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a.d. & pravdomil's 5D2 builds / Re: 5D2 RAW video Builds 14-Bit
« on: March 27, 2014, 08:08:58 PM »
Well all extras provided by us was already implemented into ML.
Only two features are remaining (1880 width and  crop marks for GLDraw Off), but this is small changes so there no reason why keep this fork updated.
Thanks for all a. d. and ML team !

General Development / Re: PicoC -> TCC
« on: March 17, 2014, 10:49:27 PM »
yes, sobokan is back!

the AE value is based on exposure compensation in M mode, so autoexpo follows the metering mode
see also my answers to Marsu42 about the exposure delay a few pages back in this topic

for displaying cyan line you have to press shutter halfway a then open the autoexpo menu (I'm not sure that it works with LV)

other comments make sense, there is a lot of things to do on autoexpo, the fastest way is do it by yourself :)
The first thing I have to do is repair my 5D2 (throwing err30).

Where can I see the current BV of the scene that the camera is measuring?  I see some screen shots with the BV at the top of the info screen but I don't see that on m 7D when press the info button.  Is there some feature I need to enable to get that to appear somewhere?

last BV value of current scene is marked with the cyan line in the graph view

General Development / Re: Easy Coding tasks
« on: December 22, 2013, 10:33:38 PM »
thanks for this a1ex, I plan spend some weekend on coding it, very usefull

* Metering sometimes fails, I cannot really pinpoint it yet (you're on 5d2, I'm on 60d/6d). I solved this by simply ignoring too high EC values beyond +-45
I didn't encountered this behavior. Autoexpo also fails?

* There is an inherent metering lag vs. plain Av/Tv since Canon sets the EC, then ML reads the EC and modifies the exposure.  Your current task approach simply offloads some tiny calculations and is only run one, and when I tried the same thing I don't see any difference... but a continuous task might do better that is not triggered buy the usual module shoot task.
Yes this is the biggest problem, autoexpo or any exposure algorithms based on AE_VALUE are one step after current exposure.
There is some Canon runtime that sets continuously the exposure (and changes AE_VALUE). Then ML detects the change and sets own exposure, but with delay around 60ms I think.

Did you try to speed this up with a high prio task that runs all the time?
It will no be perfect, since lens_set_rawaperture / iso / shutter functions takes some time and creates the delay.

The solution is finding raw values from brightness sensors.

But the question is what to configure for the aperture ?
just nothing, aperture settings will be bypassed I think

this aims for user define exposure curve for each BV value of scene

it should work with manual lenses (with and without chip), but I didn't test it much

should this be disabled when taking bracketed hdr photos ?
these conflict is not yet handled, planned
also are there any best settings for the Canon 550D camera ?
sorry don't have 550D

General Development / Re: Bars facelift
« on: October 04, 2013, 12:50:30 AM »
So only 11 + 2

General Development / Re: Bars facelift
« on: October 04, 2013, 12:39:28 AM »
- I don't understand why it should have 8 stops (especially if the raw one has 5, for example)
So I would rather show 8 bits instead of 8 stops.
0 block - the first on the left side - shows under exposure - if count of pixels with brightness value 0 > threshold fill this block
1 block - second -  if count of pixels with brightness value 1-31 > threshold fill this block
8 block - last but one -  if count of pixels with brightness value 223 - 254 > threshold fill this block
9 block - last one - shows overexposure -  if count of pixels with brightness value 255 > threshold fill this block

if RAW is enabled extend this range to 14 + 2 and do the same

General Development / Re: Bars facelift
« on: October 03, 2013, 11:36:28 PM »
I'm sometimes confused if the histogram/bar is 14Bit or 8Bit or whatever. There can be some graphical hint, that will tell you what color depth you are using.

btw: one stop of dynamic range is one bit?

thanks for your work

General Development / Re: Bars facelift
« on: October 03, 2013, 11:01:50 PM »
Good thoughts and what about this?

There will be a histobar with 8 + 2 blocks for MOV recording and 14 + 2 blocks for RAW recording.
It helps you to choose what color depth and exposure you should use.

Add a max. shutter speed
Please add options to modify the min. aperture and the min. shutter speed with the wheels
I know I know, It's in TODO list. You can make pull request to autoexpo repo.

Sorry about that, its the latest ML for 600D, TragicLantern 2.0
well I don't support this fork and I don't have 600D, sorry

could the module be taken from newmem and made to work with latest nightly?
what is newmem?

Still not functioning properly im afraid
conflict with ettr? or autoISO? don't know

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