear
Share Your Photos / Re: So Alone
January 21, 2013, 02:47:25 PM
Quote from: vertigopix on January 21, 2013, 12:31:55 PM

I'm getting tired of your posts ... A lot of blablabla to say nothing.

Sorry but this is my point of view...

welll i was waith for post like yours.. but im ready for strike back....tis is clearly opinion .. opinions are positive negative or neutral mine is neutral..
im not disappoined in yours.. cus mostly its happend when  some one got anoter opinion or diferente or its not same opinion what hordes or group have.Always  that person(with diferente opinion . no matter bad or good )  is Bad person or idiot or WTF he talk about or or or or  learn spealing or or ..

second my opinioon says alot  so maybe u need read it to end and understand or ask if u dont uderstand my opinion ... this  shot is to White in my opinion but i like these shots ..and i not change my opinion only cus u dont like it  or some one  dont like it ...

Quote from: vertigopix on January 21, 2013, 12:31:55 PM
MzytengaM, can we see your work instead of constantly hearing you criticizing others?

i was made two posts with my shots ..first was removed by (with reason)..second was not aproved  with out reason ..o i was try twice post my shots none of them was  aproved  so here u got answer for your question..

Quote from: g3gg0 on January 21, 2013, 04:46:36 PM
a) can you continue this discussion via PM?
b) (general) can you try to paraphrase your criticism in a way that is not offending?
c) opinions are de facto not neutral.

-> any questions/comments via PM

there is no reason any more to talk im out of here... and if i recive on more Email with CD Earth  i will send bomb back...

and my photos was with out this what u trying inplant here in me noob..but whatever out of here.. and one more time..
if irecive one more CD Earth Email from one of u ..ill send nast bomb back
Main Builds / Re: New features and documentations
January 21, 2013, 02:30:10 PM
Quote from: vertigopix on January 21, 2013, 12:59:50 PM
In audio, wind filter :

I understand that this setting surpasses the wind filter setting in Canon menu. (right ?)
So i think this need a little more description / informations...

for what is wind filter ? u heard in old TV interview where they record on street  and where wind blowing into mic ? and u heard more wind blows than talking ? make test...turn on your vacuum cleaner and connect  pipe in way for blowing  air blowin air on mic.. and i give u 80%  u  will not heard vacuum cleaner sound on video only  wind blow. later reapet it wit Wind Filter ON
General Chat / Re: Canon 5d Mk2 , 6D 0r 7D.
January 21, 2013, 02:25:04 PM
Quote from: vertigopix on January 21, 2013, 01:03:56 PM
And one of the purposes of ML is video with DSLR... :P

and one ofthe purpose of Video Recorders its Video Recording..i dont realy undertand  exitment around  Video Recorde in Camera what Main purpose its Still Shots
General Chat / Re: Canon 5d Mk2 , 6D 0r 7D.
January 21, 2013, 01:11:16 AM
i sugest buy Video Recorder not Camera what purpose is Stills...
General Chat / Re: AF microadjustment
January 21, 2013, 12:05:10 AM
Quote from: Soupdragon on November 10, 2012, 03:33:46 AM
OK I'm new here and yup I read the sticky saying that AF microadjustment on the Canon 60D is not possible, thats fine.
But can someone explain to me why it's not possible?
As doesn't the 60D have the same AF system as the 50D which has AF microadjustment?
I just want to understand why it doesn't work - understanding stuff is good, being a sheep is not.

hi not sure if this hellps u or its same u lookn for and im not sure if that post will be able to read and understand .. but i check some options in ML and i found way for microadjustmen in M mode but with canon t3i(d600) .. ican with lenss 50mm have soem 400 steps of focus adjustments with out touching lenss.. i can set focus with arrows on camera body after ichange some setings..maybe it can work for u to :
nice city
Share Your Photos / Re: So Alone
January 20, 2013, 07:39:27 PM
i like these shots ..but i dont understand why so milk everywhere ?
Share Your Videos / Re: Music Video - T3i+ML
January 20, 2013, 03:55:22 AM
Quote from: Djo Nico on January 13, 2013, 12:32:03 PM
Hi everybody,

let me present you the new music video that i've realised with my T3i and ML.
It is an humble autoproduction, and I wish you can give me some advices.
Thanks for this forum :-)

PS: sorry for my English

i tihng its first Synhr ovideo i see  on this web ;)...i like it...
General Help Q&A / Re: Magic Lantern - Is it legal?
January 20, 2013, 03:43:39 AM
in my opinion Canon should add HUGE Amounts of  donations for ML makers ,,, its my first digital camera llife i shot form analog...

i was pick two to buy ..Nikon 3200 or Canon T3i ... after few checks  i found Magic Lantern and after this my choice was  perfec and clear..i pick Canon only cus Magic Lantern gives alot...
Feature Requests / Re: Video/Audio Sync Beep
January 20, 2013, 03:27:51 AM
Quote from: Yomommassis on January 20, 2013, 01:14:43 AM
In my free time I shoot local musicians perform free live shows at local coffee shops
I set up a Zoom H4n sound recorder as a room mic to record high quality live audio and I sit a few feet away in the audience with a ~50mm ~85mm focal length recording an hour to an hour and a half with cuts in between each song to save card space

For what I do I could see the benefit of a feature that would emit a beep from the camera when I press record to assist with syncing in post

Yes I could just sync with sounds from the room, or by using plugins, but I just thought I would suggest this rather small gimmicky feature in the feature request section
If this is too pointless of a feature I understand

no ..better not use ``somesound`` .. cus if u use sound what is far from u u can have not precise synhro in  audio after few minutes..cus sounds need time to come to mic..hand clap its most eazy some 40 centymeters from for synhro not make u pro..its for lazy peoples..problem with speed of sound is big when u recording form few cams ..but still when u will thng before u pres rec button everything can be s oeazy in edyting...

tip..dont use this auto synh software...for one track XDDDD ?  this is wast of time..u can synh faster onee track audio with one track video than software ca ndo it..

SoundForge and sonyVegas ( in sony Vegas remember to TurnOff Quantize to frame ) its give u way for move audio nad video with out restrictions .. and u learn in this way how eazy is synhro..

Edit :

i thng everything what is usefull for us never is pointles..i woudl liek to have in ML Equalizers or compresor or  or or ..but for someone  it can be pointles..alsow will be cool to have stuff what can record Wave with Sound motion detector sometnhg..but it can be poinltes to.. ;)..its not for me decide what is  and what is not pointles
Quote from: omerta on November 30, 2012, 05:07:52 PM

Time Lapse hecho con una Canon t2i/550D+Magic Lantern, editado con avidemux, openshot e inksacape desde Debian GNU/Linux.

Masa Crítica, Caracas, Venezuela. Desde la Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes en Bellas Artes hasta la Plaza La Pastora, Parroquia La Pastora.

will be cool t oedit it again..and put all single frames u taked  with rythmy of can looks nice ;)

edit :
i mean only first 71 second .
Feature Requests / Re: Video/Audio Sync Beep
January 19, 2013, 06:37:46 AM
Quote from: Yomommassis on January 02, 2013, 03:25:40 PM
I noticed that the nightly builds have a magic lantern beep in the menu for testing purposes
(I think this is also there in the 7D and 5D MK3 alpha)

Would It be possible to enable some kind of video feature that emits a quick beep sequence at the beginning of video recordings to take the place of a clap board/slate?

What are you thoughts?
maybe the beep wouldn't be sufficient in being a sync but maybe a fast enough and loud enough beep would do the trick
this would really help with run-n-gun one man shows where syncing with an audio recorder might otherwise be troublesome


and what u say aboute this...

stay front of your video recorder and start recording...Clap hands ...and use this for synhro..but with slow card even this not hellp u


btw...  all usb audio recivers what u use for real time recording ALWYAS will have Audio matter what camera u use.. i sugest rec stright  to camera not outside or use some external audio recorder what is not connected to camera.. i dont thng even most expensive 5D III are maded in Video recording puropse..u can use it for lame weding video or amator raper clips..but forget if u want go pro..u can lie your self of cours but u not change true
Shoot Preparation / Re: Audio, ML, and T3i
January 19, 2013, 06:30:04 AM
u peoples must realize some true here about extra cables + extra adapters and patetic adiing gain up after tis..

more cables  + more special super nonesense audio boxes on way to outside rec device + adapters (for monitoring ? ahahaha..u guys are realy realy ...) = losse in sound quality+ more nozie ..

all these patetic extras jsut lowering your signal on end but u connect more preamps xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.. end on end u all set gains up..none sense..but what i can knwo im jsut suporter

maybe some of u need to learn what is compressor
General Help Q&A / Re: Folow Focus in Manual Mode
January 18, 2013, 06:28:29 AM
Quote from: Francis on January 18, 2013, 04:23:42 AM
There was no sarcasm. I sincerely thought that could be an option. I have never had this problem but I just turn the focus ring to manually focus.

i not say  its problem..its more new way for me than problem..
i just found out i can use Folow Focus in still shots with ML .. i got that -f +f ++f --f i was able to use arrow buttons to corect sharpnes ( focus ) ..but always when i push shot button camera start to auto focusing .. so in this way my seting up focus with arrows with out touching focus ring was usless cus camera after this change low light this T3i and AF its usles stuff camera is jsut blind ..
so i decide ask how to set this option up..i not say its problem cus for me it looks like part of ML so u guys knwo what happend and how set it up ..

i not found option saying turnoff af in liveview.. but i found something diferente..
its in Custom Functions(C.Fn)  .. later i go to C.FnIV: Operation/Others/Shuter/AE Lock Button  (whatever means AE )

i got there :

0:AF/AE Lock
1:AE Lock/AF
2:AF/AF Lock, no AE Lock
3:AE/AF, no AE Lock

when i set option 3 or 1 i can use folow focus in M mode to control focus with out touching ring..
im not sure if  Folow Focus and End Focus Point are connected to work together or not but ..when i set lens on 18mm i got some changes in FocusEndPoint even before i turnoff always back to in 18mm FEP seting them self to -22 steps.. this give me some 36 steps in focus from one end soft focus to i must click 36 times arrow button to reach another end of focus..this is wit 18mm ... with 55mm on start i got in FEP +432 steps from here.but im not sure how big range of focus steps is in 55mm ..defenetly is muche more..cus i need keep pushed arrow buton around 32 second to reach another end of focus..its mean tis is super precise Manual Focusing in AutoFocusON on lens ..(its looks like this option was not included in ML or its soem cool bug or its part of ML )

when i select option 0 or 2 from
Custom Functions(C.Fn)  .. later i go to C.FnIV: Operation/Others/Shuter/AE Lock Button
all this is impossible to do .. still i can use folow focus in M mode but when i push Shot button camera focusing sometinhg and kiling my focus..

but there is one more cool thng in this..when i got selected option 3 or 1 still i can use this what i jsut describe .. but it not mean i cant use Full Auto Focus from Lens..when i push zoom out button ( i use this button for zoomout photos in fast preview on camera ) camera reacting same as i use before half pushed shot button .i mean zoom out button with this setings works like button for Auto Focus ..but it not make shot just auto focusing .. ineed after tis push shot button in my remove or on camera body for make shot..

this is very cool thing for me..i got shit lenses.. my main lens its 18-55 II i thing and focus ring got some jumps and all moving up and down..sometimes precise focusing is realy anoying on this lens..but this is only 55mm.. more anoying stuff coming when i use 300mm with out stabilizer wit same jumping focus ring and clearancesand all single even smalltouche  of lens when ifocusing make it extreamly  not comfortalbe . (i hope clearances was translated ok)  .. but now with this stuff ..i dont need touching lenss to set focus aka sharpnes ..

sry Francis if I was a to direct in previous post

Edit :

sometimes ( notalways ) when im close to reach one end of Focus wit Arrows i got message on screan.. Focus Error :( ,, but nothing Error happend for me.. .. its jsut message .. no error or bug is visible or somethng..

Quote from: g3gg0 on January 21, 2013, 12:58:31 PM
ehmm... doesnt your lens have a switch to disable AF?

yes my less got it..but when i turnOff  AF on Lenss i Can`t use Folow Focus in M mode in way like i describing here..

when i turnOff AF on Lens in M mode .. ML and Folow Focus give me info what is :

Follow Focus requires autofocus enebled

when i turnOff it all these just dont work in way i describe..
i found my way and everythng is fine..but only with Autofocus Enebled on lenss

Quote from: mr.vijayaraghavan on January 21, 2013, 06:06:27 PM
AE means Auto Exposure.  Through canon custom options, Autofocus activation may be shifted from the Shutter button to the AE Lock (*) button.  This is the famous Back-button focus invented by Canon in the eighties.  So, amongst the following you can choose either Option 1 OR Option 3 to transfer the FOCUSING JOB from the shutter button to the AE Lock button (*)at the back;

0:AF/AE Lock
1:AE Lock/AF
2:AF/AF Lock, no AE Lock
3:AE/AF, no AE Lock

Whatever is written before the (/) mark refers to how the shutter button functions when it is half depressed AND whatever is written after the (/) mark refers to how the AE Lock (*)button functions.  For example, Option 1 says: AE Lock/AF.  This means that the Shutter Button functions as Auto Exposure Lock (it doesn't autofocus) AND the back button (i.e. AE Lock button marked as `*' functions as Auto Focus.  So, if you want to autofocus, you must depress the back-button.

I think this explains AE Lock button and perhaps solves your problem.

one more time who say i got  problem with some thng ? if any one haveproblme its not me only u
General Help Q&A / Re: Folow Focus in Manual Mode
January 18, 2013, 03:20:37 AM
Quote from: Francis on January 18, 2013, 01:05:59 AM
Turn off Liveview autofocus under the Canon menus.

well i thng i just found your sarcasticthing Francis.. there is no optionlike these..there issome butis called extreamly in another and opositeway..

but i thng i know where is your sarcasticpoint in this... ML is cool but not in thisway man..bye

edit :

next time u can say  go to google if u need advice...
General Help Q&A / Re: Folow Focus in Manual Mode
January 18, 2013, 01:45:53 AM
i dont have option Turn off Liveview autofocus ...

this what i have its :

AF mode :
-Live Mode


Live View Shoot :

..when i set AF mode to QuickMode camera sounding like taking shots but shots are not taken + i can hear small focus changes on lens..alsow when i little move camera left right there is AF . so when i will start taking lets say time lapse and clouds come camera start focusing.but still i geting none photos even camera  making sounds like taking shots.but nothng is saved on card..

i was try find  Turn off Liveview autofocus in  CustomFunctions(C.Fn) but there is none  options to Turn off Liveview autofocus


looks like it not works on my camera.. need to stay with my precise hands.thx anyway
General Help Q&A / Folow Focus in Manual Mode
January 18, 2013, 01:03:36 AM
hi..on start sry for not precise english

i just start with new seting in Magic Lantern 2.3V ... Folow Focus... this stuff is just WOW after i start using it but.. if i understand it good its only for Video recordings ?..

Just moment ago i was try use Folow Fosuc on Step 1 ( WOW ) in Manual mode .so Stills shoting none video..
Folow Focus with step 1 ( step 3 is hard for me to understand why is there ) .. i  set my T3i on Manual with  Folow Focus on. and Auto Focus ON on my Lenss ( standard 18-55 no usm III kit ),,

with Step 1 i can set focus so precise and what is most importand FAST ..i planing to use it on 300 mm lens and Astrophotography.but there is `problem` .. everything works grate but when  i set focus with buttons +- and im ready to make Shot  i push Shuter button and auto focus from lens  again focusing :/  .. this Folow Focus  going to be so uselfull and power full for me when i use 300mm lens with out stabilizer  so  i ll be able to focus Stars faster .. there is some way to stop focusing again after  i push Shot button ?  i focus object with Folow Focus in AutoFocus on lens but when im ready  to shot camera again focusing dont have  chances to Focus Automaticly objects like Stars..not enought contrast ?or light..

how i can use  Folow Focus when i shoting Stills ? its possible ?
Share Your Photos / Re: HDR Norway (Room+Snow)
January 11, 2013, 09:06:18 PM
looks like soon u will upload moresnow shots :D .. orsnow crystals with macro..u are in grate place dude ..
Share Your Photos / Re: Ice at night
January 11, 2013, 09:00:54 PM
Quote from: SDX on January 11, 2013, 08:11:09 PM

This would not have been possible without ML. Thanks to the display gain function it was quite easy for me to frame and focus the shots even though it was completely dark and the LED light was not very strong.

:O lol ,,, nice one ..realy cool looks like surfaceofsoem planet ... i still have idea of time laps of frezzen water... from liquid to ice.. but idont havefrost inthis country :// and im to big  for jump in side freazer with camera :/ maybe ucan shot it ? this will looks soo wow

realy realy cool photos.. and i got same stuff aboute gain + brightnes up...its so power full and use full ..i use it some 90% times when i night mostly.
General Development / Re: Stereo WAV & Drop-outs
January 09, 2013, 04:01:33 PM
i will try find and download nightly bulid soon and i will check that dropouts..looks like i was mean again something diferente
Quote from: Datadogie on January 08, 2013, 06:45:53 PM
no no no. The sescam cable has a special usb plug and any cable won't work. Correct me if i'm wrong but canon has put 3 more connections in the usb plug so you must use either the sescom or the usb a/v cable that came with the camera.

:D like i said i dont have same camera.. iwas thought u talk abotue regular Jack cable for headphones out.. sry my mistake ;/
General Development / Re: Stereo WAV & Drop-outs
January 08, 2013, 06:02:25 PM
like on first quick look it looks for me like Digital Noize ... its hard to explain but ill try do it on examples.

i got in my computer few Line in and Few Mic In ..and few Out .. but iwant focus on front panel... always when i conecting  to the front panel ( fron panel including x2USB plugs + Line out + Mic in + ...  when i conecting mic to front panel and in same moment i got conected to same Front Panl USB cable i  can hear Digital Noize  what is generated by my Computer.. when i take out USB cable from front panel digital Noize is gone...

same or very similar stuff happend for me when i got turned ON CD audio in Mixer Panel  and all volume from CD AUDIO are on 100% ..

in my opinion this error can coming from MemoryCard reader inside Camera or some another Digital device inside camera..

but this sugestion i got after first quick look on wave file u upload.. ineed to be more sure..i need make same error on my camera
Quote from: saiyate on January 08, 2013, 04:11:28 PM
In the previous version I was able to select 1/48th Shutter Rate and a 180* angle, which as most of you know is vital for film look.  However in 2.3 the best I can do is 1/46.9 183*.   

Someone said that its possible that in the previous version that ML was actually displaying 1/48 180* when in fact it was physically set to its true position at 1/46.9 183*.

So my question is, Is this a bug? can we get 1/48th @180* back or is this revision just revealing what its been all along?  Thanks.

hi there... i got T3i and i have same stuff with this..

but i can use only 1/24 and max what i can select its 1/25 ... when i switch off ML its  1/50 .. i not use ML for video but i just notice tis once to