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First, thanks for the good work on the Beta release. I used ML regularly on my old T2i but I sadly sat out with an SL1/100d. Glad to see 70d support.

But I had trouble 2 weeks ago on vacation. I installed version A on my 70d back in September; took perhaps ~1000 pictures but didn't really use the ML features much; turned on focus peaking and a few other things; took a few hundred more pictures over next week or so. I don't clearly recall the settings because of what happened next.

While shooting, first the AF stopped working; then the camera started beeping slowly but continuously. During this time I could still take stills and video. Then the shutter release went non-functional along with several other controls one by one. During this, I swapped lens, swapped batteries, power cycled, removed the battery and let the camera sit, tried other memory cards.

Finally, I reformatted my memory card in a PC and rebooted the camera. All was well and I have since taken several hundred more pictures and video over the last 2 weeks.

Two questions:
1. Huh? Has anyone seen something similar?
2. Is the August 22 the most recent ML? I am getting back in the ML saddle soon; I have been sitting it out hoping for an update.

Quote from: joxxie on September 20, 2012, 08:38:20 PM
Well according to EOSHD .. Andrew has confirmed by Canon that the only difference between these two cameras is firmware ..
hardware is identical. Any chance of getting the firmware off a 1DC and flashing onto a 1DX ? I am not talking about throwing
ML on there ... just seeing if it would be possible to port a 1dc firmware onto a 1dx .. seems the hardware and everything is the same.

I shall miss Magic Lantern if you do. I assume it would all be over pretty quickly.

ML has sold more cameras for Canon (probably not many but perhaps a few) and has not apparently violated any fair use. And Canon has not appeared to object and hence not done any of the many very, very simple things a manufacturer could do to shut it down or cripple it.

Porting a firmware from a very, very expensive camera to a very expensive camera does nothing but cheat Canon of revenue that they are earning by spending money to develop innovative software. The market for such cameras is tiny and I assume Canon would stop the innovation if the port were widely adopted.

The work to port the firmware does not deserve the respect that an interesting, creative development like ML has earned. JMO.