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Say whaaa? That's huge in itself! Last I saw, there was new development on a v2 raw for the 5d3. Has that gone anywhere?
I've spent the better part of the last three hours trying to piece together what's happened since I was last seriously active around October. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is almost parallyzed with all the information. What's new in the ML? What's the latest developments?
Quote from: RenatoPhoto on October 06, 2013, 01:12:55 PM
NOT!  Get your facts straight before you write a post.

Care to fill us in on the OP's inquiry instead of just changing your font weight and color?
MY design calls for a mult-mountable unit, able to attach to a hot/cold shoe or rails.
Im in Maui for the next two weeks, and when I got here I realized I stupidly left my 1050x's back at home. All I've got with me area few 64gig and 32gig Sandisk Extreme 60 mb/s cards. Whats the highest continuous you think I could achieve with these cards?
Unfortunately I do not have a timeframe. I do not have the engineering expertise, I am only financing this project to two well experienced engineers I hired to tackle the job. As far as implementation, it will have to be powered. My device specifically would mount off-camera, similar to a monitor/field recorder, or directly to the hotshoe.
My team has the prototype cf/zif mod built, we're just waiting on parts from china to power.
Raw Video / Re: Digital Dolly Demo
July 02, 2013, 06:09:04 PM
Sorry, I should have made this more clear but this is for demonstration purposes only. I used a still image, but this is utilized with video
Raw Video / Digital Dolly Demo
July 02, 2013, 08:20:13 AM
I've been seeing a lot of questions regarding Magic Lantern's Digital Pan feature, so I thought I'd make this simple demonstration to explain just what it is. Hope it adds some clarity.
Sorry, I should have made this more clear but this is for demonstration purposes only. I used a still image, but this is utilized with video.
Quote from: aaphotog on July 02, 2013, 03:19:20 AM
I still don't get it. So it records a real world pan, only a very short distance one(that doesn't require actually moving the camera)?

I just made this simple animation to help give you a visual. Feel free to share:
Quote from: aaphotog on July 02, 2013, 01:17:19 AM
I always wondered, what does the digital dolly do?

It utilizes the 3x crop mode to pan the captured image from the left side of the sensor to the right/vice versa.
Making a profit off of something that is...

1) Not yet officially stable, or even alpha release
2) Created off the volunteered hard work of dozens of others, with zero help from yourself from a development standpoint
3) Littered with inevitably-outdated facts that have the potential of misleading consumers
4) Using the mask "donation" when "mandatory payment" is applicable
5) Without mention of any plan to donate back to the ML team

Please, in one sentence tell me how you can justify the ethical standards of this?
 What shame you have taking a profit on this. I am appalled.
Who at Canon have to been talking to, really. I'll bet you'll say "the head of _____ department," because you're an important person and you only talk to important people.

I suggest you take a break from the forums and come back with a better attitude.
You're kind of a stubborn fellow, aren't you?
Quote from: senzazn12 on June 12, 2013, 04:53:19 PM
Just a thread to see how many people are still sticking to H.264 and their reasons for doing so. As great as RAW video is, I know there are some that might not be able to take advantage of it because of storage space or heavier workflow. There are some new great programs like this one in the link below that can get some of the dynamic range back that is lost in h.264 and can gain some sharpness as well. Not too sure how this would hold up versus using RAW but I'm guessing RAW would still beat it. Nonetheless, it could still be "good enough" that most everyday users would not notice.

.H264 film is comparable to JPEG Low in photo, just as RAW film is to .CR2 Large in photo. There is no data to recover, as white is white and black is black, for lack of better wording.

Just a hit from my developer to others working on this project: Dont develop a CF adapter that works with Canon cameras. Develop a CF adapter that works with ANY device. So far he has tested his interface in a USB CF reader/writer, a Korg audio interface, a Roland SDPS synth pad, and a few other periphs. Im sending him a busted 5D3 from China to test it out in-camera. Updates to follow.
Been subscribed to your channel for quite some time now, pleased to have you on the board! I find it EXTREMELY humorous at how similar these bodies are, and its awesome to see someone with a viable online presence actually throw it in the manufacturers face.

BTW I heard that a1ex and 1% are actually Pepsi guys ;)
General Chat / Re: Kickstarter Campaign
June 11, 2013, 09:02:55 PM
Or dont change what isnt broken. Please quit trying to monetize ML. As soon as you bring money into the game, you introduce power struggles and inequality.

Tutorials are already being made on a daily basis from the users, for free.
The website is already perfectly (albeit slightly clunky) functional.
The general public feels like it is a part of something big, because it is free and completely open-source.
He didn't develop the edge detection/raw focus assist, that is part of ML.
Quote from: albert-e on June 11, 2013, 04:17:30 AM
I think there are such peripherals already if I'm not mistaken. Like this:

Direct SATA, no conversion. However, but I don't know what your project was. So,  I'll consider buying one if needed.

That device is nothing like what we're working on. When I said USB CF reader, I was implying something to emulate the CF port on a camera:
Not to be so illusive on my earlier statement, but the engineer I hired for this task has successfully transferred a Hello World file from his computer to an SSD via a USB CF reader.  The interface goes 1.8" Half Slim SATA, 22PIN TO 1.8" CE/ZIF converter board > 40pin 1.8" CE / ZIF SSD HDD to 1.8"  CF 50pin converter adapter...or the other way around. Not too sure, as Im just the financier :P

Anyways, I am currently designing an all-in-one system that would be similar to what you'd see with a field recorder. We're going to be launching our KickStarter once the final prototype has been thoroughly tested. Still waiting on a few parts from China, but things are looking EXTREMELY positive from the information I'm getting from my developer.
Give me three weeks and you will all be very happy people :)