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Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 100D / SL1
« on: June 17, 2013, 10:51:53 PM »
Thank you for your answer nanomad  8)

Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 100D / SL1
« on: June 17, 2013, 10:24:21 PM »
Same capabilites as 650D/100D/700D

Awesone news !

Have you tested it yet ?  And have you any idea of the buffer size ? May be it's a little lower than the 650d/700d ?

Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 100D / SL1
« on: June 17, 2013, 10:03:36 PM »
Hello ,

Do you know if the Raw video will be possible with the 100D/SL1 and if yes what can we expect in term of resolution ?
Do you know already the max speed of the SD card bus and the buffers size ?

Thanks !  8)

Can we set more than 30 seconds manually with magic lantern on the 5DC ?

Thank you very much for your response kgv5 . so, dispite the lower resolution it's already a big gain (details and DR) , good to hear !

I doubt it, they probably thanking to God now that they didn't give 208Mhz bus or CF card reader to every camera. I suppose that writing speed would be the last thing they give with an update. :-\

It's true , you're right  ;)

A question for the people who already uses the RAW video on the 6D : At which definition do you think it getting better in quality than the h264 1080p ?

Thank you for your answer kgv5,  so in fact maybe 40mb/s is the Bus card limit and if it's true we have no really hope to go with higher resolution ?

Maybe it's software limiting and a Canon firmware update will allow to fully benefit from the 95mb/s card ?

Anyway , we are lucky because the 6D seems to have the faster Sd card slot in the Canon line (40 MB/s vs 20MB/s for the 600d/60d)

Hello all ,

Do you know if the 6D can take full advantage of an UHS-1 SD card ? Or the true limit is 40mb/s for any type of cards ?

Thank you ;)

The beauty of the T3 is that everything, except audio controls, is working.

Sounds good ! but so spot metering is another thing that doesn't work , right ?

The "liveview corruptions" happens when you have zebras (of focus peaking) enabled and you take a shot. After that the image needs to be cleaned up (e.g. by pressing display)

Thanks for your answer and your great work  :)

Thank you nanomad  :)
Yes spot metering is a big miss  , if you can do it it will be a major add for the T3  8)

For the Bitrate ok i will test it for myself when my T3 will come .

And what is the problem with the liveview image corruption ?

I forgot to ask if there is a list of all options that work on the 1100d ?

I would like to say thank you to nanomad and the other people who made this 1100D ML version possible !

I have a few questions :

I know that the 1100d doesn't have "spot metering" option , is it a functionnality added by Magic lantern ?

Does magic lantern add control of the Bit Rate and in fact what is the maxium reachable on the 1100D with a fast SD card like a Class 10  ?

Thanks a lot and keep up this great work !

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