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Just turn on global draw
I've made this, not so great, but it super short. Tutorial on how to do this, I really hope this helps people out as this feature makes a world of difference to me.

Thank God (or the Team who actually sat down and made this) For Magic Lantern
This took me a while to get my head around this, from the written instructions. So I've make this (not so great but really quick) Tutorial on: Real Time Audio Adjustment while still recording with a Canon 5D Mkii. I hope it helps, this is a great and much need feature that Im really thankful to the Magic Lantern team for adding.

OH! Now I get it!

So much on learn about Magic Lantern

Does anyone know if there a video tutorial on this?

I might make a quick one (with a better camera)
Im not sure If I got my point across, or not. So I gone and done a video:

A1ex: Am I right in this video that this is the only way to change the audio? Also do you think my suggestion is possible ?

In an ideal world it would be awesome to the two right hand buttons on my 5DMkii to be Up volume and Down volume , since they don't do anything when you it record, magic zoom if the far left button same as the * button. And both buttons are near silent.

A1ex I know you said, that you can, I just found out that if you hold the joystick (arrow keys) control down it allows you to go into the menu but you loose Crop Marks etc. Am I missing something can you change the volume without re-entering into the menu?

With Crowd-funding, we would set up a GoFundMe (or other site) account, then the first person to make this happen would get whatever is in the pool.

Does anyone know if this is even possible or will you always have to reenter the menu?

I noticed in the 'can not be done section'

QuoteScrollwheel controls
It's not possible to remap them while recording. In standby, ML menu uses a trick: it opens some Canon dialog in background to steal wheel events from it, but this trick doesn't work while recording.

But if it is possible who would be up for setting up / paying into a crowd-funding pool? This could then pay to get, Real Time audio level adjustment.

As a documentary film maker, it would be worth its weight in gold, to be able to adjust the audio level on my 5dMkii and 550d in real time, without having to stop recording and go into the menu.

Does anyone know if this is even possible?