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you can use this
to extract embedded pictures in CR2 files
use -x


Reverse Engineering / Re: Investigating custom PTP commands
« on: November 10, 2019, 11:01:21 AM »

please see this research

how is your hardware / software setup please ?


Reverse Engineering / Re: new Canon CR3 raw format from M50 camera
« on: November 09, 2019, 02:07:44 PM »

FYI, the CRX codec of the CR3 format has been reverse engineered and open sourced:

Kind regards,


Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon EOS M6 Mark II
« on: September 19, 2019, 06:13:22 PM »

I'm documenting the CR3 format at, and I need samples of some camera, could you please help me ?

For example, I need examples of 'raw-burst-mode' CR3 from the M6 Mark II.
It will contains several pictures in a single file with name will with "CSI_" and ending with ".CR3".
FYI, you can edit such "roll" (sequence of files) in DPP.

Could you please send me 1 or 2 files of this kind with Dropbox or similar ?

Kind regards,

It seems continuous mode in M50 produces 14 bits, sorry.
But G5 X Mark II and G7 X Mark III do produce 'raw burst', with several pictures in one CR3.

"Another thing to note - the camera saves all the image in a sort of 'wrapper,' with the 'CR3' suffix. To open them on a desktop machine, you'll need to use Canon's Digital Photo Professional software. You can also extract and process individual files from the camera and save them out as JPEGs that way if you prefer."

Kind regards


I'm documenting the CR3 format here :
Any CR3 capable model with continuous model can help, please.

12bits in continuous mode has been discussed in this thread, that's why I'm asking here.

Kind regards

Laurent and


Could you please provide me raw samples in continuous mode (both raw and c-raw) ?
So that I can check it is 12bits or not ?
It should be stored in CMP1, offset 32.

Kind regards


Easy way is to use Qemu with a faked value in src/fw-signature.h and let it print what src/reboot.c expect to be :)
You can find it under "Canon CanonModelID Values" at or

Are they discovered from image metadata?

Also usually last digits are printed on serial console by the camera at firmware startup (ex. K412) and is reported under Model ID of the rom dumper.

you can use Exiftool to extract modelId from raw (CR2, CR3) or jpeg.

C:\Users\laurent>exiftool -CanonModelId d:\cr3_samples\m50\canon_eos_m50_02.jpg
Canon Model ID                  : EOS M50 / Kiss M

C:\Users\laurent>exiftool -CanonModelId d:\cr3_samples\250d\sample01.jpg
Canon Model ID                  : Unknown (0x80000436)

C:\Users\laurent>exiftool -CanonModelId d:\cr3_samples\r\447A0582.CR3
Canon Model ID                  : EOR R

for CR3 you can study

for CR2 see this poster :,
it is stored in Makernote

you can also use craw2tool :

about Canon EOS Rebel SL3 (EOS 250D / EOS Kiss X10)

To prepare the portable ROM dumper, I "only" need a CR3 image (i.e. wait for reviews with sample images). If that won't work, hardware hack à la EOS R.

Canon Image Type                : Canon EOS Kiss X10
Canon Firmware Version          : Firmware Version 4.0.5
Canon Model ID                  : Unknown (0x80000436)

Reverse Engineering / Re: new Canon CR3 raw format from M50 camera
« on: October 20, 2018, 08:50:07 PM »
Dcraw 9.28 has been published in june 2018, so Dave Coffin is going on!

Ouch! Not the news I wanted to read. Totally slipped under my radar!

Reverse Engineering / Re: new Canon CR3 raw format from M50 camera
« on: March 30, 2018, 08:50:31 PM »
Code: [Select]
>python -v2 canon_eos_m50_02.cr3|more
filesize 0x256fbe8
00000:ftyp: major_brand=b'crx ', minor_version=1, [b'crx ', b'isom'] (0x18)
00018:moov: (0x6b70)
00020:  uuid: b'85c0b687820f11e08111f4ce462b6a48' (0x62c0)
00038:    CNCV: b'CanonCR3_001/00.09.00/00.00.00' (0x26)
0005e:    b'CCTP' b'000000000000000100000003000000184343445400000000' (0x5c)
0003a:      b'CCDT' b'00000000000000100000000000000001' (0x18)
00052:      b'CCDT' b'00000000000000010000000000000002' (0x18)
0006a:      b'CCDT' b'00000000000000000000000000000003' (0x18)
000ba:    CTBO: (0x5c)
            1    6b88   10018
            2   16ba0   56d90
            3   6d930 25022b8
            4       0       0
00116:    b'free' b'0000' (0xa)
00120:    b'CMT1' b'49492a00080000000d000001030001000000701700000101' (0x188)
002a8:    b'CMT2' b'49492a000800000027009a82050001000000e20100009d82' (0x428)
006d0:    b'CMT3' b'49492a00080000002f000100030031000000420200000200' (0x1438)
01b08:    b'CMT4' b'49492a000800000001000000010004000000020300000000' (0x718)
02220:    THMB: width=160, height=120, jpeg_size=0x40a3 (0x40c0)
062e0:  b'mvhd' b'00000000d6b31018d6b31018000000010000000100010000' (0x6c)
0634c:  b'trak' b'0000005c746b686400000007d6b31018d6b3101800000001' (0x1e4)
06354:    b'tkhd' b'00000007d6b31018d6b31018000000010000000000000001' (0x5c)
063b0:    b'mdia' b'000000206d64686400000000d6b31018d6b3101800000001' (0x180)
063b8:      b'mdhd' b'00000000d6b31018d6b31018000000010000000115c70000' (0x20)
063d8:      b'hdlr' b'000000000000000076696465000000000000000000000000' (0x21)
063f9:      b'minf' b'00000014766d686400000001000000000000000000000024' (0x137)
06401:        b'vmhd' b'000000010000000000000000' (0x14)
06415:        b'dinf' b'0000001c6472656600000000000000010000000c75726c20' (0x24)
0641d:          b'dref' b'00000000000000010000000c75726c2000000001' (0x1c)
00010:            b'url ' b'00000001' (0xc)
06439:        b'stbl' b'000000807374736400000000000000010000007043524157' (0xf7)
06441:          b'stsd' b'000000000000000100000070435241570000000000000001' (0x80)
00010:            CRAW: (0x70)
                    width=6000, height=4000
0005a:              b'JPEG' b'00000000' (0xc)
00066:              b'free' b'0000' (0xa)
064c1:          b'stts' b'00000000000000010000000100000001' (0x18)
064d9:          b'stsc' b'0000000000000001000000010000000100000001' (0x1c)
064f5:          stsz: version=0, size=0x30d6ef, count=1 (0x14)
06509:          b'free' b'00000000000000' (0xf)
06518:          co64: version=0, size=0x6d940, count=1 (0x18)
06530:  b'trak' b'0000005c746b686400000007d6b31018d6b3101800000002' (0x248)
06538:    b'tkhd' b'00000007d6b31018d6b31018000000020000000000000001' (0x5c)
06594:    b'mdia' b'000000206d64686400000000d6b31018d6b3101800000001' (0x1e4)
0659c:      b'mdhd' b'00000000d6b31018d6b31018000000010000000115c70000' (0x20)
065bc:      b'hdlr' b'000000000000000076696465000000000000000000000000' (0x21)
065dd:      b'minf' b'00000014766d686400000001000000000000000000000024' (0x19b)
065e5:        b'vmhd' b'000000010000000000000000' (0x14)
065f9:        b'dinf' b'0000001c6472656600000000000000010000000c75726c20' (0x24)
06601:          b'dref' b'00000000000000010000000c75726c2000000001' (0x1c)
00010:            b'url ' b'00000001' (0xc)
0661d:        b'stbl' b'000000e4737473640000000000000001000000d443524157' (0x15b)
06625:          b'stsd' b'0000000000000001000000d4435241570000000000000001' (0xe4)
00010:            CRAW: (0xd4)
                    width=1624, height=1080
0005a:              CMP1: (0x3c)
00096:              CDI1: (0x34)
00048:                IAD1: (0x28)
000ca:              b'free' b'0000' (0xa)
06709:          b'stts' b'00000000000000010000000100000001' (0x18)
06721:          b'stsc' b'0000000000000001000000010000000100000001' (0x1c)
0673d:          stsz: version=0, size=0x1cbc40, count=1 (0x14)
06751:          b'free' b'00000000000000' (0xf)
06760:          co64: version=0, size=0x37b030, count=1 (0x18)
06778:  b'trak' b'0000005c746b686400000007d6b31018d6b3101800000003' (0x258)
06780:    b'tkhd' b'00000007d6b31018d6b31018000000030000000000000001' (0x5c)
067dc:    b'mdia' b'000000206d64686400000000d6b31018d6b3101800000001' (0x1f4)
067e4:      b'mdhd' b'00000000d6b31018d6b31018000000010000000115c70000' (0x20)
06804:      b'hdlr' b'000000000000000076696465000000000000000000000000' (0x21)
06825:      b'minf' b'00000014766d686400000001000000000000000000000024' (0x1ab)
0682d:        b'vmhd' b'000000010000000000000000' (0x14)
06841:        b'dinf' b'0000001c6472656600000000000000010000000c75726c20' (0x24)
06849:          b'dref' b'00000000000000010000000c75726c2000000001' (0x1c)
00010:            b'url ' b'00000001' (0xc)
06865:        b'stbl' b'000000f4737473640000000000000001000000e443524157' (0x16b)
0686d:          b'stsd' b'0000000000000001000000e4435241570000000000000001' (0xf4)
00010:            CRAW: (0xe4)
                    width=6288, height=4056
0005a:              CMP1: (0x3c)
00096:              CDI1: (0x44)
00048:                IAD1: (0x38)
000da:              b'free' b'0000' (0xa)
06961:          b'stts' b'00000000000000010000000100000001' (0x18)
06979:          b'stsc' b'0000000000000001000000010000000100000001' (0x1c)
06995:          stsz: version=0, size=0x201ef28, count=1 (0x14)
069a9:          b'free' b'00000000000000' (0xf)
069b8:          co64: version=0, size=0x546c70, count=1 (0x18)
069d0:  b'trak' b'0000005c746b686400000007d6b31018d6b3101800000004' (0x1b8)
069d8:    b'tkhd' b'00000007d6b31018d6b31018000000040000000000000001' (0x5c)
06a34:    b'mdia' b'000000206d64686400000000d6b31018d6b3101800000001' (0x154)
06a3c:      b'mdhd' b'00000000d6b31018d6b31018000000010000000115c70000' (0x20)
06a5c:      b'hdlr' b'00000000000000006d657461000000000000000000000000' (0x21)
06a7d:      b'minf' b'0000000c6e6d6864000000000000002464696e660000001c' (0x10b)
06a85:        b'nmhd' b'00000000' (0xc)
06a91:        b'dinf' b'0000001c6472656600000000000000010000000c75726c20' (0x24)
06a99:          b'dref' b'00000000000000010000000c75726c2000000001' (0x1c)
00010:            b'url ' b'00000001' (0xc)
06ab5:        b'stbl' b'0000005c7374736400000000000000010000004c43544d44' (0xd3)
06abd:          b'stsd' b'00000000000000010000004c43544d440000000000000001' (0x5c)
00010:            b'CTMD' b'000000000000000100000007000000010000001800000003' (0x4c)
06b19:          b'stts' b'00000000000000010000000100000001' (0x18)
06b31:          b'stsc' b'0000000000000001000000010000000100000001' (0x1c)
06b4d:          stsz: version=0, size=0xa04c, count=1 (0x14)
06b61:          b'free' b'00000000000000' (0xf)
06b70:          co64: version=0, size=0x2565b98, count=1 (0x18)
06b88:uuid: b'be7acfcb97a942e89c71999491e3afac' (0x10018)
16ba0:uuid: b'eaf42b5e1c984b88b9fbb7dc406e4d16' (0x56d90)
16bc0:  PRVW: width=1620, height=1080, jpeg_size=0x56d58 (0x56d70)
6d930:b'mdat' b'ffd8ffdb008400060404060404060604' (0x25022b8)
{b'THMB': (160, 120, 16547, 8760), 'trak0': {b'CRAW': (6000, 4000), b'stsz': 3200751, b'co64': 448832}, 'trak1': {b'CRAW
': (1624, 1080), b'stsz': 1883200, b'co64': 3649584}, 'trak2': {b'CRAW': (6288, 4056), b'stsz': 33681192, b'co64': 55327
84}, 'trak3': {b'stsz': 41036, b'co64': 39213976}, b'PRVW': (1620, 1080, 355672, 93144)}
extracting jpeg (trak0) 6000x4000 from mdat... offset=0x6d940, size=0x30d6ef
extracting SD crx (trak1) 1624x1080 from mdat... offset=0x37b030, size=0x1cbc40
ff010008 001cbbd0 00000000
  ff020008 0007b5c0 08000000
  ff030008 0007b5c0 00200001
  ff020008 00070600 18000000
  ff030008 00070600 00200002
  ff020008 00070640 28000000
  ff030008 00070640 00200006
  ff020008 0006f9d0 38000000
  ff030008 0006f9d0 00200006
extracting HD crx (trak2) 6288x4056 from mdat... offset=0x546c70, size=0x201ef28
ff010008 00ff40b8 00000000
  ff020008 00405528 08000000
  ff030008 00405528 00200006
  ff020008 003fc8a8 18000000
  ff030008 003fc8a8 00200003
  ff020008 003fc6e8 28000000
  ff030008 003fc6e8 00200005
  ff020008 003f5c00 38000000
  ff030008 003f5c00 00200000
ff010008 0102ad98 00010000
  ff020008 0040cb88 08000000
  ff030008 0040cb88 00200006
  ff020008 0040eb50 18000000
  ff030008 0040eb50 00200006
  ff020008 0040ed48 28000000
  ff030008 0040ed48 00200002
  ff020008 00400978 38000000
  ff030008 00400978 00200007


I have now published a python tool to parse the CR3 structure and extract jpeg, crx pictures...

Help is welcome to understand crx compression.

kind regard,


Reverse Engineering / Re: ProcessTwoInTwoOutLosslessPath
« on: March 30, 2018, 07:39:48 PM »
there are lines for sraw flavors

I made a spreadsheet out of it, took out the PowerShot models, sorted by Model ID, added the name variations and highlighted the cameras supported by Magic Lantern.

Interesting that some cameras are listed multiple times with different values. Why???

Reverse Engineering / Re: ProcessTwoInTwoOutLosslessPath
« on: March 29, 2018, 09:25:17 PM »

you've got all info here, per camera

By default, a CR2 is smaller than a full-res DNG, so Canon code must be skipping some lines and columns. From that offset, we can figure out how many. Refer to this post for EDMAC configurations.

6D: 0x12369168 - 0x12345678 = 146160 bytes. Full buffer width: 9744 bytes = 5568 pixels. CR2 width (dcraw -i -v): 5568. 146160 / 9744 = 15 lines skipped.

In other words, to match a full-res silent DNG with a CR2 from 6D, one has to crop 15 lines at the top.

70D: 0x1235FFAA - 0x12345678 = 108850 bytes. Full buffer width: 9884 bytes = 5648 pixels. CR2 width: 5568 pixels. 108850 / 9884 = 11, 108850 % 9884 = 126 = 72px.

In other words, to match a full-res silent DNG with a CR2 from 70D, one has to crop 11 lines at the top, 72 columns at the left side and 8 columns at the right side.

Anyone has the patience to confirm this theory by pixel peeping? If you can get two images with absolutely no movement (e.g. with a Lua script or remote trigger), that's great; otherwise, just compare the active areas and ignore the image contents.

edit: found a CR2 from 70D on some camera review site and looked at active areas.
First active pixel in CR2: 72, 38.
Last active pixel in CR2: 5567, 3707 (with some doubts about the last line).
First active pixel in DNG: 144, 48 (delta = 72, 10 - where did one line go?)
Last active pixel in DNG: 5639, 3717 (delta = 72, 10, 8 black pixels at the right)

Reverse Engineering / Re: new Canon CR3 raw format from M50 camera
« on: March 29, 2018, 08:29:23 PM »

I have now published a python tool to parse the CR3 structure and extract jpeg, crx pictures...

Help is welcome to understand crx compression.

kind regard,


Reverse Engineering / new Canon CR3 raw format from M50 camera
« on: March 12, 2018, 10:48:00 PM »

Please find a tentative to document the new CR3 format here:

Contributions are welcome to open this format with me, as DCraw from Dave Coffin seems frozen...


Reverse Engineering / Re: ProcessTwoInTwoOutLosslessPath
« on: May 10, 2017, 09:52:25 PM »
thanks Greg,

I added a section in  my doc:
to highlight Magic Lantern work and links with Canon Raw v2 format interpretation.

please let me know if you know other useful information to open this proprietary format...


Reverse Engineering / Re: ProcessTwoInTwoOutLosslessPath
« on: May 09, 2017, 10:50:08 PM »
Hi Greg,

how do you find slice1, slice3, height and width values, compared to this table (extracted from CR2 files), Sensor information ?
and this poster:

Kind regards,


It works with FRSP but the image is not decoded.

500D edmac RD1 default configuration :
Code: [Select]
struct edmac_info RD1_info = {
    .xa     = 1648 * 14/8,
    .xb     = 1616 * 14/8,
    .yb     = 3208 - 1,
    .xn     = 2,
    .off1a  = 4832 * 14/8 - 1648 * 14/8,
    .off1b  = 4832 * 14/8 - 1616 * 14/8,
    .off2b  = 0xe623490,

struct edmac_info RD1_info = {
    .xa     = slice1 * 14/8,
    .xb     = slice3 * 14/8,
    .yb     = height + 4 - 1,
    .xn     = 2,
    .off1a  = width * 14/8 - slice1 * 14/8,
    .off1b  = width * 14/8 - slice3 * 14/8,
    .off2b  = (((width * 14/8) * (height + 4 - 1) + 56) * -1 & 0xFFFFFFE),  //digic 3/4

7D edmac RD1 default configuration :
Code: [Select]
struct edmac_info RD1_info = {
    .xa     = 1760 * 14/8,
    .xb     = 1920 * 14/8,
    .yb     = 3520 - 1,
    .xn     = 2,
    .off1a  = 5360 * 14/8 - 1760 * 14/8,
    .off1b  = 5360 * 14/8 - 1920 * 14/8,
    .off2b  = 0xe08556c,

Comparison of configuration 500D vs 7D -

Current interpretation -

Reverse Engineering / playing with Original Data Decision records
« on: October 12, 2012, 03:51:07 PM »

If you liked this presentation:
maybe you'll be interested by this code:

Thanks to Magic Lantern project to let me extract keys from memory!


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