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Anyone has had this problem?
I would really love to use FPS Override for timelapses, but I can't if the battery lasts only a few minutes...
I repeated the test. Same settings. At 3 minutes from start the battery icon started blinking red, at 5:30 it shot down.
The camera didn't get hot, at least what I can feel from the outside, the battery didn't feel hot either. What is strange is that after removing the battery (to feel Temperature) and putting it back in, the battery icon showed only half empty. Also I noticed the LiveView button's blue led blinked every couple of seconds, is this normal? I entered ML menu, turned of FPS Override and it stopped.
To check if the batteries are good (I have 3 of them) I recorded a normal FPS video with a battery that was already showing red icon and it recorded for 15 min before I stopped it.

Funny video by the way  :)


I've been using Magic Lantern 2.3 for a couple of days on my Canon 500D. Everything seems to work ok, except when I record video using FPS Override, then the battery drains super fast. Last time I used a fully charged battery and started recording a movie at 2.5 fps (1920x1080, optimize for Low Light, Bit rate FW default). The camera recorded for 6 minutes and then shut down asking to change the battery.
This doesn't happen when recording a normal movie (without FPS Override).
I didn't find anyone having this particular problem, so anyone knows how to fix it?