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Both EosHD and Cinema5D confirm that Komputerbay works on fullHD
It there a way to write EXIF data to the RAW files? Would be helpful for lens distortion and vignetting correction in LR.
That model doesn't meet the needs. But the concept still stands :)
No. HDMI only supports the transfer of debayered information. RAW is the data from the sensor that is not yet debayered. The process of debayering is CPU intensive.
Has anyone tried chroma-keying?
1280*720 works fine with Transcend 400x on 5d3
Quote from: saad on May 13, 2013, 03:09:43 PM
Here is my comparison test of "image detail quality" on the 5D Mk III with and without ML then against the GH3:

Please notice that this was a fast test and if you find something wrong or unfair do let me know to fix it asap. :)

Was it dropping frames in RAW mode?
Share Your Videos / Elvira Glitch Mob Dance
November 14, 2012, 08:45:41 PM

Shot on 5D Mark II with Magic Lantern.
I like the sharpness peaking a lot. Too bad it's a bit laggy.
Yep. 5x and 10x.

Don't think there's a point in doing some resolution test though.
Thanks for the video.

Could you record from the HDMI out while zoomed in?
But the pillarbox remains.
Quote from: JasonATL on November 05, 2012, 01:23:45 PM
Played around with recording from the clean HDMI out feature this weekend. Seemed to work quite well. ML was stable, though there were a few times that the image on the HDMI out was inconsistent: sometimes it showed the full 1620x1080 and sometimes only had the framed 1620x912 box even though my settings were to show the full image. I'll try to see if I can replicate it and, perhaps even record it.

Here's a thread I started in the "Post your videos" area with a link to a short video I made of the image from HDMI out and comparison with internal recording:

Thanks a1ex! This is working great!

There's always a box around the video. Maybe your TV had auto zoom turned on.
As I know it doesn't work in 720 through HDMI.
I have a question regarding the bit depth of video.
As I understand canon sensors have 14-bit processing, but the video is 8-bit. Is the bit depth reduced before or after the image is scaled to  1080? Will the uncompressed files be 8-bit or higher?
Transcend 400x 32gb ----- size 1,025,000 bytes ------ no error
Quote from: nanomad on October 28, 2012, 01:49:43 PM
On the 1100D you can force the camera to output 444 data via HDMI, just cache hack




The real question is, does it improve anything? I think not, beacuse the camera is simply re-encoding the HD buffer to the correct "language" spoken by the HDMI monitor

easy to test if we manage to record something through hdmi
Quote from: 1% on October 28, 2012, 01:16:33 AM
Technically EDID_COLOR_444 exists, not referenced on 600D ( found it, its available but does it output that?)... is it referenced in 5dIII? Also, if 444 is possible... why is canon taking 6 months to do 4:2:2?

Ok all it's left is to find out how to record 14-bit color and we're good to go ;)
Try changing the video system to pal(in the canon menu). Maybe it'll work better in 25 fps.
Quote from: hjfilmspeed on October 25, 2012, 07:27:06 PM
Exactly 1% I did a strait up comparison between all-i 1080 and a s2 jpegs at 6fps (down sampled in camera but sequenced in 24p time line in post) NIGHT AND DAY! The rez is there, its just a matter of achiveing that at 24p. from all these benchmark tests it seems like the 5d3s got the power. maybe my math is off but i feel like canon could totaly provide a 1080 mjpeg on the 5d3. even if we went back to shorter clip lengths. heck id take a few minutes of that at this point. This is not a feature i expect from ML as i said they have done enough. i would expect it from canon.

maybe the cpu cannot resize the image like s2 jpeg 25 times a second. I mean that's why the 1d has dual processors (for the burst).

The 300c has a different cpu.
Guys, do you think 422 in 8bit will help with the grading? Greenscreen - yes. But grading? I'm really not sure. I've tested some d800 footage compared to the ninja. Even with it's lower bitrate if holds up pretty nicely. 422 10bit - now that's cool ;)
Quote from: hjfilmspeed on October 23, 2012, 06:27:11 PM
I read the announcment on canons site about clean uncompressed hdmi. but why april 2013! by then ML will probably have the 5d3 recording uncompressed to the cf card ha ha. April 2013 thats all they got? very lame in my opion.

link to the official site please :)

found it sorry
Quote from: dude on October 23, 2012, 04:00:01 PM
Hi guys, you checked this: The next Canon Firmware Update will include clean HDMI UNCOMPRESSED out.
is it april fools already?

The new firmware update will be available, at no charge, in April 2013 from the Canon U.S.A. website and can be downloaded by end users or through Canon Factory Service Centers.
Quote from: mixmastermike on October 23, 2012, 12:34:15 AM

If anyone has any advice or thoughts for the tests I'm all ears, it should be here this weekend or early next week at the latest.

Try recording something with bright red colors, zoom in and compare it with the files from the CF. Try recording something in zoom mode on different iso. Also try recording with and without the CF. Would be nice if you uploaded the files so everyone could play with them.
I tried to do the tests yesterday but turned out my blackmagic was faulty :)