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Archived scripts / Re: PicoC scripting API
May 28, 2013, 06:06:42 AM
So I tried adding PicoC functions so I could "press" the DOF preview on my T3 (that doesn't have a hardware DOF preview). This compiled fine previously, but I've been having other issues with my compiled binaries. I'm on a Mac with the yagarto compiler. It doesn't seem like it's my problem, but it makes it hard to figure out what's going on.

Here's my diff to

$ hg diff library_ml.c
diff -r 7fdfc08ac9ad picoc/library_ml.c
--- a/picoc/library_ml.c   Mon May 27 23:01:29 2013 +0300
+++ b/picoc/library_ml.c   Mon May 27 20:59:19 2013 -0700
@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@
#define UNPRESS -10000 // generic unpress code
#define NO_KEY -1
#define AF_ON 12345
+#define DOF_PREVIEW 23456  // making this up

static char camera_model[32];
static char firmware_version[32];
@@ -139,6 +140,13 @@
+        case DOF_PREVIEW:
+        {
+            int x = 1;
+            prop_request_change(PROP_DOF_PREVIEW_MAYBE, &x, 2);
+            msleep(50);
+            return;
+        }
             if (btn >= 0) fake_simple_button(btn);
@@ -200,6 +208,13 @@
             unpress = BGMT_UNPRESS_DOWN;
+        case DOF_PREVIEW:
+        {
+            int x = 0;
+            prop_request_change(PROP_DOF_PREVIEW_MAYBE, &x, 2);
+            msleep(50);
+            return;
+        }
             // this button does not have an unpress code
@@ -1347,6 +1362,7 @@

     /** Color codes */
Well, I'm currently running a May 2, 2013 nightly build. The red text is way at the bottom of the screen, like a help text (not the menu text, if that makes sense).
Quote from: nanomad on May 05, 2013, 09:36:49 AM
It probably can be made better. Suggestions?

Well, the main thing that I'm seeing is that when going into the ML menus from non-LiveView mode, all the menu items are greyed out, and when selecting one, the help text at the bottom says (in red) that Global Draw is disabled. When I start the ML menus from LiveView, the menu looks right (not greyed out and no red warning text).

I think it would be better that when coming into the ML menus from the non-LiveView mode, the text wasn't greyed out when GlobalDraw is set to LiveView, and the red warning text didn't say "Global Draw disabled" in red, but instead said "Global Draw is only available in LiveView" in orange or yellow. If Global Draw is disabled, then the greyed out menu and current red text makes sense.

Does that make sense?
So I'd like to script the programming of the Optix focus conformation chip I have. I bet folks with the Dandelion chip would also like to. The main things I'd need to do are to check that the camera is in the right mode (M or A, I believe), activate the DOF Preview button and adjust the aperture setting (for Optix) plus set exposure time to 11 seconds (or more) and release the shutter (for Dandelion).

From the API listing, I don't see a way to do the DOF Preview, which would be required for the Optix chips (which I have). There's no "key" for that. My camera doesn't have that key, so I'd need a direct api to activate the DPF preview. The rest do seem available.

Would this be possible?

Here are the Optix programming instructions.
And the Dandelion programming instructions.
Ah! That's it. Thanks for that. Is is a bug that the config screen says "check settings"? It appears to grey out the settings when Global Draw can't be activated due to the Canon overlay.
So I'm trying the May 2 nightly, and I can't get Focus Peaking to do anything. It seems that I can't enable GlobalDraw. The options under Overlay/Global Draw are either OFF or LiveView (a previous nightly from February had ON instead of LiveView, I think). Now OFF, I understand. But when I select LiveView, all of the other Overlay entries remain greyed out. If I select one, there's red text saying "GlobalDraw is disabled, check your settings". Well, that's the Global Draw setting right there, right?

Maybe Focus Peaking doesn't work on the T3? Do I have stale settings?

Feature Requests / Picture Styles
February 26, 2013, 10:57:00 PM
It seems that Canon Picture Styles features should be added to this list of "Won't do"s. Another request came up today.

One one hand, there is some interest in having more than 3 user-defined styles. Adding a 4th into what the Canon firmware is doing seems like it'd be really hard. Reading more Picture Style .pf2 files off the SD or SF card and plugging it into, say, User Style 3 might be interesting, as would the idea of "Picture Style Bracketing" (applying a selection of Picture Styles to a single image).

However, it would seem that these ideas would fall under the "Things that can be done in post" reason. There may also be a problem with encrypted files. For stills, you can take the picture in RAW, then apply any and all picture styles in Canon's Digital Picture Pro software.

For video, it might be interesting to allow for loading on-card .pf2 files, but I doubt this would happen.
Being able to have photos' EXIF data be "right" for old, converted lenses would be really cool, both for chipped and unchipped conversions.

For unchipped lenses, it should be easy to detect that there's no info coming from the lens, because there'd be nothing there. In this basic case, it'd be nice to have the Aperture value be the value from the camera (set by the user in Aperture Priority or Manual mode), instead of just empty.

Next would be to have files on the card that would hold the values for the particular lenses that the user wants to choose from. Then expose those in the menu system somehow so the user could choose among a set of lenses to have the EXIF data be right for MaxAperture, FocalLength and whichever EXIF field has the name of the lens.

This should be smart and only do this manipulation when it detects a chipless lens (so there's nothing to do when using a regular Canon lens).

For chipped lenses, it would get a bit trickier, but it should be possible to do some sort of autodetection based on the results coming back from the adapter. Some mix of FocalLength Xmm and MaxAperture Y and lens name "1234" would mean use the Takumar 50mm f1/.4 preset (or whatever).

Being able to create or modify the presets from right on the camera would be a bonus.

Plus, with the original poster's idea of modifying the camera name would cause Magic Lantern to show up on Flikr and other sites, which would be pretty cool.

Is any of this even possible?